Specialists from the ElcomSoft company, last week conducting investigations of computer security.

The company found that the password managers – applications for the storage of secret combinations of characters on the iPhone are extremely inefficient.

iPhone Password Manager Hack

According to experts, none of the 17 popular utilities for secure storage with passwords in the smartphone operating systems ( iOS and BlackBerry ) – iOS firmware didn’t show the claimed level of security.

According to a study made by ElcomSoft, the passwords are stored in the respective applications, and you can learn it in less than 24 hours by simple sorting of the master key. At the same time, 7 out of 17 programs do not protect stored passwords using them, the data is unencrypted and can be obtained instantly. According to the results of testing only one product DataVault Password Manager has been recognized relatively safe.

iPhone Password Manager Hack

The developers of these decisions did not consider several important points, the experts concluded. First, all utilities except for one completely ignore the presence of a very perfect and sufficient secure storage of information within the operating system.

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Secondly, those programmers who prefer to use ready-made encryption algorithms, do not take into account the particularities of mobile platforms. The third and most important: the ability to write a simple utility, as well as ready access to libraries, strong encryption, does not make the usual developer qualified for safety.

For iPhone smartphones owners, ElcomSoft researchers advised to stay away from the use of tools to store passwords in their present form.