It’s no longer a secret that Apple Watch has become a favorite among the geeky community. However, it has been only released in countries, and a major part of the globe is still waiting for its release. If you are still among the waiting batch, you may have to wait a little longer. However, you can use your Mac to set up an Apple Watch screensaver, which should be a little consolation for your wait.

Apple Watch Screensaver

Download Apple Watch Screensaver for Mac OS X

The Apple Watch Screensaver will keep you patient and inspired while you wait.

Apple Watch Screensaver Mac

Instructions for installing Apple Watch Screen Saver on Mac

Step 1: Head over to Rasmus Neilsen’s website and download the screen saver for Apple Watch.

Step 2: After the screen saver has been downloaded, head over to Apple Watch file and unzip the content.

Step 3: Launch the Apple Watch.saver file. Select Open if a dialog box appears saying “Unidentified Developer Warning”.

Install Apple Watch Screensaver

Step 4: After the saver file opens, you will be in the Settings app. Then you will be prompted to install the screen saver. Select preferences and choose Install.

Apple Watch Screensaver on Mac

Step 5: After successful installation, an automatic redirection would take you to the Screen Saver section on the Mac.

Step 6: Now choose Apple Watch screensaver and make other settings adjustment.

Before the screensaver is saved, a preview can be seen through the “Preview” button.

Apple Watch screensaver should be a welcome addition to the Mac; especially for sprucing up a screen with a 70s wallpaper.

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