T-Mobile is one of the biggest phone carriers and just like AT&T and Verizon it has a policy to lock phones when purchasing under a contract. Unlocking T-Mobile phones can be a quite hassle but don’t worry, we can guide you on how to easily unlock a T-Mobile phone and use it with any other network, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.

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Why is Your Phone Locked By T-Mobile?

When we refer to a locked phone we don’t mean that the phone is locked under a passcode or password that you need to enter to unlock it. A locked phone is such a phone that cannot be used on multiple carriers, it can only work on one network. For a better understanding, we mean that if you have a locked T-Mobile phone it would not work if you put a Sprint sim card into it. Thus, the locked phone translates to locked to one carrier or network sim.

Unlock your T-Mobile Phone NOW

What are the Benefits of an Unlocked Phone

There are many benefits to an unlocked T-Mobile phone for example if you frequently travel abroad you can easily switch your T-Mobile sim for a local sim card and save on international data roaming charges. Moreover, few of the latest smartphones are now coming with E-SIM, which gives you the option to use two carriers simultaneously. But, if you want to have a different carrier on the E-SIM then the phone has to be unlocked. To conclude, an unlocked phone gives you much better flexibility and sells at a higher price compared to a locked phone.

How to Unlock a T-Mobile Phone from T-Mobile

Before you can unlock your T-Mobile phone from T-Mobile your device needs to be eligible for the following:

  • Your phone is under T-Mobile contract. T-Mobile does not unlock a phone from other networks.
  • You are the owner of the phone or have the consent of the owner. It should not be stolen, lost, or has some problems with the account.
  • In a year (12 months) you can only request 2 codes to unlock the devices.
  • Your contract is paid in full and there are no more installments.
  • You need to have documentation of purchase (T-Mobile has the authority to ask for proof of purchase).
  • T-Mobile at its discretion can revoke your request to unlock the device.

If you meet the criteria then proceed to contact the T-Mobile call center at 1-877-746-0909 and request to unlock the phone.

Other Eligibility Criteria:

Note: There can be other policies and criteria that need to be fulfilled before unlocking the device. We suggest contacting T-Mobile to further assist.

  • T-Mobile phones must be active for a period of 40 days or more.
  • All credit must be cleared under the T-Mobile Plan (Pay all the installments).
  • Under a service contract, at least 18 months or more consecutive payments have been cleared.
  • The balance should be zero if the phone was used on a canceled account.

For Other Personnel

  • The military is eligible if their account is good and can show proof of deployment.
  • Similar exceptions are made for special business accounts and government personnel.

What to do next: If T-Mobile Denies to Unlock Your Phone?

T-Mobile has the full authority to deny the request to unlock the phone. Usually, the request will be denied if the user is traveling abroad while the device is still under contract. Fortunately for you, there is a workaround depending on the device make and model you will need an unlock code to unlock your phone. Unlockboot.com daily unlocks hundreds of T-Mobile phones for satisfied customers.

How to Unlock T-Mobile Phone with UnlockBoot

Here are a few of the unlock services we can offer:

  • Network Locked. Your Phone Isn’t allowed to use this SIM.
  • Sim card not supported error.
  • Network Unlock Code MCK & NCK error.
  • Phones that come with preinstalled T-Mobile Unlock app.

Why Choose Unlockboot.com to Unlock your T-Mobile Phone Permanently for ANY Other Carrier & SIM

  • By using our services you can use your T-Mobile phone with any other carrier.
  • You do not need to send us your phone, the process to unlock your device is done online/remotely.
  • We offer the best unlocking services at an affordable price.
  • We guarantee to unlock your device without any data loss.

To start the unlocking process visit go to the desired unlocking page and fill out the phone’s details in the form. Then, proceed to pay and complete the order. Once we receive your order you will be connected with our technical agent, follow the steps given and your device will be unlocked permanently to use with any other carrier.

All you need to provide is the IMEI number of the device which can be found by dialing *#06# or from the settings – about phone section.

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Unlock Any T-Mobile Phones and Models:

Once Unlocked Use the Following Networks:

  • At&t
  • Verizon
  • Cricket
  • Xfinity
  • Spectrum
  • Metro PCS
  • Sprint
  • Boost
  • Straight Talk
  • Simple Mobile
  • H20
  • Orange
  • O2
  • Vodafone
  • Telus
  • Rogers
  • Bell
  • +any other international and local network

Unlock ANY T-Mobile Phone NOW

If you are still unsure about unlocking your T-Mobile phone we would love to answer your queries asked in the comments section below.

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