Factory Unlock iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 & 6+ By IMEI Code

Factory Unlock iPhone

Dear Unlockboot readers, you might know that we have been posting about factory unlock services for a while. Well, we have tested one here on a few of our own IMEI and we have to announce great news.

Finally, after so much brainstorming and research, we have found the CHEAPEST factory unlock solution for your locked iPhone. The unlock we are going to talk about is cheaper and faster on the net.

Why We Choose This Permanent iPhone Unlock Service?

The company we are talking about is OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk. It is a division of iPhone Accessories and Repair Ltd, and is registered in England and Wales 7838094. They are a team of iPhone enthusiasts, and being sick of all the scams on the internet, they are now providing official Apple unlocks which are done via iTunes so the void of the warranty isn't an issue.

The handset remains unlocked after the iPhone's OS is updated. The best thing is they provide technical support after the sale to help the device for Mobile Internet, MMS, transferring old contacts etc. Isn't that great? Other companies would just disappear after the sale and we would be left wondering what happened to us (slim chances of their unlock working).

Here's the catch! Ok, just kidding. There's no catch here. This factory unlock is for all iPhone and iPad models – 2G/3G/3GS/4/4S and iPhone 5 unlock on any firmware or baseband, and MANY networks are supported. The company provides its customers with a PERMANENT FACTORY UNLOCK for all iPhone models locked to any of these networks within just 24 hours:

Full Lists of Supported Carriers that can be Factory Unlocked:

  • UK O2, UK Orange, UK T-Mobile, Uk Three, UK Vodafone
  • Australia Optus, Australia Telstra, Australia Three, Australia Virgin, Australia Vodafone, Austria Orange
  • Brazil Claro, Brazil Oi, Brazil Tim, Brazil Vivo
  • Canada Bell, Canada Fido, Canada Rogers, Canada Telus
  • Denmark 3, Denmark Telenor, Denmark Telia
  • Finland Sonera , France Bouygues, France FranceTelecom, France Orange, France SFR
  • Ireland O2, Ireland Three, Ireland Vodafone
  • Japan Softbank
  • Korea KT
  • Netherlands T-Mobile, Netherlands Vodafone
  • Norway Netcom, Norway Telenor
  • Poland Orange
  • Portugal Vodafone
  • Spain Orange, Spain Telefonica/Movistar, Spain Vodafone
  • Sweden Tele2, Sweden Telia, Sweden Three
  • Switzerland Orange, Switzerland Sunrise, Switzerland Swisscom
  • USA ATT, USA Sprint, USA Verizon

The list is long, and is great! If you haven't been able to use your locked iPhone, then this solution is exactly what you need. Now your iPhone will no longer be an iPod Touch! You can enjoy it on any carrier in the world. The prices are very reasonable, and start from £19.99. They vary according to the network. For example, an AT&T unlock would cost £14.99.

How to Factory Unlock your iPhone 5s, 5c, 4s, 4 or 5

Step 1: Find your Original Carrier and IMEI code
Factory Unlock iPhone 4
Find your Carrier and IMEI code
Step 2: You need to make payment and after some time, you will receive a confirmation email.
Permanently Unlock iPhone 4
Wait for Confirmation email
Step 3: Connect your iPhone to iTunes, Your device has been unlocked!
Factory Unlock iPhone 4S
Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked

Finally, we have someone who isn't a SCAM. This service has been tested by the UnlockBoot team and we assure you that it works 100 percent. Their after sales service is also great and the staff is very friendly. So what are you waiting for? Get your iPhone Factory Unlocked right NOW!

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I can unlock tmobile germany- the phone must be at least 2 years old and out of contract with them


I can unlock Tmobile Germany - the phone has to be at least 2 years old and out of contract - iunlockphoenix@gmail.com


any new ??


FInally Unlock Swisscom iPhone 4 / 4S


Am in love with them! They unlocked my wife's iPhone :D


mine is from canada rogers too..hope they can unlock it as well

Dimitri Vroman

So the only way to unlock you softbank iphone is asking for the service at an softbank shop? There won't be unlockservice in the futur either?

Bragdeesh Iyer

yeah man ......these guyz are awesome....my iphone 4.1 with bb 2.10 unlcked in 1 day.....cool...thanks unlockboot


Well does this mean I will no longer need to use a Gevey sim? I've been using a Gevey sim for almost a year.


does this really work? hell, give a normal proof


They unlocked my Att iphone today, i'm glad there is finally a solution, not very cheap but at least its a true unlock.


it worked for me today.


it is but at least its a true unlock and who knows how long they will be able to do this.


Extremely reliable and fast unlock . Unlock my iPhone with iPod version 5.1.1 and baseband 04.12.01 in 6 hrs....


Hi in from costa rica and im so grateful with this service cause I was locked and now I have an iPhone 4. Factory unlocked thanks soo much official iPhone unlock!

T mobile USA

Goods service, will recomend to every one. I got my iphone4 factory unlocked through this service. Good job guys. Thank a lot

Alcordo Stephen

Wishing to avail their services but the problem is I dont know the original carrier of my phone

Liridon sylkaj

i am liridon sylkaj edi not what is expected of my Official I've sent my T-Mobile germony or 1 elections of SMEs has been made that even know how to chop the moon 24E I have done payment nor a knack Feb expectation game is certainly

Marco Ervões

Hello, I'm still waiting for the unlock of an orange iphone 4th FR, from July 31 which was submitted to the server and still is not unlocked.


Nice work unlocked iphone 4 orange UK in 20hrs, cheers


Wowwww! Finally my iphone has been unlocked. Thanks!


Excellent! thanks a lot!

Thanks UnlockBoot, you provide a fantastic service. This is the best fix for our "iPod touches."

Thanks a million!


Thanks for your positive thoughts!


They unlocked my iphone in 6 hrs.. These guys are the best


I updated my iPhone 4 without preserving my baseband and the phone is locked to AT&T I tried everything for the past month. Nothing worked. Finally I decided to just bite the bullet after reading about officialiphoneunlock.co.uk. I submitted the information and in a little more than 12 hrs, I received an email notification about my unlock. I went home and plugged it in, restored the phone and voila it worked! It was unlocked. I'm using tmobile on it now with no issue. I paid 93.47 but I also did the video testimonial so I got about 30 dollars back! This is the cheapest unlock I have heard of. DO IT!!!!!!!


I'm glad that your iPhone is unlocked.


Hi i unlocked my iphone by sam unlock and now im with 3 mobile uk so which provider i have to say i got ?because before i was with t mobile uk. please help!!!!


I'm waiting 2 weeks, but still no solution. i have little frustrated! Korea KT, IP 4, 5.1.1


I waiting 2 weeks and ... Waiting.


What about bell canada when they can unlock it?

Jimmy Tandel

it worked perfectly fine! great service and Thank you

Corneille P. Amilcar

Could they unlock an iPhone4 blocked on ENTEL PCS??? Thanks__


Its working for Optus Australia, got my iphone unlocked. Thanks for the information guys, keep up the good work.


I was reallly skeptical, especially about the whole taking a picture of my CC, but O MY GOD IT WORKED! Finally a legit service. Thanks guys!


i am order this,but no unlock my iphone.

Riko Miraka

Anyone knows if this can work in greece?


working for AT&T US, finally after 8months lol

Ana Luísa

It really works? I'm so sad I can't use my at&t iPhone in brazil!! :(

Masud Rana

Unlock boot why dont answer about Japan Soft Bank. I have preorder 10 days before but they only send
"01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 - Unlock pending contract negotiations. You will be emailed the total unlock cost when complete." Why unlockboot Cheat with us? why why why?????

Gayle Valentine

Absolutely amazing service! Unlocked exactly the way they say. Staff are friendly & helpful and very patient!

Radwan Kamhaz

What about Verizon USA? Can that be unlocked?

Glen Reese

Sent them unlock request days ago but got no reply!!!

Chris wood

Great service! Exactly as described! Finally a true unlock solution! THANK YOU!


We do unlocking service at a very cheaper price if u guys trust us u cn alwaz post ur comlpetely detaild of ur phone to my mail ID i will let u knw the cost


we cn unlock bell network for a good price ..i want say it too cheap as no one has the service yet the sever are too busy and thy charge a higher premium if anyone wants to unlock iphones or any other phones we do remotely service please dont hesitate to mail us we will try to giv u the best price we can
Mail Id : hishamhaniffa4@gmail.com

Thank You
i-News Service Center


We can unlock ur device at a good price u cn alwaz consult us for any type of unlocking even blocked at&t and Uk networks are possible to unlock with us Follow my posts u will get my mail ID u cn mail us we will giv u best price ever


consult us for ur unlocking and queries..hishamhaniffa4@gmail.com


wat was the price ?? we give a better price to all US and Uk networks and get 2 at&t locked phones unlocked and get the 3rd one for free..Promotion till 15th of this Month

Mukesh Patel

just 70$ for iphone4/4s at&t so mail me mac4india@yahoo.com

Mukesh Patel

good news for you 70$ factory unlock for iphone4/4s any baseband of at&t so mail me mac4india@yahoo.com in 3 to 5 days

Mukesh Patel

good news for you 70$ factory unlock for iphone4/4s any baseband of at&t so mail me mac4india@yahoo.com in 3 to 5 days


i almost payed them the pre-order... Your better of just jailbreaking your iphone and buy a other phone like new samsung.. --'


Does anyone know if an unlock for sprint from this website actually worked for someone? and the price they have charged if possible. Thank you.


Do i have to remove sam unlock to unlock this way?


my phone is locked by bell i send request last friday to factory unlock my phone but its right know locked please thell me the time


Thanks so much for unlocking my iphone 4.... awesome...


is already 1 week ago I bought it unlocked and did not come until today, I know not of.


My Iphone is locked from Egypt (Mobinil), Will it be possible to unlock through this service?


I can unlock your USA AT&T iphone for $40 (6-18h) contact: phamthang89@yahoo.com. Thanks


You guys are awesome.... ever since I came from US to Malaysia, two of my family iPhone which locked to AT&T, have been an expensive iPod. I've successfully unlocked of my iPhone and we will do the 2nd one soon.
You guys made the unlock very easy and simple. Those out there who has not unlock their iphone yet, I strongly recommend to unlocked your iPhone using this method.

Surendra Simkhada

hey guyz anyone try this website?? hey anyone try swisscom iphone 4s to unlock??? plzzz help


Yes, your iPhone will be Factory Unlocked!


AT$T can be unlocked in 6-12 hours Just for £49.99


Amazing service, thanks to you for such simple, easy and fast unlocking my iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 locked to US AT&T.


In Just 8 hours my iphone 4 locked to AT&T was unlocked. I highly recommend you to don't worry to order this amazing service!


I am locked in an Albanian network, AMC... can this service unlock this network? I see it's not listed in the supported netwroks... but i figured asking never hurts! Please respond


send me all details if u wanna unlock ur iphone...



send me all details if u wanna unlock ur phone



My iphone 3G with IOS 3.1.3 seems to be / IS locked by O2. The O2 SIM-account expired on 10th of August. On that very day I tried to regularly update the IOS to 4.2x via iTunes but without SIM inserted (with the intention to jailbreak and unlock it). So now I have a problem. The update finished OK. iTools reports it as IOS 4.2 but only emergency calls are allowed, ICCDS is none, and any other correct unpinned SIM is not recognised. Im out of the country now and will not be back for a while. Does anybody know what can I do ?


Excellent Service!
Works 100%.Finally, I Have my Att iPhone 4 factory unlocked!

Riko Miraka

if someone has infos about unlocking vodafone greece let me know here b-boy-riko@hotmail.com


Hi ,
i have an i phone that was found (npt stolen)..i am at baseband 04.12.01 and ios 5.1.1..
this phone was found in greece but propably is from another country and i dont know which country..how can i unlock it to use vodafone gr?


Finally!! After many months of frustration and despair, and the raw
pesimism because of the frauds that take place on the internet, there's finally a reliable company to unlock my iPhone.

Response in
timely fashion, the purchase itself went smoothly, they promised and
unlock in 12 hours (for ATT phones), and they DELIVERED it just in time!

all of you out there, waiting for wonders... Just pay the symbolic
price, and use the full potential of your phone! It's worth it!

Definitely recommended!!

Thank you UnlockBoot!! Thank you officialiphoneunlock.co.uk!!


I can unlock your iphone for a cheaper price! contact me on 4088021604 for more details! thanks :)


wat's the cost of unlock for UK-3? . I have iphone 4 and it has been locked seen I bought :(....


I want to know if is true that you ADM unlock a iphone 4 baseband 4.11.08.? you garantided that you can unlock.?


can u unlock t-mobile germany


please portugal TMN

Walid Benhadouch

tell us when your iphone is unlocked ! thnx


It shows that Fido can be unlocked but when i get into the website it shows that it is pre order only. There is currently no unlock for fido service provider.....:)


good morning I need 4000 open daily iPhone AT & T can help me with an email to who can help me with these breakouts please


can u unlock tmn Portugal


Ciao vorrei sbloccare il mio iPhone 4 con carrier: t-mobile germany

Official Phone Unlock

Unlock your iPhone in less than 24 hours and for a cheaper price !!!
contact us : officialphoneunlock@gmail.com


Just 24 hours.


Thank you, My iPhone 4 is factory unlocked today.


it's working for the french carrier : Bouygues telecom. I had to wait 9 days


I have already payed since july 29 and they wont tell me when i will recieve my unlock!!


no body can unlock german t-mobile
German t-mobile have policy not unlock against mony only waiting two year


is there a factory unlock in Softbank ?


I had my phone locked to AT&T,then I came across this site and a review about officialunlock.co.uk so gave them a go, sure enough within 24 hours my phone was unlocked.
Thanks for a great service.I'm very happy. You guys Rock!


in order to unlock, do i need to update my iphone from 4.11.08 to 4.12.01?

Cricricell Grilo

asked an unlock and they can't do, now told me that will not let me
return my money, thieves, do not believe it will also be wrong.

tony nguyen

Liar!!!!! liar!!!!! LiaR!!!!!!!! why would u take people's money out of their visa already when u r in negotiation with the company????? Unless u plan to rip people off from the very beginning!!!!!! Unlockboot ....i trust ur site thats is why I loss my money!!!!!

tony nguyen

why would u sale something u don't have yet????


Amazingly quick service , unlocked my iphone 4 in record time. Simply the best!!!!!!


ive tried this and it works really well. I recommend this unlock


i sent unlock request for my phone and its take 3 days to answer with unlock :D its a good company with proffissional workers , and secure connection for ur credite card




Works like a charm (for ATT at least). Promised time - 12 hours... Unlock delivery - 2 hours before the deadline :)

Officialiphoneunlock.co.uk unlocked my phone 4 days ago, and I haven't stopped enjoying it since... What are YOU waiting for??


Thank you Officialiphoneunlock.co.uk, thank you UnlockBoot!!!


I can't thanks this service much. I have been stuck with an iphone of ATT and using this service could finally unlock and use it in India


i have been a day, and nothing happen! why???


I put mi iphone to unlok in 4 august,nothing news for now,no replay to mi emails,Can i know news?


Im living in qatar Thanx offical unlock iPhone .co.uk I have been unlocked my at&t iPhone with16 hour :) ,


Paid in full for Rogers Canada Unlock on August 8. Only after payment did the website advise unlocking of Rogers would not start until August 10. Status is that IMEI submitted to unlock server on August 11 and takes 24 hours. Still nothing. Leaving country and need Iphone unlocked. Sent email to support but got nothing back. The reviews are good. Now waiting for results. They say enquiries will not be answered unless it has been 14 days. After paying over $150, I think we should know if there is a general delay in unlocking Rogers phones.


Iphone unlocked successfully. Quick service. Thanks

Francesco Albarano

I would like to thank http://officialiphoneunlock.co.uk for unlocking my iPhone 4 At&T in less than 24 hours. Thank you


is there any ways for now? for germany t-mobile?

Rodrigo Alves

Great Services! The only site that able to do this and trustfully


paid on 8 August and only appears that they do not give me a deadline and not answer my emails


erased because my complaints?


Yes, Finally my iPhone 4S is unlocked, Thanks a lot!


I would like to ask, if the iphone is in the contract, will it lock again ??


Iphone unlocked successsfully, Great !!!! Thanks


Orange france still close is only online but orange server stop!


as far as i know YES...the only and officially way of factory unlocking your Softbank Iphone is asking for the service at any Softbank shop in Japan.


dont work for germany cariers??i have iphone 4 locket on vodafone germany.and idont see in the cariers list.what shuld i do?


The price for Orange france is a bit expensive. It's about 104 pounds !!!


what should it say, when device is ready to be activated when I am checking unlock status??? Thanx in advance.


ok!!! I`ve just got the message!!! To complete the unlock by connectig to i-tunes!!! It really works, people!!! Thank you so much,
http://www.officialiphoneunlock.co.uk - team!!! You are the best!!! Best regards!!! Aleksei.


by the way,it was locked to US AT&T and it took all-together something like 11 hours. THANKS!!!


Can you unlock Portugal Optimus ?


Great work guys.... u have to do it.... Im so happy now


iphone 4 unclocked. thank you!!!


Are you able to unlock theft-labeled Iphones (IMEI)?


hello sir my iphone 4 lock to swisscom but from 27 july i have perchased on officialiphoneunlock.co.uk

i told u that no unlocked my iphone 4 if u have any solution so then give me i will see


The best service...


is there a factory unlock in SOFTBANK ? email me miszjandii@yahoo.com


had anyone successfully get their iphone unlocked by the softbank?


@tony yeah your right, it can damage there reputation, they should put in their ad JAPAN SOFTBANK (on-going negotiations or NOT YET) but still im waiting, i just dont know when. hoping soon, very soon..


hallo evrybody im from algerie i have an iphone from mexico im sure about because its a MC605E CAN YOU HELP ME TTO DESIMLOCKING MY IPHONE 4 ? IF YES HOW CAN I PAY YOU BECAUSE IM FROM ALGERIA IM WATING FOR YOUR RESPOND HERE ITS MY EMAIL : chadli.abdelkrim@yahoo.fr


Service worked great for me. Unlocked my phone from US AT&T while on vacation in Rome


can u unlock iphone 4 in spain orange?


i bought a 2nd hand iphone 4 from korea and when i went back to my country i found out is locked when i called KT korea they said this phone was reported and lost or stolen so what should i do to get it unlocked ? can u unlock it ?


I had my douts, but I decided to try anyway.. It took a little more than what it said but it worked!! Just follow the instructions and you'll be fine!


it is already 3 weeks and I paid nothing yet ....

Eddie Nasco.

Great service. My phone iphone 4, 4.2.1, base band 03.10.01 locked to AT&T. Now updated to 5.1.1 unlocked to any service provider, and working great.
I tried for 2 years all over the internet, I purchased other solutions that didn't work, to later have to claim a refund, I searched the internet at least once a week on average for a solution, but nothing worked.. I used Gevey for over a year, and it worked fine while you where permanently under coverage, but the minute you went out of coverage you had to restart the phone some times 2 and 3 times before you got it to work again, it was a pain. When I first read about a factory unlock, I was very skeptical to try any factory unlock for months, until I decided to try it, then I found OfficialiPhoneunlock.co.uk, which had the best offer at the time I did it. I followed all instructions, and my phone was unlocked in under 24 hours. The service was great, and I couldn't be happier with the results.
Thanks guys, keep up the good work!!!


Works like a charm (for ATT at least). Promised time - 12 hours... Unlock delivery - 2 hours before the deadline :)
Officialiphoneunlock.co.uk unlocked my phone 4 days ago, and I haven't stopped enjoying it since... What are YOU waiting for??
Thank you Officialiphoneunlock.co.uk, thank you UnlockBoot!!!

Eddie Nasco

Thanks UnlockBoot


Factoy Unlock AT&T iPhone 4 iOS 5.1.1 baseband 4.12.01


very good service thank you a lot OfficialiPhoneunlock.co.uk , thank you UnlockBoot
hey a lot of people don't worry only order and wait and you will got email confirm. your iphone unlocked hahahahahahaha very happy


After waiting two days for the unlock to happen, I was heartbroken when I realized that it did not work because I had provided the wrong carrier info. Furthermore, not only was I angered with myself, but also at the fact that they did not give me my money back and took days to reply with the whereabouts of my product. Till this day I still have not gotten the Iphone 4 unlocked so I still do not know whether this is a scam or not. Regardless, their inability to provide fast support after my payment and the conviction I will not get my money back is what has me mad. After all, they are like all companies out there trying to get your money. So if you are thinking of unlocking your iphone, my suggestion to you is to make sure you got the right info for the phone or else, like me, you might not see that money again. As for me, a college student in the US, that money I gave to this company can surely come in handy right about now.


I have a Movistar Spain, iPhone 4s, submit my order about 67 hours, they said thats only take 72, Im still waiting.


I just look 15 min a go and it´s redy!!!, you are awesome guys!!!


Well well, it's not that cheap for some operators ,they almost rise the price for Vodafone UK every week.first it was 49 pounds then 54 and today 74....


did You pre order? i've heard that ppl who pre order get screwed big time there. i have three Uk lock and its pre order, way too many ppl got screwed n kept in confusion about whats going on for me to even try that pre order crp. Any comment on that?

Nuno Tomás

100€ to unlock my iphone 4.... A litlle expensive to do that.


whats up with germany ?


You guys are the best!!! Had it factory unlocked in 5 hours. I was skeptical of a scam at first. I ask for their business address and he immediately gave me an address, so i know they are likely legit. I just made payment online and did not have to go the business address because i trust them.


Amazing! I was not sure about this new IMEI unlocking, but took the risk. I got really surprized and after couple of hours I was able to unlock iphone 4. Great customer service!!!


I do not know the default iphone card, is it in check?
help me ..


Can you unlock a Germany T-mobile carrier???

泉川 レイモンド

Is there already an unlock on Softbank Carrier? Thanks


Guys i unlock iphone4/4s at reasonable prices n u'll never get complaints or any problems from me n i unlock all networks i promise n hence if interested contact me at iunlocker@live.com...


They unlocked my iPhone 4 yesterday. It took 24 hours. Course now it says searching... No service and still doesn't work!

Michael Phillips

yeah good point i paid for the unlock and still waiting they said there under negotiations with the carrier ordered since the 28th on july 2012 and waiting still.


my iphone is jailbrocken, can this be unlock without removing the cydia apps?


Still nothing for Meteor Ireland?

Mark M.

Thank you very much! It works! Good price and fast service.


anyone can tell me what carrier on my iphone



Ya tienen soporte para liberar imei en Venezuela?


Just payed them now waiting for unlock. Currently at "17 Aug 2012 15:00:06 - IMEI submitted to unlock server" CANT WAIT

BeLen loor

Muchas gracias!! Mi iPhone 4 funciona perfecto gracias a Uds.! Tuve q restaurarlo pero valuó la pena... Esta como de fabrica, lo recomiendo 100% ! :) saludos desde Ecuador!

Niko Goga

Please please guys add Albanian Mobile Communications (AMC) to this... there is no other site that can do it :(

S'haz Mirza

How can I unlock iphone 4
I cannot find telenor in your unlocking list?????
What to do help????


awesome the best unlocking software !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jarosław Dąbrowski

Orange France help unlock


hey how many days that you need to unlock My iphone4 from softbank Japan??


It works!!! It took 4 hours to unlock my iPhone 4 locked to AT&T. I purchased their unlock from South America. Excellent service!!!


Best unlock method ever!!!! I finally unlocked my iphone 4!! I tried another company and it didnt work this method really suprised me!!! Very fast and very cheap!!


Hi u can unlock iPhone 4s USA spring if can how much?


I was sceptical at first. It seemed too easy to unlock the phone here. After months of waiting for a new GEVEY chip or software update I decided to give this company a chance. I am so very happy I did. One day after placing my order, my phone was unlocked from its US carrier. I have an iPhone4 on baseband 4.12.01 and version 5.1.1. Thanks.

Ron S.

Great service. Worked on the weekend to unlock my 3GS Iphone that was locked to AT&T. I connected to Itunes and up comes the message Congratulations your phone is now UNLOCKED!! This is for real.


Number 1 factory unlock service for iphone place. Very good guys, excellent customer service!


Despite the fact that I was locked to AT&T, my iphone 4 was unlocked in 1 day. My iphone works perfectly and I am totally satisfied with this service! Many thanks!!!


This is awesome, I got my iPhone unlocked today!!!


Absolutely 100% fully unlocked my locked AT&T iPhone 4 firmware 11.04.08 and almost in the time they posted, with the utmost ease.i have now used my phone in Aussie and new Zealand on different sim cards without a single hassle , and without hesitation, i recommend to anyone wanting to use this service. Try them it really works!!!




WOWOWOWO thank you soooo sooo soooo much!! I had unlocked other iphone 4 phones here locally, as I knew the sellers who ended contract. But I had one phone that was bought from a pawn shop and it was my personal phone. The Gevey unlock just wasnt stable, as I travel for work and sometimes it would just stop working. Then, finally, after Gevey lost service for 2 hrs, I bit the bullet and tried this Unlock boot and BAM it was unlocked, approximately 12 hrs later. So fast, so easy..no scam, and I cant believe how happy I am now that I have a normal functioning phone without dialing 112 and popping Gevey in and out. Thank you Unlock boot for making my life easier!! You also were 30 usdollars cheaper and 2 days faster than the local unlock service here!! Thanks, Kristi


These guys are awesome! Not only did they unlock my AT&T iPhone 4, they worked over the weekend to fix a glitch submitting the IMEI numbers to the AT&T business center, so I had my phone unlocked Sunday morning...If that's not great customer service, I don't know what is!


For reading this site everyday i finally unlock my phone 4 AT&T by OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk,fast service!!Hopefully they can able to unlock softbank carrier,coz now is still pre-order...Thanks a lot!!!

Diana Kendrick

I had an unlockable baseband and after literally YEARS of waiting I came across these guys! I now have a totally unlocked software updated Iphone 4. Ah words can not explain how grateful I am.


Words can not express How grateful I am that I came across these guys. They are great and work fast. I had an annoyingly unlockable bb for years and now I'm FREE. Thanks soooo much!

Mailson Leal

You guys are the best!!! Had it factory unlocked in 5 hours. I was skeptical of a scam at first. I ask for their business address and he immediately gave me an address, so i know they are likely legit. I just made payment online and did not have to go the business address because i trust them.


i am waiting from 26 july to unlock my iphone 4 baseband 4.12.01 swisscom locked and still nothing ...


hey I am from Indonesia.i already pay the money for unlock my iphone4 from Softbank Japan. But why i still dont have a information about how many days they can unlock my iphone??
Please give me an Answer...I already pay the money about six days ago..


mine is locked to bell Canada and i have deposited money 3 days ago but still no mail or contact


hey any one try swizerland swisscom iphone 4s???

Eliax Jr

Ele funciona realmente, vale pelo preço e o serviço é bem rápido.


why i still cannot get my iphone 4s unlock from softbank?


I had 5 iphones brought from UK, all already unlock. It is now about a year since I did officail unlock they all still work well.


Tenho um iPhone 4 comprado nos EUA, antes bloqueado para AT&T.
Após a confirmação do pagamento, o desbloqueio foi muito rápido!!!
Através do IMEI, eles desbloquearam meu iPhone e agora consigo utilizá-lo sem problemas no Brasil!!! Funcionou sem problemas para um chip da operadora TIM.
Agora posso ligar e desligar meu iPhone quantas vezes quiser, sem ter que fazer os procedimentos via GVEY chip!!!! RECOMENDO!!!!


Haven't tried it, seems legit by all the comments but some are listed and do not offer yet the unlock. Take Bell Canada (and Virgin Mobile using same network), 19£ to pre-order.
Rogers, Fido, Telus, price by carrier is 50$CAD
Other, DO NOT PAY for France, Unlock is free for all carriers after 6months


No Body can unlock German T-mobile


We unlocking all iphones in most of the networks for a very cheaper
price ever for bulk order we give special discounts as well. contact us
for more details and price
Email : hishamhaniffa4@gmail.com (give the subject as unlocking service )
skype name : hisham12316 or visit my site for a live chat


Thanks so much been waiting ages for unlock for bb 04.11.08 until i came across this website. Very quick and well worth the price

fabio silva

I recommend
I did the unlock and in less than 24 hours my phone was already unlocked forever
I was very happy to be free with my iphone 4 now
thank the staff of the site,
you guys are great.
fabio silva


altamente recomendable, conmigo si jalo.


I´am very surprised about this solution, thank you so much, it works realy!!!!!


I bought a Tru & Telestial sim for international travel while in the US. The Unlock provided worked. I tested with both international sims. Works perfectly. Very pleased.

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