Downgrade 4.11.08 to 4.10.01 baseband on iOS 5.0.1 and unlock with Gevey Sim or Ultrasn0w? You can upgrade your baseband, but not downgrade for unlocking solutions until Apple still signs required firmware.

Downgrade 4.11.08 to 4.10.01 Baseband

What happens when we have new SHSH servers?

If you are following the jailbreak and unlock scene you would know this is not entirely new but with these SHSH Servers you can downgrade your “unbelievable” 4.11.08 baseband ?

The BeijingiPhonerepair today reported that he received e-mail from Chinese Hackers in which they wrote that the Hackers group developed SHSH Server that Allows you to downgrade from 4.11.08 to 4.10.01 Baseband (Described below):

Downgrade 4.11.08 to 4.10.01 Baseband

Downgrade 4.11.08 Baseband – Translated text:

“Downgrade baseband service is available to those who have mistakenly updated to iOS 5.0 or 5.0.1 and stuck on baseband 4.11.08. Software downgrade service: Downgrades to firmware 4.3.5, baseband 04.10.01, no SHSH backup required. Guaranteed non-hardware type of downgrade, disassembling is not required, will not break your device in any way. You can put a tamper proof sticker on the screws (to prove that the iPhone is not taken apart)”.

In addition, no other description or explanation of how the downgrade “mechanism” works. We think that behind this is probably the Gevey SIM developers team.

We come to think of it, maybe this is really sensible answer because downgrading to 4.10.01 will allow more continued sales of his Gevey SIM which became obsolete after releasing the iOS 5.0 firmware in October 2011.

One of the most popular iDevice Chinese forum is also talking about this downgrade solution.

What you think? Whoever’s behind this? Stay tuned to unlockboot and expect more about this.

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    I hope that soon we post full tutorial and description – Finally to downgrade 4.11.08 baseband !

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    Please!Help us we’ve been waiting for!We are waiting for half a year 4.11.08!!!!!!

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     I do not think that’s possible because they have to be able to sign a certificate with the private firm that is only found in Apple’s servers, unless they are able to hack that certificate, which I doubt due to security the servers are

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    I forgot already about my Iphone 4, tired of waiting for an unlock, so I switched to Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Anyone wants to buy a locked Iphone? :))

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    I have saved SHSH from 4.11.08 ,  Right now I have 4.12.01…Can it downgraded to 4.11.08 and then to 4.10.01? 

    Please reply

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     hope since october 2011 … 🙁  … damn money!

  • Yc637

    大约一个月前就有了这个消息,中国知名论坛上已经有人说成功,但是提供商会收取650元人民币,大约相当于100 dolors,所以购买的人很少。

  • Yc637

     This solution is reported in china about one mouth ago and someone succeeded.But it costs about 100 dollars, too expensive, isnt it?

  • Yc637

     sorry ,dolors -> dollars

  • Hakjun Kim

    Translated : About a month ago there is this news, the well-known Chinese forum has beensuccessful, but the provider will charge 650 yuan, equivalent to approximately 100 dolorspurchased.

  • Khj1177

    Translated version : About a month ago there is this news, the well-known Chinese forum has beensuccessful, but the provider will charge 650 yuan, equivalent to approximately 100 dolorspurchased.

  • Khj1177

    About a month ago there is this news, the well-known Chinese forum has beensuccessful, but the provider will charge 650 yuan, equivalent to approximately 100 dolorspurchased.

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    Apple is still signing , so downgrade your bb fast !

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    Yc637 just said: this news was released one month ago. And some successful downgrades were reported in one of Chinese most famous apple forum. But it takes 100 US Dollar to downgrade!!!

    For me, I’ll keep waiting…. No other choice…

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    What about those who can not downgrade to 4.3.5 due to non-availability of blobs?

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     I sell Iphone 4, 14 gb 300 euro.The phone is new but has baseband 04.11.08.
    I recommend everyone to do so because the unlock solution probably will not occur.
    Another thing DON’T BUY APPLE PRODUCTS!!
    The most disgusting company!!
    You buy theirs products to put them in frames! For four months I can not use my iPhone!

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    can any one tell me what if i have not used Gevey sim before and the software is upgraded to 5.0
    and Baseband  04.11.08.
    Now can i use this Gvey SIM ??? PLEASE SUGGEST ME as i m waiting for Redsnow hack from 2 months for my phone