Many iOS users want to change carrier logo on iPhone to something personal. This is one of the most demanded features in recent times. This post will introduce you to a specific software with which you can customize your iPhone carrier logo.

Change Carrier Logo On iPhone

Change Carrier Logo on iPhone with CarrierEditor for Windows

You may already be aware of Zeppelin, a tweak that enables iPhone users to edit the name of the carrier. But this can be done on a jailbroken iPhone. However, if you own an iPhone that isn’t jailbroken or if you’re hesitant to jailbreak, you should know about CarrierEditor. It’s a software developed by Dany Lisiansky that allows you to change carrier logo on iPhone. The developer has released a new version for Windows called CustomCarrierLogo.

Steps to Change Carrier Logo on iPhone

Change Carrier Logo Without Jailbreak

Use this app to Change Carrier Logo On iPhone Without Jailbreak

  1. Go to this link and download CustomCarrierLogo.
  2. Run the file titled “CustomCarrierLog.exe”.
  3. Click “Let’s get started”. The software will then ask the version of the carrier currently running on your iPhone. If you’re not sure of its name, go to Settings – General – About on your iDevice to discover the carrier version.
  4. Insert the number into CustomCarrierLogo below “Current Carrier Version”.
  5. Select from iPad/iPhone.
  6. At the black logo’s right side. There will be a “Browse” button. Click it to choose the logo of your choice. You can use a logo pack, Cydia and even the internet to download a logo. After you choose a particular logo, click “Create IPCC Carrier Bundle” to build carrier update.
  7. You’ll see a notification when the IPCC file completes.
  8. Connect the device to the PC and start iTunes.
  9. Click “Restore iPhone” while pressing and holding “Shift” key. Select “.ipcc” that you have created and click “Open” to apply the update.
  10. After iTunes is done with carrier update, remove the iPhone from USB and reboot it. And that’s it, you’ve been able to change logo carrier on iPhone.

How to Change Carrier logo on iPhone with Zeppelin

Change iPhone Carrier Logo

The jailbreaking community may be familiar with Zeppelin, an app that works great to replace outdated carrier logos. You can take the following steps if you want to use this tweak to change carrier logo on iPhone.

  • Go to Cydia and tap “Search”.
  • Type “Zeppelin” in search and install it.
  • Wait till the package has been downloaded and respring the device.

After you respring, the device will start with the tweak installed. Go to “Settings” and there you’ll see an option for Zeppelin. Tap it, choose a new logo, and change carrier logo on iPhone to whatever you want. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments.