Snapchat’s growth continues to make rounds. People are using it to send temporary images, but most are using the “Stories” features. Those who are doing something unique on Stories have become social media celebrities. Stories are simple to make, but when you add music to Snapchat snaps and some good storytelling, they become unique.

add music to snapchat snaps

In previous versions of the app, it wasn’t possible to add music to Snapchat snaps the recording’s start would mute any audio played on your device. However, Snapchat later added the feature. This article shows how to add music to Snapchat snaps the right way.

Timing is important, as the app starts recording whatever music is played on your device as soon as you press that record button. It’s also important to have the right track (custom or downloaded) in your playlist because Snapchat catches the tune instantly.

  1. Launch your music streaming application and select a song.
  2. Pick the song’s section that you want to play. Tap on the “time bar” and then tap “pause”.
  3. Launch Snapchat App.
  4. Launch the Control Center. From the button of the screen, swipe upwards to bring it up. Now tap “Play” in the section for music.
  5. Switch off Control Center and use Snapchat to make a snap.
  6. Publish the new snap after add music to Snapchat snaps on the Story or show a friend.

add music to snaps

The music’s volume is based on the volume of your iPhone. If your iPhone’s volume is loud, your snap’s volume will be loud too.

Which Song Will Feature When You Add Music To Snapchat Snaps?

Snapchat is great, but you can make snaps greater when you add music to Snapchat Snaps. How about the songs used by famous Viners? Or the trending tracks? Which song is on your mind for your next snap? Feel free to leave comments.