Downgrade from iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2 iPhone 4 / 3GS [Guide]

downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2

It has been few days since Apple released the iOS 6.1.3 firmware update. Evasi0n jailbreak, that was released earlier, used 6 exploits to jailbreak untethered the iOS 6 firmware.

The exploits were based on the flaw in the time zone system of iOS, and the evasi0n used this bug mostly. In iOS 6.1.3, Apple patched four of the six exploits used by the evasi0n tool, making it ineffective.

Jailbreaking and Downgrading IOS 6.1.3 firmware

This means the latest firmware is a big no for those who are looking to jailbreak or have already jailbroken ios 6.1.2 devices using evasi0n 1.5.3 tool. The negative news came along with the beta two of iOS 6.1.3 was seeded to developers, when the developers saw that the exploits that were used were fixed. This is when the team warned everyone to stay away from the update.

Though they hoped that this would not become true, but it did with the release of iOS 6.1.3. Popular guys in the development jailbreak community say they still have the exploits, but they are not sure if they're safe for public use. However, users who are on A4 devices can still jailbreak them on iOS 6.1.3. This can be done by downgrading from iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2. There is bad news for A5 and other iDevices, as the downgrade only works on devices with an A4 processors, even if the SSH blogs are saved.

If you have an A4 device, you can perform a downgrade with redsn0w and saved SHSH blobs. The trick is because of the limera1n exploit.

Compatible devices:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod Touch 4G

Steps to Downgrade iOS 6.1.3 to iOS 6.1.2 firmware

Step 1: Download iOS 6.1.2 from our downloads page.

Step 2: Download Redsn0w 0.9.15 beta 3.

Step 3: Prepare your SHSH blobs.

Step 4: Start redsn0w and choose Extras (for Windows, open in admin).

Redsn0w downgrade IOS 6.1.3 to 6.1.2

Step 5: Click Even More. Next, click Restore.

Downgrade IOS 6.1.3 to 6.1.2 iPhone 4

Step 6: Now choose the IPSW button by clicking on it and browse to select the IPSW iOS 6.1.2 firmware file, which was downloaded in the first step.

IOS 6.1.3 downgrade to iOS 6.1.2

Step 7: Once the IPSW file has been selected, redsn0w will ask you to connect the device to the computer.

Step 8: For those who rely on an unlock through ultrasn0w, click redsn0w and select prevent baseband update.

Step 9: Now the tool will ask to put the device in DFU mode; just follow on screen instructions.

Step 10: Once in DFU mode, you'll be redirected to previous screen.

Step 11: Choose the ‘local’ button by clicking on it and choose SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1.2 or if you want redsn0w to fetch SHSH blobs from Cydia, select ‘remote’, but make sure Cydia is holding SHSH blobs first.

Step 12: Click on Next once you've selected the SHSH blobs.

Step 13: Now let the tool downgrade the device to iOS 6.1.2, which will be done automatically.

Step 14: Once completed, the device is going to restart and will be on iOS 6.1.2 firmware.

Downgraded iPhone 4 to IOS 6.1.2

Now you can easily perform an untethered jailbreak on iOS 6.1.2 using our guide and enjoy the whole world of jailbreak tweaks from Cydia. Do you have any problems while downgrading your iPhone from iOS 6.1.3 to IOS 6.1.2 firmware? Please tell us in the comments below!

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could not downgrade iphone 4. redsnow says uploading ibss and then doesnt work anymore.... the phone gets disconnected from the computer while in pwned dfu more... did someone actually try this???

Amrit Shakya

got same problem


Error "SOFT DFU"????? Help

Amrit Shakya

this process is very confusing...initially it says enter into dfu mode and while restoring it says couldnt find in recovery mode...how to enter into different mode at the same time


You can restore with snowbreeze signed ipsw!


how do you do that? I updated my ipod yesterday to iOS 6.1.3 and it wont let me un-update it. I get to step 6 and then when I open the file it says no files match your search

Vijay singh

Same problem facing past 10 days , tried everything but no success.


please share!


My phone makes it through every step until I reach the reboot; redsn0w says "waiting for device [while it reboots]" and the apple logo comes up, but it never starts. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


No BB message on redsnow and iphone locked on apple boot logo.
Can you help me?

Rich 'Lektroid' Elliott

I can't save SHSH blobs, tried TinyUmberella and also tried through Redsn0w. It says no SHSH blobs for 6.1.2 available.

Rich 'Lektroid' Elliott

"Error with SHSH blobs when I try to fetch them using Redsn0w. Could you give a little more instruction about blobs rather than "prepare your SHSH blobs", that means nothing to me

Charles G Brown

How does one obtain the 6.1.2 blobs? Does he/she have to already have them saved on Cydia?

ios 6.1.3 problem

it says enter into dfu mode and while restoring it says couldnt find in recovery mode...

Mahmoud Ghazayel

redsnow is freezing on the "waiting for device" process.. while the iphone wll be stuck for more than 30 min on the apple logo


how do you save your blobs ? MAKE A FUCKING VIDEO the way your explaining is confusing smh


similar problem with blob saving. Tried a "Fetch" and it seemed ok until it stated "fetch failed". Whats it all about eh? How exactly are blobs reliably saved?

Michael Dorean Myers

same here..."waiting for device..." and stuck on apple boot logo... GRRRRRRRRRRR

Tiago Paulo

Not Work, "black Screen Of Death"


"Waiting for device" and stuck at the apple logo.

King Shoot

Sorry,the blobs in Cydia are not working-all blobs from iOS 6.0 to 6.1.2 saved in Cydia(you did that by jailbreaking on those firmwares) can NOT be used.If you saved them with iFaith or TinyUmbrela on your PC locally,it works.

Yup,guys who depend on Cydia blobs are SCREWED :(


same here

Amrit Shakya

still no success...

King Shoot

Can you do this WHILE tethred iOS 6.1.3 jailbroken?

king Shoot

It says "Fetching blobs from server" ?

King Shoot

Same here?How to fix?
Anyone here that is managing the site?

Fatimeh El-Sherif

What did you do?? Everyone has this problem.

Fatimeh El-Sherif

HELP. Frozen on Waiting For device and apple logo on the iphone.


Update #1: Ihsn0w released new sn0wbreeze version. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to create custom iOS 6.1.3 / 6.1.2 IPSW for iPhone 4 / 3GS.

iphone 3gs newbie

i am currently in ios 6.0.1 (iPhone 3gs, 32Gig), and unfortunately i missed upgrading to ios 6.1.2 where in cannot be done as of now because of the release of ios 6.1.3. also i am having trouble with my itunes to back up. can i use this method to upgrade from ios 6.0.1 to ios 6.1.2? thanks


waiting for reboot...grrrrrrr

Gabe Maldonado

(Install TinyUmbrella and click "Start TSS Server." :)

Gabe Maldonado

iOS 6.1.2-6.0 downgrades will not work. Only the ones below iOS 6. You're out of luck, sorry.

Johnny Peña

it works for me

Pablo Morales

Waiting for device... Why?!

Destro Blake

Waiting For Device.... =.= Emo


This is a bunch of BOWSHIT

Another Wating For Device

Waiting for device.... Anyone can say how to fix it?

Another Wating For Device

Error 2831


I'm using an iPhone 4S 6.1.3 is there any method to downgrade it to 6.1.2

ahmed aj

when i restore my ipod touch 4g to ios 6.1.2 , the ipod is jailbroken , but it is a tethered jailbreak , what should i do about this ???

Sucipto Antoni

Use iFaith 1.5.8 to downgrade you iPhone. That's totally working. But you must have SHSH Blobs for the iOS you gonna downgrade to.. good luck


no chance at time..jailbreaker waiting for ios 7 before relase a new jailbreak.maybe its coming sep 2013.i sale my 4s, i cant use it without jailbreak.


I don't have the option to choose local or remote (I'm on a Mac if that makes a difference). I'm getting error 2831.


It's funny watch some guys who updated their device to 6.1.3 tryna get back :D when a new jailbreak releases, do NOT update your device until they've dropped a new for that update!!


im vey suprised this worked for me but the shsh file from tinyumbrella and everytime it turns off or dfu modes it goes into soft dfu mode if there is a way to get your apticket back i would really like it thanks


does it work?

Elias Nassrallah 

Hii! i downloaded the IOS 6.1.2 for 4S but they are saying unable to parse IPSW... Are you sure it's an IPSW ?? and it's not working so how can i downgrade my iPhone?


matey its not available for 4s, only for those who have a-4 processor. 4s has an a5proc


hello there, i'm an iphone 4 user and accidentally upgraded to 6.1.3. i want to downgrade it to 6.1.2 but 1 thing that i'm not clear about is Step 3. Step 3: Prepare your SHSH blobs.. how do i do this as i already am on 6.1.3 version. tqvm. my email is b_trieze@yahoo.com


what is the Step 3 ?
I don't kno


what the step 3 means?


I have the same problem when I downgrade my i pod touch 4 :(


Not everyone just upgrades to 6.1.3 with a current jailbreak...lol My iPhone was stolen, and when It was retrieved it had been cracked. No store will accept a jailbroken device, so I had no choice but to restore, unless I wanted a jailbroken piece of shit lol.


i have a iphone 4 (iphone 3,2) but the only versions they have is 3,1 & 3,3 .. help ?


Stuck on waiting device and doesnt work cause no baseband.


Yep same problem.


in step 3 it says prepare shsh blobs, what do you exactly do there im stuck HELP ME ASAPPP!


same here

max aldana

in step 3 it says prepare shsh blobs, what do you exactly do there im stuck HELP ME ASAPPP! my e-mail is aldanamax1@gmail.com

max aldana

hi im stuck in step 11 please help, i used remote but its not working


help me i need the shsh blobs/files but i have mac and 6.1.3


Is anyone else having the problem where the firmware version (for me) is 6.1.2 and the SHSH is 6.1.3 and cannot use it to restore?


You can't upgrade to 6.1.2 from 5.1, you have to upgrade to 6.1.3, THEN downgrade to 6.1.2


can i still do this method cos im having problems from step 6 to 8


i think its my SHSH blobs :(

umop apisdn

your instructions make no mention of sn0wbreeze, while many other tutorials do. is this an omission? am i going to need sn0wbreeze?

also, i'm still on 6.1 and need to restore to correct an issue. do i need to update to 6.1.3 and then go back to 6.1.2, or am i cool to just go straight to 6.1.2?


mine says "exploit failed" what exactly does that mean


redsn0w Just Stays On Waiting For Device when Will The Devoce Stop Waiting

Diep Nhi Dinh

dont run for my downgrade with iphone 4s ?? why ? with tinyumbrella and too redsnow


This method doesn't work on iPhone 4S or 5.

Amjed Alaa

what can i do if i dont have SHSH blobs.


i got unexpected error (2831)


whats that means 'Step 3: Prepare your SHSH blobs.'


I dont have the blobs because i gor mine phone with 6.1.3 can i downgrade with out them?


hello there, i'm an iphone 4 user and accidentally upgraded to 6.1.3. i want to downgrade it to 6.1.2 but 1 thing that i'm not clear about is Step 3. Step 3: Prepare your SHSH blobs.. how do i do this as i already am on 6.1.3 version. and have never saved shsh blobs before.

please help!

my email is thesickapple@gmail.com


It means that the Data that was post to be sent failed to work
this might be caused by
1. Not updating from itunes
2. Your device may not connect well. it might do this to people that have a beat up wire.
this does this to me i have an ipod 4 trying to boot but it wont send data


i see but i cant really help you with that but i will tell you how to get out of this. it might work

1. Follow what it saids

1. how to get out

2. 3 2 1 power

3. Hold Home button into the Apple icon appears


1. 3 2 1 power

2. Hold the power and Home into apple icon appears


im not sure but i might try it but i think it will mess up cyida and the other installed cydia stuff


same here like what the hell


how do i prepare the blobs??????


this dont work and will never work

Joshua Micheal

iPhone 4S and 5 are not compatible with redsn0w so it is impossible to use this method. To inform you there is no other method for iPhone 4 and 5 as of today June 2nd 2013. If redsn0w gets stuck in the "Waiting for device" stage you might want to run as administrator or re download redsn0w.

Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 - http://blog.iphone-dev.org/tagged/redsn0w

Contact me at JoshuaMicheal for any questions in regards to jailbreaking.


everything is fine up until step 10. when i enter DFU mode, it doesn't take me back to the previous screen to let me choose my shsh blob (when i have an shsh blob for 6.1.2 sitting right on my desktop). it just continues on to searching the server for blobs and the installation, which fails in the end. any advice??

Lucas Ronald Erwin Gantioqui

I'm stuck at

"Waiting for device"


How do we downgrade to 6.1.2?


yo can someone help me..it cant find the shsh blobs or whatever


NO,my iPhone 4 can not start just show a white apple!!!!


So Do I!


i got the same problem just hold down on the top button for 3 sec and then the top and home button for 13sec and let go. this turned my device back on


This is what this whole article is about.


I keep getting the problem that says found device in dfu mode instead of recovery mode


serice wouldn't start?


They're for each phone. For example, you could only use one blob on one device, as it's device locked.


ok i followed the steps and now i am stuck at waiting for device screen and a white apple on my iphone 4


and it wont let me pick local blobs


Not even a single satisfied user.
This method sucks, don't waste your time guys :)


i was restoring an iphone 3gs 6.1.3 to 6.1.2

need shsh of 6.1.2 (archive) and that same ios (6.1.2)

with sn0wbrezee select the ios to restore and choose ifaith mode it will ask for de shsh bloobs of the 6.1.2 select it... sn0wbrezee will check if the bloobs are functional in the next screen (choose general and click on the arrow if you need to hacktivate)
if no just choose build ipws wait to be done...

then with ireb (last version) put your device in dfu pwned mode (this is for use with custom ipws)

done that open itunes > SHIFT+ restore and select the ipws that snowbrezee create

if error 3194 or 1601 (that was my problem) try to edit hosts on:
deleting any apple ip (google it for details) and restart computer if necessary

done that i was able to restore to 6.1.2

hope this help someone and sorry my bad english

zeth_link@hotmail.com to ask about my method


well then, you're out of luck dude. if you have previously jailbroken your device, you might find them with tinyumbrella, if not. don't waste your time searching for downgrade methods.


Wow it worked for me.


Is there any way to downgrade an iPhone 5 to 6.1.2


its work the only problem is that ultrasnow don't let me use my chip from others country. what to do in that case?


it don't work for me. maybe because i try with 5.1.1


how to complete step 3 please help

Tan Duy

Hi Paulie Neira,

How iTunes version i need downgrade?. My device have not jailreak. I can save shsh

Calvin Mante

can you make me a stitched ipsw since its not working for me??


How to prepare SHSH blobs ??? please help me ???


I have iphone4 with ios 6.1.3 , but i dont have shsh for ios 6.1.2, how to get this shsh


stuck at fetching required files


I'm stuck on the step 6
help me!!


will this work on the ipad mini?


I am using tiny umbrella to fetch SHSH but still having trouble downgrading iPhone 4 iOS 6.1.3 to any lower iOS. I put downloaded SHSH file in same directory as redsn0w (desktop), as the ipsw of the same version, and get errors.


I may be closer: download SHSH using tinyumbrella. Download the same version ipsw from any website (google search) and when you have both, then I created a custom ipsw using redsn0w - extra - stitch function by manually selecting SHSH and .ipsw


Error after custom stitched ipsw : Found none of the expected files to stitch in IPSW: c:\filename....


What can or should i do if i use tinyumbrella to save shsh, and they prompt a message stating that "

signing iPhone4 6.1.2 (10B146) SHSH requests anymore. All you can do now
is select CYDIA and hope that CYDIA has your SHSH saved. If not, there is
nothing you can do"

Carolina Walker

how can I downgrade from 6.1.3 to 6.1.2 on my iphone 4 if I just bought it today and doesn't have saved 6.1.2 shsh blobs on my computer and my phone is running ios 6.1.3?


you can't if there is'nt any shsh blobs you just have to stick with it until ios7 come out and jb it or you can just jailbreak it but everytime your phone off or 0% you have to use your lappy to reboot it


will i lose everything from my ios 6.1.3 ?


keeps going to recovery mode instead of DFU moode


Cant go into dfu mode keeps sayin itunes found an unknown error


NOOO My iphone 4 is stuck in recovery mode and I cant get out with iTunes and I've tried lots of stuff including tinyumbrella... please can someone help me?? Is there anything to do??


after 2h with google i finally managed to fix it. If you get the same issue and you're on a mac this is what I did:

Open Terminal
Type: sudo nano /etc/hosts
Type in your password
Put a # in front of the IP addresses for gs.apple.com
Press CTRL + O then enter and then CTRL + X to exit

put device into DFU mode or the recovery mode (tried both and then it worked :P)

and then restore using iTunes


If you can't get out off recovery mode follow these steps:

1. Turn out the usb cable from your device.
2. Hold Power Off and Home button at the same time till the Apple Icon will show up.
And now you only have to wait a bit. :)


I have an iPhone 3gs. It once was on AT&T, now it has no carrier. Before I new better I used iTunes to install iOS 6.1.3. The iPhone works just great except 'Skype' is my only way to call. I believe my iPhone is unlocked, so I can signup w/ T-Mobile. When I tried to use TinyUmbrella 6.14.00 to Prepare SHSH blobs, the log status says (0) blobs were saved. Is this because the phone has no carrier? Should I continue to downgrade from 6.1.3 to 6.1.2 with redsn0w regardless?

ray ward

i tried the downgrading but i could not find any blobs im not too sure if i have any i have iphone 4 . i accidently upgraded to ios 613 im wildcard activated please help me


it wont show the ipsw file in my folder (step 6)


What is SHSH blobs?
I don't have SHSH blobs. I upgrade my iPhone 3gs From 6.1 to 6.1.3 and jailbreak it using Sn0wbreeze. But my iphone dose not support my sim card.

How can i fix this problem or what can i do for my iphone to support my sim card.
Thank you.
And please answer my question as soon as you can.

AffAn AmIn

can anyone get me the SHSH blob file for ipod touch 4G ios 6.1.2


It says it isn't in recovery mode iPod touch 4g iOS 6.1.3

Matthew Jaureguy

on the reboot it takes a long time and then just restarts and does nothing


then why not just restore to the newest if you don't want a jailbreak your argument is invalid


does it work with iphone 4s


I'm on a mac and am stuck on "waiting for device" and cant get sn0wbreeze. What do I do?

arthur gregoire

if you wait you should see:

"could not restore unexpected error (2831)"

Tan Zhi Kai

Yes you will. Are you willing to sacrifice everything on 6.1.3 for an untethered 6.1.2? If I were you, I would.


I got the same problem..... Any solutions guys ??????????

Stc Nexrophiliex

Use openbackup from cydia. Read directions on iCloud backups and you'll be fine.


Where does the ipsw file go after download?


On step 6 it says it cannot find blobs for the device on apple or cydia servers. HELP!!

This obviously doesnt work



what do you do after that then? i have gotten that before


To get blobs: what i did was go to extras then SHSH Blobs then click fetch and follow instructions. then you click verify. and then you have your SHSH Blobs.


On step 13 it said unexpected error and stopped! please tell me how to fix this problem it is making me very frustrated!!!




when it restarts does everything go away


If you have your SHSH blobs but Redsn0w refuses to work, iFaith v1.5.8 worked on my iphone 3GS and 4 GSM. :-)


that means apple have not signed the ios you try downgrading to


No just A4 devices.


As long as you have your iCloud setup and backed up you will be fine.


I was able to downgrade 3gs from 6.1.3 to 4.1 -
plugged in phone in regular boot mode,
ran tinyumbrella (latest)
Clicked Save SHSH
-> this saved just SHSH files for 4.1 and 6.1.3, all others errored.

Download 4.1 IPWS file
Use above method of restore, then select ipws and shsh files.

Maybe now I'll be able to upgrade to desired FW.


Hey, i bought a used iphone, on which i made a factory reset on itunes by dfu mode. It had never been jailbroken. Itunes installed firmware 6.1.3 and i don't have SHSH files. Can the downgrade still be made?
Thanks in advance


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Michael Bussey

Is it suppose to take a really loong time to wait on device?

daniel mornan

not how to make my shsh blobs please help

Jaspreet Singh

It's 100% work. Read & use these steps…

1.Download the iOS 6.1.2 ipsw file & ifaith v 1.5.3 & redsn0w v 0.9.15b3

2. Now open ifaith v1.5.3 & select your shsh blobs & create a new 6.1.2 ipsw file.

3. Again open ifaith & use the ireb , your phone has gone in DFU MODE.

4. Then open iTunes & restore your iPhone with new 6.1.2 ipsw file created with ifaith.

After complete the iTunes process your iPhone display completely black.

5. LAST STEP: Now open the REDSN0W v0.9.15b3 select EXTRA , then EVEN MORE & click on RESTORE button , then select iOS 6.1.2 simple (without created by ifaith or non- Faith file.)

REDSN0W show a unexpected error… BUT IGNORE IT.

Some process has work on your Iphone then complete the process. YOUR IPHONE HAS START AS A NEW IPHONE ON IOS 6.1.2 .


iphone3,2 ios 6.1.2 cannot find it?

Jaspreet Singh

Try iOS 6.0 for just boot in redsn0w.


how long did u wait ?



Jaspreet Singh

WTF jay u saying. It's only high lighted word not a caps lock. you was trying not to make a hero.


how long i suppose to wait for waiting for device?

Jaspreet Singh

I have try this process only on iPhone 4.


how long did you wait ?


scroll all the way down to the bottem