WhatsApp is one of the leading used social media apps around the world. Millions of people use WhatsApp today. The reason is this app is fantastic as you can contact your friends and family member. You can call them, you can text them, and you can send them any type of file including videos, documents, and images. All these features are free to use which make this app more amazing. You just have to install the WhatsApp app from the App store and enjoy these amazing features. Here is a guide on how to enable dark mode in WhatsApp.

enable dark mode in whatsapp

Benefits of Using Dark Mode In WhatsApp

Most of the people were talking about the dark mode in the WhatsApp’s new updates, but we still don’t have it. WhatsApp has not officially announced dark mode for it. However, many people want to have this mode on their WhatsApp, and we will show you how to enable dark mode In WhatsApp.

The dark mode provides a more convenient way of texting while you are using your phone at night. The dark mode decreases the light of screen which provides more protection to eyes. Also, you can use your phone without any problem if you have dark mode enabled on your phone. You can, however, apply dark mode in your iOS 10 by using some tricks and changing some settings.

But, what if you are not comfortable with the entire system’s dark mode? Yeah, we know you will wish to enable dark mode in WhatsApp on your iPhone or iPad. Well, this is not possible to apply darker mode on WhatsApp as it is not officially available yet. However, you can do some simple steps in order to have the darker mode on your WhatsApp.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode In WhatsApp on iPhone

The easiest method to apply dark mode on your WhatsApp is to change the background wallpaper of WhatsApp. The background wallpaper is usually white in all the chats of WhatsApp. However, if you want to change it, you can simply do this. Besides changing the wallpaper to another one, you can choose a dark solid color which will provide you a dark mode experience while texting in WhatsApp. To change the background wallpaper, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Launch the WhatsApp app.

Step 2: Now click on Settings option.

activate dark mode in whatsapp

Step 3: Now tap on Chat Wallpapers under Chats option.

Step 4: Now you will have to click on Solid Colors.

activate whatsapp dark mode

Step 5: Here you will see different solid colors and all of them can be chosen for background wallpaper.

Step 6: Tap on a dark color and click on Set.

You have successfully enabled darker mode on your WhatsApp. It is not dark mode but will provide you similar experience. If you are not having a good experience with the dark wallpaper, consider changing the wallpaper and reducing the brightness of your device. Adjust the brightness according to the color to have a great experience. To reduce the brightness, go to Settings app on your device and click on Display and Brightness. Here you will see a slider which indicates the brightness on your phone. You can click and drag it to adjust the brightness of your phone. Hence, you can enable dark mode on your WhatsApp by using a simple method.