With the launch of iPad Pro 12.9”, users were intrigued to investigate its practicality. Given its large size; users have come out with a bright idea to transform iPad into laptop or personal computer. To convert iPad Pro into laptop, users will need some essentials to be complemented with it. Considering the love that Apple users have for their devices, no one minds dispensing their earnings to keep their iPad on a desk.

transform ipad into laptop

Here in this article, we have mentioned some accessories with which you can transform your iPad into laptop.

Accessories Needed to Transform iPad into Laptop

Below are 11 accessories needed to convert your iPad into laptop:

1. Keyboard Cases and Keyboards

Keyboard becomes an essential hardware when you are supposed to type longer contents and design documents on your iPad. Moreover, it provides a lot of convenience and adds speed to your work which a virtual keyboard fails to do. The brand where you buy a keyboard from might also offer a keyboard case.

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In case it doesn’t, you’ll have to separately buy these two items. However, make sure that both the accessories are fully compatible with each other. Go to this link to get the best keyboards and keyboard cases.

2. iPad Stands

transform ipad pro into laptop

To comfortably place your iPad either on a desk or any other platform, an iPad stand is a must. In fact, it should be the first thing to buy for turning iPad into a laptop or personal computer. You should go for an adjustable stand to adjust it while you’re watching any kind of media or using it to write texts.

3. Storage

turning ipad into laptop

The basic iPad Pro model has internal memory storage of 64 GB. If you plan on converting it into a laptop, you’ll obviously require more space to perform personal and professional tasks on it. One way you can add memory is using external flash drives for your iPad.

4. Printers

 using ipad as laptop

If you’re a printed documents person, then combining your iPad with a printer is what you should do. iPad Pro offers a variety of printing options, and you can get easy prints with attaching a printer to it.

5. Car Mount and Headrests

convert ipad into laptop

Most of you will assume that this car mount is usually used by those working on an iPad while driving. However, those sitting next or behind the driver may also want to use an iPad as a laptop by fixing it into a car mount. iPad headrests are a great option for those who use iPad as a laptop in rear seats.

6. Speakers

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Who doesn’t enjoy powerful sounds on their laptop? Adding speakers to your iPad Pro, whether for entertainment or work-related purposes, will serve as an effective idea. Speakers can be connected to your iPad via Bluetooth option, and or using an aux cable.

7. Power Banks

transform ipad into computer

One thing that worries the most of us is when an iPad Pro needs to be charged every few hours. Thanks to the technology, this issue can be dealt with, with a sound power bank. It is going to be a reliable companion for transforming your iPad into a laptop. Don’t think of saving a few bucks if you’re buying a portable charger. Go for a brand that offers high capacity.

8. Best 4K Monitor

connect ipad to monitor

Take some time out and watch an entertaining content on a 4k monitor by streaming it on your iPad Pro. Be a smart purchaser and get a monitor that gives the best visual experience.

9. Gaming Controllers

convert ipad to computer

If you’re a gaming freak, then gaming controllers are a must buy to complete your iPad-into-laptop transformation. One of the best brands for wireless gaming controllers is SteelSeries.

10. Charging Docks

convert ipad in laptop

Charging docks are an instant beauty enhancer to your devices. In addition, you can use your iPad Pro with ease and convenience by installing it on these docks. You can use a keyboard to create any content, and in the meantime, your iPad will continue to charge.

11. Bluetooth Headphones

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Bluetooth headphones are a necessary accessory for music lovers. With the sound quality that an iPad Pro offers, you can enjoy lively music and work in your comfort zone. There’s no need to unwind the headphone wires. With Bluetooth headphones, you can enjoy a wireless experience.

With the accessories listed here, you can successfully transform iPad into laptop or a personal computer.  However, the list doesn’t end here, and you can definitely add more to make it a worthwhile experience.