Bypass Activation Lock in iOS 7 By Disabling Find My iPhone

Fix iPhone activation lock

iOS 7 activation lock in case of Find my iPhone didn't have a solution until now. Now you can bypass IOS 7 activation feature and your device can be used regardless of the location.

This post is all about bypassing the activation lock if it appears when using Find My iPhone. The apparent reason for the issue is that Apple has made data protection available in iOS 7 on smartphones.

How to Disable Activation Lock in iOS 7

And as per the new features, the Find My iPhone needs to be deactivated because the phone itself won’t be activated without the use of Apple ID and password credentials. The feature is expected to increase the level of protection in case of threats etc.

iOS 7 Activation fix iPhone

Activation required iOS 7 screen

However, Apple perhaps forget that even device owners tend to be humans and should offer a solution to recover devices that have been blocked. This means the Activation lock is a major threat to the owners as well.

Why you got the Activation Error on IOS 7?

If this does happen, you won’t be able to activate the device and see the display until the Apple ID and password is entered. DFU restore won’t solve the matter as well. The redsn0w tool can be used to hacktivate the device, but it is only limited to iPhone 4, and there’s no solution released by hackers so far at the moment. The activation lock feature is integrated with Find my iPhone, you need to disable find my iPhone to disable the activation lock feature.

Disable iOS 7 Find my iPhone lock

Turn off Find my iPhone

How to Fix IOS 7 Activation Lock?

If you want to completely disable the activation lock option, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit iCloud.com and log in to your apple account.
  • Navigate to "Find my iPhone" -> "Devices" and you will see a list of all devices connected with your Apple ID.
  • Now choose the device you want to be removed from your account and click "Remove".
  • Restart your device and set up it as normal device.

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So now you can use what is rightfully yours and end the frustration of being locked out of your own device.

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how to hacktivate it ung redsnow? iphone 4 running ios 7.


Downgrade it to IOS 6.1.3/2.

Alexandr Oreshkin

Как снять activatio lock ios 7 ?????


If you have an iPhone 4 you need to downgrade the device and the activation will be removed.

Саша Орешкин

А на iPhone 4S 16gb как снять activation lock ?? Unlock to downgrade ??

Саша Орешкин

iPhone 4S activation lock ((( how to activate ???

Alexandr Oreshkin

iPhone 4S activation lock ios 7(((( how to unlock ???

Alexandr Oreshkin

Downgrade ios ????


How I can activate a 4s on ios7??.. can i downgrade without shsh? i need help how with that iphone. thanks


iphone 5 problem and dont have the password how can i bypass it ?

Amit Patel

no downgread possible in 4S even with SHSH and u can purchase remove activation lock from bejingiphonerepair site


i have used iphone 5 , i don't have past owner apple ID , How can i bypass and active my phone plz help me




how can i do that?


New activate icloud from russian http://adf.ly/e88Xn


A gift for women's day - new hack active icloud http://adf.ly/duSjE

jake Harods

if the phone is not stolen, easy. if it is, there is no bypassing it.

jake Harods

restore to factory setting


iphone 4. I installed ios 7. Now i want to activate it without sim


How can i bypass and active my iphone 4s updated on 7.1 help me plz


its telling me welcome silde to activate but when i do it under wifi my iphone 4s telling me the previous owner that had that that iphone says it needs to sign in with their apple id any way to get by pass that screen