Every iPhone comes with a specific serial number and that serial number is basically sort of a identifier of your handset. If there comes a time when you iPhone gets stolen or lost, you can use the serial number to track it down. However, there are certain limitations to that too. You see you yourself cannot use the serial number to track your handset in fact,  you have to contact some law enforcement agency that can help you with the process. On the other hand Apple itself gives no such tracking offer so yes, you’ve only got the option to contact an agency that can help you find your lost or stolen iPhone.

track iphone by serial number

Types Of Numbers For Identification

There are basically two types of numbers that can help identify your handset. One is the serial number that we were talking about in the introduction and the other is a specific reference number that is assigned to every iPhone individually. This reference number has several other names and it is also known as the IMEI, ICCID and even MEID and the reference number depends all on the network at which your iPhone is being operated.

The Use Of Serial Number

If you want to know about the serial number of your iPhone then you are at the right place reading the right article because we are now going to tell you the easiest way to know your serial number. All you have to do is to go into the “Settings” of your phone and then look for the option that says “General” tap on it and then look for the “About” section, there you will find your serial number. Serial number is also written on the original packaging of your handset. These numbers are not assigned by Apple itself for tracking. In fact the police department itself maintains a registry of serial numbers itself and when your handset is lost or stolen, the police department then uses that registry to identify the user of the phone and it’s location. In some cases the police department even provides the registry to the dealers of used property to check if they have the iPhone that is lost.

The Use Of IMEI Number

You can find the IMEI of your phone by going to the Settings and then by going to “General” where you will see the About section, that section will have a 15 digit number which is the IMEI of your handset. You cannot use the IMEI number to track your phone but if you provide the IMEI to your cell phone service provider then he can block your handset using that IMEI number.

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Track your iPhone with Find My Phone

If you want Apple to help you in tracking your phone then you need to download and install the free “Find My iPhone” application. You have to install this application before your phone gets lost or stolen because if something like this happens then you can easily log in the Find My iPhone website and get a rough estimate of the location of your handset. Also, you can block the access of the thief to the personal information inside your phone by changing the passcode or removing all the data via the website.

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