This post teaches you how to solve any boot loop problems pertaining to the Apple logo as well as the Cydia crashes after you’ve installed yalu102 iOS 10.2 jailbreak on your iDevice. Read on to learn how to resolve the Cydia crashing on startup on iPhone and iPad problem.

cydia crashing on startup

A jailbroken iDevice is comforting, as you can discover new things when your device is in jailbreak mode. But at the same time, you can end up annoyed because of an incompatible tweak or an installation that didn’t go well, you may end up with an endless boot loop or another issue that causes Cydia to malfunction or crash at random.

But we have your back. Here are the steps you can take to solve the problem:

Guide to Solving Cydia Crashes & Boot Loop after iOS 10.2 Jailbreak

1. When you’re experiencing boot loop or crash frequently, do a hard reboot. This should solve the boot loop issue and add life back to your device. The hard reboot takes the device out of jailbreak mode as this is a semi-tethered jailbreak.

Follow our guides to hard-reboot:

2. After the device reboots, you should be on the Home screen. Now uninstall the tweak that’s causing thee boot loop issue, perhaps it is the latest tweak that you installed on Cydia. The device should be put in No Substrate Mode for the purpose. Deactivate all Substrate-based tweaks, while the device is still jailbroken.

This will allow you to follow the troubleshoot process to remove problem-solving tweaks. Get device in No Substrate Mode with these steps:

  • Open yalu102.
  • Press “go” and then “Volume Up”.
  • Keep the Volume Up button pressed until the phone resprings to lock screen.

fix cydia crashing on iphone

3. The steps put the device in jailbreak mode but no Substrate tweaks are active. Cydia can be accessed, launch it and uninstall the tweak causing the issue.

4. After uninstallation, exit No Substrate Mode and place the device into jailbreak mode once more. For doing so, reboot it, and then you’ll go to no jailbreak mode. Cydia will still crash at this moment.

5. Place the phone in jailbreak mode now, by following the yalu102 jailbreak guide.

After that’s all done, you will hopefully have a jailbroken device with no Cydia crashing or boot loop problems.

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