Just like last year, smart thermostats are high in demand. People love the fact that they can control the temperature of their house using a smartphone and even with their voice, which is technology at its best. In addition to that, smart thermostats can also lower your cooling and heating bills. And there’s no one we know who doesn’t like to save money.

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There’s a big range of smart thermostats in the market, but what are the best options to buy? We’ve picked the 5 best ones and looked at what makes them stand out.

5 Best Smart Thermostats to Buy and Use in 2020 (Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant/Home)

Each smart thermostat model mentioned in our list is available. There are not only the ones that have been listed, only the ones you can take out your credit card and spend money on.

1. Ecobee Smart Thermostat With Voice Control With Alexa Built-in & Google Assistant Support

This is one of the best smart thermostats out there. It’s not supportive of Alexa, but has Alexa BUILT-IN! Think of it as a thermostat with an internal Echo. You can instruct it to modify your room’s temperature, or add an item to your grocery.

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This model is also quite elegant, and the black display makes it stand out from the crowd. When the display is shut, it perfectly blends with the size bezels and looks terrific in front of a white wall. Plus, it can show various types of information such as the temperature outside, which is helpful if you’re looking to modify temperature inside a room.

We all know how smart thermostats save us cooling and heating expenses, but ecobee 5 takes these savings up a notch. The package includes a room sensor that can be placed at a distance from the thermostat, potentially in a room that is cold. It will then pick that room’s temperature and modify it to the same wavelength as the reset of our accommodation. This is a nifty feature to have, especially if you live in a big residency.

Ecobeee 5 comes with Alexa integrated, Google Assistant, Google Home, Apple HomeKit and IFTTT support. If you only need Google Assistant, you can get the ecobee 3 lite or ecobee 4. The regular price of ecobee 5 is $249, but there’s a sale going on and the smart thermostat can be bought for $249. Get it now by visiting the link below.

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2. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation – Alexa & Google Home Compatible

This smart themostat is probably the king of this niche. It has been popular for several years in a row, and based on who you ask, it’s still one of the best products around. The thermostat works by learning the user’s behavior, so it keeps your residence temperature-controlled, while saving you money on utility bills.

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The temperature of the Nest thermostat can be set to anything you prefer for your household, and this smart thermostat model makes sure it stays like that, by automatically reducing and increasing the temperature.

Other standout features the ability to switch the thermostat off when you’re done using the application. Nest can also learn your needs when you’re not at home, so if you forget to switch it off before leaving, trust the smart thermostat to take care of your home’s temperature, which should again bring you decent savings in cooling and heating costs.

The device works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Though it’s not technically compatible with the Homekit from Apple, it does offer a workaround for it.

The usual price of the Nest Learning Thermostat is $249, but ongoing sales have made the price drop to $215. You can take advantage of the limited time offer by clicking the link below.

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3. Lyric T5 Smart Thermostat – Smart App, WiFi and Alexa Compatible

This is a more budget-friendly model from Honeywell. It’s priced at $129, and isn’t fancy by any means. With that said, it does come with the smart features most users anticipate. Its digital display shows temperatures of various settings, but isn’t as good as ecobee’s and Nest’s offerings. Lyric T5, therefore, is an ideal option for those who just want to get a smart device in their home.

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Also, with the Honeywell app, you can control your home’s temperature, regardless of where you reside. And though it isn’t going to “learn” anything like the offering from Nest does, it’s definitely going to save you money on utility, just like any other smart thermostat would.

Also, both Google Assistant and Alexa are supported, allowing users to control their smart thermostat using their voice. Hence, if you’re watching Game of Thrones on television and feel the chills, you can ask Google Assistant to make the environment warmer, or the other way around.

All of that can be done from the comfort of your sofa. The price, like we mentioned earlier, is $129, which makes it one of the most affordable thermostats on the list. Feel free to check it out using the link below.

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4. Nest Thermostat E – Remote Control & Smart App

The Learning Thermostat by Nest is excellent, but not everyone has a $250 budget to spend on a smart thermostat. Fortunately, a cheaper model is available in the shape of Thermostat E, which retails for $169.

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This particular model is pretty decent, and according to some users, it looks even better than the costlier model from Nest. The best part is that it still does all the things that the costlier model does, which is a surprise since Nest offers both models. With that said, the Thermostat E works with the voice as it’s compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, like most thermostats on this list.

In addition, Nest gives you the option to use the Away/Home features on this thermostat, so you can configure it keep the cooling and heating down when you’re not around, and turn it back to normal when you’re present. You also get the option to use the Nest app, which enables you to control the device with your handset. The Nest Thermostat E retails for $169.

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5. Emerson Sensi

The last smart thermostat on this list is also the cheapest. This model from Emerson can be bought for less than $100. That makes it an attractive option for those looking to purchase a smart thermostat.

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Aesthetically, the Sensi isn’t the best looking option in the market. Some even call it unappealing. However, it’s clear that Emerson didn’t focus too much on the looks of this model, which is why it looks like a “dumb” model you’ll often find in apartments and homes. With that said, it could be a good thing in your situation.

Emerson Sensi is also supportive of Google Assistant and Alexa, enabling you to use your voice to control your home’ temperature. So you can just tell it to adjust the warmness if it’s a bit cold. Users also get to use the Emerson app, so it can be adjusted via phone if you prefer taking that route. Both options work seamlessly.

According to Emerson, users can save up to 23% on their cooling and heating costs annually. And for a device that costs just $77, the ROI seems great. It could be one of the best investments you could make in your apartment or home. Emerson Sensi is available to buy and you can get it using the link below.

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Smart Thermostats are a market leader in the smart home products domain. And it’s easy to see why. Each of the above model comes with fantastic features that allow you to save on heating and cooling, and adjust the temperature even when you’re not around. Down goes your electricity bill. Most models are capable of paying back for themselves in 6-12 months. And many will save you up to 30% on your cooling and heating costs.

We did our best to find their prices, and see if there are any ongoing sales. Feel free to do further research on them, so you have all the information before you make a purchase decision.