Ever since iPhone 12 came on the horizon, Google has exploded with queries and searches for network-based iPhone 12 unlocks. In other words, many people are looking for a legit IMEI-based service that’s capable of unlocking AT&T iPhone 12 Pro Max, 12 Pro, 12, or 12 Mini. We all know that Apple releases fantastic new devices each year, and the iPhone 12 is no different. Most of its models have top-notch LED screens, flat sides, great colors, and excellent precisions. All four models are already in the hands of millions across the globe.

unlock at&t iphone 12

That said, not everyone has the financial power to buy unlocked iPhone 12 variants. Carrier companies such as AT&T offer a solution by allowing you to sign up for a monthly plan. But with this plan, you have to sign a certain contract. This contract can’t be broken until you keep using AT&T’s service for a couple of years or the specified maturity date. If you do, you’ll pay a penalty.

Unlock your AT&T iPhone 12

So if you buy the device from a carrier company, it’s going to have a network lock. This lock prevents you from using another carrier’s SIM when you like. However, many iPhone 12 Pro, Pro Max, 12, and 12 mini users aren’t aware that a genuine way to remove this unlock exists.

Unlocking AT&T-Locked iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 mini: The Benefits

  • Unlocking removes the SIM restrictions on your device. Afterward, all SIMs will work on it, and seamlessly.
  • Unlocked AT&T iPhone 12 models have a higher resale value than locked ones.
  • AT&T SIM-Free iPhone 12s work with local SIMs. Goodbye, expensive roaming!

All of that looks good, but it can be complex to achieve the AT&T iPhone 12 unlock in reality. In various situations, AT&T will ask you to pay a certain sum to terminate the contract you have with them. They may levy a fine too. The good news is that you have a cheaper, yet more reliable way to get that unlock done. With genuine IMEI unlocks from UnlockBoot, you have the ability to remove the AT&T network lock from any iPhone 12 model at a much lower price than what the company will charge you for iPhone 12 unlocking.

Unlockboot has been providing the service for decades and can unlock AT&T iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 mini, 12, 11 Pro MAX, 11 Pro, 11, XS, XR, X, XS Max, 6, 6s, 7, 8, SE 2 and SE.

Steps to Unlock AT&T iPhone 12 Forever Through the IMEI Method (All iPhone 12 Models)

1 Grab your phone, open your web browser and visit our site. Go to our unlocking section and look for AT&T iPhone unlock. Or, click the URL below to arrive at the page: https://store.unlockboot.com/unlock-att-iphone

2 Once you’re on the page, you’ll see details of the delivery time, unlock price, eligibility of the device, and more. IMEI can be entered in the field that’s empty.

3 On your phone, enter *#06# to discover your IMEI. Or, go to Settings > General > About and look for the IMEI field. Now enter IMEI in the previous step’s field and click “Unlock Now.”

unlock at&t iphone 12 pro max

4 Time to visit the checkout page. If you’re contend with everything, proceed ahead by selecting a method of payment.

5 Next comes the order summary. Review all the details, and if everything looks good, select “proceed to checkout.”

6 Choose your location from the payment page’s dropdown menu, then select a payment method. Afterward, click Continue > Purchase to finalize your payment.

7 After we get the payment, your unlock will be processed. We’ll notify you within 1-24 hours after the unlock depend on the service you will use (the premium service can take a little more).

After the unlock, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to make the AT&T iPhone 12 free from the network lock. You can follow all the steps yourself – no need to spend money on an outside technician.

Unlock ANY AT&T iPhone 12

Reminder: Using Unlockboot to Perform an IMEI Unlock for AT&T iPhone 12 Has The Following Benefits

  • Unlockboot offers the lowest iPhone 12 unlock rates in the marketplace. You can compare and you’ll see that we’re offering one of the best prices. And it’s certainly cheaper than what AT&T, Sprint, etc. will charge.
  • The unlock and every aspect of Unlockboot’s service is authentic and safe.
  • The unlock process works as soon as you submit your IMEI code and pay through credit/debit card (it’s fast).
  • The process doesn’t damage your warranty. Your phone remains of high value.

So if you’ve been searching for genuine, hassle-free AT&T iPhone unlock services, then UnlockBoot has the best solution for you. If you get stuck at any point while performing the unlock, you can reach out to Unlockboot’s 24/7 support team for assistance. You can ask us general questions, too, we don’t mind. We’re here to serve you.