Own a Spectrum Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (G998U), S21 Plus 5G (G996U), or S21 5G (G991U) and want to use it on any carrier worldwide? Then you need to unlock it first. Unlocking offers a range of benefits, such as the freedom to use any SIM in the world and sell the device at a higher price than what you might get for it now.

unlock spectrum galaxy s21 ultra 5g

The Samsung Galaxy S21 series boasts a fantastic lineup with devices featuring elegant screens and excellent battery life. We also like the display resolution, internal features, camera, etc. of these phones. We’re confident that all three models of the S21 series will sell well in 2021.

Unlock Your Spectrum S21 NOW

However, purchasing the S21 Ultra 5G, S21 Plus, and S21 from a carrier like Spectrum raises a few complexities. While the contract price is sweet, the purchase restricts you from putting another company’s SIM card in your handset. The only solution then is to make your device SIM-free via unlocking.

There are several benefits of unlocking your Galaxy S21 device. Shortly, you’ll learn how to unlock your Spectrum Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, S21 Plus 5G, and S21 5G using your IMEI number so that you can increase the value of your phone.

How to Unlock Spectrum Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, S21 Plus, and S21 5G In 1-24 Hours (Code Method)

The steps are quite easy to follow. Here’s how to make the device SIM-free:

1 Open Google Chrome or Safari and visit our website to unlock Spectrum S21. Alternatively, click this URL to see the page: https://store.unlockboot.com/unlock-samsung-phone/?service=22

2 Find out your IMEI code by going to Settings > About Phone or dial *#06# on the dialpad and note down the characters.

unlock spectrum galaxy s21 5g

3 Enter the IMEI number in the field on the site. Next, select the right carrier network and model number for your device. Once done, click “Unlock Now” and proceed.

4 After landing on the checkout page, enter the email address where you want us to send the unlock codes. We’ll send the following codes: NCK, MCK, and RGCK – these work 100%.

5 Choose a payment option and complete our secure checkout process. You’ll receive the unlock code via email once the payment is done.

6 After the code arrives, take out your Spectrum SIM and enter the code/s we’ve sent you when prompted.

unlock spectrum galaxy s21 plus 5g

After entering the NCK code or both MCK & NCK if required, the device will be unlocked and can be used with any SIM card in the US and internationally permanently forever.

Unlock Your Galaxy S21 NOW

Why Use UnlockBoot for Spectrum Galaxy S1 Unlocking?

If you need a few reasons to choose us as your Samsung Galaxy S21 unlock provider, here they are:

  • With our unlock, you’ll be free from the contract-based restrictions placed by Spectrum. You can use any international or local carrier’s SIM with your device.
  • You won’t need to pay roaming charges to Spectrum. Just buy a local SIM in the country you’re traveling to and enjoy cheap calls and SMS.
  • Looking to sell your phone in a few years? Our genuine unlock will increase the resale value of your Samsung S21 device – expect a 30 to 40 percent increase.
  • The unlock won’t void your warranty, which is also crucial to retaining the device’s value.
  • You can use any services and applications offered by other carrier networks without any limits.

Below is a demonstration video that shows the correct way to unlock Spectrum Samsung Galaxy S21 (standard, Plus, Ultra). Note 20 Series, S20 Series, S10 Series, Note 10, Note 10+, Note 9, S9, S8 and more through UnlockBoot:

That’s it – just follow these steps, and you should be able to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S21 Spectrum device quickly, safely, and legitimately.

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