Ever since flash drives or more commonly known as thumb drives have stepped into the market, they are in ever increasing demand. Everyone needs at least one flash drive these days. These tiny USB storage gadgets are currently the easiest and most reliable form of data transfer. As the capacity is increasing as well, people can now do even more in a very tiny form factor. Today we have prepared a list of the best flash drives for iPhone and iPad.

best flash drives for iphone

However, up until later, the flash drive OEMs weren’t much friendly towards releasing any other connector than standard USB ports. Smartphones flooded the consumer lifestyle and now everyone needs a lightning port connector or micro USB connectors in their flash drives, more than ever. USB C is also an option being implemented.

Best Flash Drives for iPhone for Data Transfer

Since carrying an OTG adapter isn’t very handy, we have sorted out the best flash drives in the market with a lightning port on board. The user can directly connect these flash drives to their iPhones and transfer data to another device in no time. Below are the 5 best flash drives for iPhone and iPad.

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone 32GB/64GB/128GB

sandisk iphone flash drive

The SanDisk iXpand look fashionable indeed, and it might not even appear like a dual connector thumb drive to many people until a closer inspection is done. The iXpand has a standard USB A connector on the one side, and a lightning port on the other. This model offers a storage capacity of 64 GB, with USB 3.0 transfer speeds. The lightning port is designed to be very flexible and sneaks in through almost any case or bumper out there. There are 32GB, 64GB and 128GB versions as well. The price start from $39.99 – buy it now from Amazon.

Crater: i-FlashDisk 32GB for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

best iphone flash drives

A tiny metallic structure like this would always grab anyone’s attention. It’s tiny enough, but not much to get lost from your pocket. The storage capacity is 32 GB. You could carry this drive in your pocket while you are traveling to move photos and videos instantly on the go or carry your favorite TV series to enjoy during a long boring flight without having to lose the phone’s onboard storage. Up to 1080p videos are supported in MP4 video format. You can buy it from Amazon just for $69.99.

HooToo External Storage Memory Stick for iPhone and iPad 64GB USB 3.0

external memory for iphone

The HooToo flash drive kind of looks like a key with the bumps and valleys section being the USB A, and a secret lightning port hiding underneath the other end of the key. Using the flash drive app by HooToo or other third party managers, navigating through the files stored on this drive is easy. 4mm extra space has been kept on the lightning port to fit through most cases. Get it now from Amazon just for $44.99.

GMYLE External Storage Memory for iPhone and iPad [Apple MFi Certified]

usb disk for iphone

The GMYLE has a simple yet elegant design, and it’s very fast with USB 3.0 speeds. Not just transfer of data is made easier, but also the protection of it. By locking the files stored on this flash drive using a passcode, a GMYLE flash drive user could stay worry free about their data security. Price start from $36.98 on Amazon.

iDiskk MFI Certified USB Flash Drive with OTG Lightning Connector

lightning flash drive for iphone

The name is indeed very Apple biased. However, it’s actually produced by a third party manufacturer – but the quality is kept just like an Apple product. The aluminum alloy is just perfectly crafted. Data security could be ensured using passcode or touch ID – whichever you prefer. iDisk comes in 32GB and 128GB capacity. Price start from $36.99 – get it now from Amazon.

Conclusion: For general purpose, these flash drives will just do your job.

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