Do you want to know how to block unknown calls on iPhone or iPad from people not in your contacts dictionary or list? First of all, you can’t use the option of going to Settings -> phone -> blocked (this option is applicable only when contacts are saved on your mobile directory). However, there’s more to learn when it comes to knowing how to block unknown calls on iPhone. Here are some fine details on how to block or stop unknown calls on iDevices running iOS 9, 10 or above.

Block Unknown Calls On iPhone

Note: See if the contact is there in the dictionary. If you find it, then you can block any text or call using the option mode on your iOS device.

Block Unknown Call On iPhone

If not, follow these steps on how to prevent or block the menace of receiving calls from unknown callers.

Method #1: Block Unknown Calls Using Do Not Disturb

  1. Navigate to Settings and turn On Do Not Disturb.
  2. Tap Allow Calls from and select All Contacts.
  3. Now you can’t receive calls from unknown callers.

block unknown numbers on iphone

Method #2: How to Block Unknown Calls on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open app for “Phone” – select “Recent” tab to see all calls.
  2. “i” in blue will be there in front of contacts. Tap that to see options for blocking all time in Message, Call or FaceTime.
  3. See other details alongside the options. Scroll down and tap the blue clock icon (select “recent option”).
  4. You’ll see the option called “Block this Caller” inside the recent option.
  5. There will be an agreed message with a text like this “you will receive message, phone calls, or FaceTime from contacts in the block list.
  6. Now select “Block contact”.

Block Unknown Caller iPhone

This post will also give an insight on how to block unknown calls on iPhone instantly from the recent call list. Apart from the contacts, you can also block FaceTime and text messages instantly at any time.

Method #3: Forward Unknown Callers to Voicemail

If you don’t want to receive any notification or you don’t want to use the block option, you can easily forward the caller to your Voicemail number. When the caller makes a call, he or she will be redirected to you Voice mail and he will be asked to leave a voice message.

So what are your thoughts on blocking unknown callers on iPhone, iPad, etc. by utilizing the “Block this caller” solution? Do you have hopes of better features in the future iOS version releases? Let us know your views in the comments section. If you love our article for blocking the calls from unfamiliar people, don’t forget to give us some love on social media.