If you are here today, chances are that you have already seen and probably even used the Android clipboard managers because they are easily accessible and quite common too. But when it comes to macOS, clip managers aren’t inbuilt and to use them, you need a third-party app/tool.

Best Clipboard Managers for Mac

5 Best Clipboard Managers for Mac

Honestly, if you search the internet right now for clipboard manager apps for Mac, you’ll have a thousand option pop right on your screen. And well, that’s great, but on the other hand, there’s another fact that not all these clipboard managers are worth your time and energy. So, to solve this problem for you, we are here today with a compilation of some of the best clipboard managers for Mac that you can use any time of the day without worrying.

1. CopyClip – Access and Manage Clipboard History

FIPLAB is a famous utility software developer, and guess what? These people are the ones who developed CopyClip too so yes, you can imagine what a great clipboard manager it is. If you want the simplest possible clipboard manager for Mac, then you need to give CopyClip a try. It’s the simplest one around, and the best part is that there are no fancy features involved, which is a one big win-win for those who want simplicity and ease of use.

mac os clipboard manager

No matter how many entries you wish to record, you can do that with CopyClip, and you can even decide the entries that you want to see on the interface. You can also blacklist some entries just the way you want. In a nutshell, it’s a great clipboard manager that is worthy of your time.


➔ Great macOS integration
➔ It’s simple and easy to use
➔ No fancy features


➔ You will only be able to record text with it.

Download CopyClip

2. CopyClip2

Want some extra fancy features? Well, if yes then you need to try CopyClip2 right now. This clipboard manager is the advanced version of CopyClip2, and it’s a paid version. So, yes, you will have to spend some money if you want to enjoy more features and more flexibility.

clipboard manager for mac

What we love about CopyClip2 is the fact that it comes with more options that give you the ease of customization and optimization. For example, if you want something that comes with better support and has better control too then yes, CopyClip2 is what you need to use right now.

Now, especially if you want to record more than just text on your Mac, then CopyClip2 will allow you to do that, unlike CopyClip. You can simply open the Window on your Mac without clicking on the icon of CopyClip2. You can even search all of your recordings quickly, and you can copy-paste them too.


➔ More customization options
➔ More optimization options
➔ Comes with a Hotkey
➔ Compatible Touch-bar


➔ UI integration not so well with macOS

Download CopyClip 2

3. Clipy

If you want something that can increase your productivity and if you want something easy to use and simple too then Clipy is what you want. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Clipy is more of a missing clipboard manager and the best part is that it offers even better features than the previous two managers we jotted down on your screen.

manage clipboard macos

Moreover, you can record more than just text on it, in fact, you can even record images on Clipy, and you are the one who decides the number of entries too. Application blacklisting, customization, and Snippet support are some other features that you can easily enjoy with this clipboard manager.


➔ Amazing customization
➔ Even better features
➔ Snippet support


➔ None

Download Clipy

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4. Copy’em Paste – Clipboard Manager App for MacOS

The clipboard mentioned above managers are just great, but when it comes to Copy’em Paste, you get something more efficient and more straightforward. This one comes with even more features than Clipy, and its quite fun to use too because with Clipy, you don’t only get to record the entries, in fact, you even can manage them smoothly.

clipboard manager app for mac

You copy anything at all, and this clipboard manager will start saving it, whether it’s text, images, or numbers. You can even copy the whole interface and then organize it just the way you want to. You can also turn on or off the recording whenever you want to, and you can take screenshots with this manager too. It’s like an all in one clipboard manager that’s just the best.


➔ Great interface
➔ Easy control
➔ More advanced features
➔ Instant pasting with Hotkeys


➔ No pane of preferences

Download Copy’em Paste

5. Pastebot – Manage Mac Clipboard Easily

If you want to control what you copy, then all you need is Pastebot. This manager is great in all the possible ways. First of all, it comes with a bar menu interface. It helps in saving snippets, and the most important and fun part is that with it, you can even access your long back copied content.

copy paste manager for mac

Once you click on the Pastebot icon, a small window will open on your screen and that window will have all the copied content right in front of you. You can even use some of the best filters on Pastebot, and it runs smoothly as compared to the other clipboard managers we have listed down for you till now. Speaking of filters, for example, if you are using any HTML, you can convert your copied list into HTML codes with just a single click.


➔ Snippet support
➔ Great filters
➔ Complete interface


➔ The interface of the bar menu isn’t impressive.

Download Pastebot


These are some of the best clipboard managers that you must try for Mac. We assure you that you’ll love the experience of using all of the above-mentioned managers because we have personally tried and tested them. Now, without wasting any more time, if you just want your text copied then stick with CopyClip 1 and if you want more features and more than just copied text then opt for the other managers from the list.