iPhone is popular for its fabulous and attractive offers that attract new visitors. If you have an iPhone, you are a fortunate individual who can enjoy all features of iPhone and enjoy several kinds of apps on the phone. These apps can be of any type and any category for different nature of individuals to serve them as the necessity and a source of enjoyment. Therefore, to encourage the use of apps and show their dignity, iPhone offered free apps which were presented as the free app of the week. It means user was able to see and download the free app without the worry of any charges. Here is how to find free app of the week in iOS 11.

free app of the week ios 11

How to Find Free App of the Week on iPhone Running iOS 11

There are multiple iPhone users who enjoyed and took benefits from that offer and they are still using those free apps on their iPhone. The iPhone offered the free app of the week scheme a few months ago at the release of iPhone 11 but now it seems that it has closed this offer.

According to that scheme you were able to download any free app for that week and you were allowed to update that app in future completely free. That was a fantastic time and everyone is missing that time of period. Although the company does not inform about the cause why they did close that offer but everyone can guess according to his point of view.

free app of the week

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The important thing you should know that App store is continuously on updating and also there is a new tap named “Today” where Apple features ‘app of the day’. This app is not free now and you have to pay for them depending on the cost. However, we can make best wishes for the company and hope for the best. We should hope that one day Apple will again offer free apps to its users and we will gladly utilize that offer by heart.