Apple announced the next generation of their iOS mobile operating system — iOS 6. The presentation took place at the WWDC 2012 conference, which started in San Francisco on June 11. iOS 6 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch contains more than 200 new features.

iOS 6 Features

The majority of the suspected iOS 6 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad functions and features are posted below.

3D Maps in iOS 6

3D maps in iOS 6 Feature
3D Maps in iOS

The point that Apple offers to quit Google maps on their devices replacing all of them with its own mapping application, it became known at the beginning of May. The newest maps in the iOS 6 operating system used an innovative 3D view based on technology from C3 Technologies, which Apple acquired this past year.

New Siri features in iOS 6

Siri Updates on iOS 6
iOS 6 Siri Updates

Siri will make a great progress in iOS 6. In iOS 6 you can ask Siri about latest sports news, make reservations inside your favorite dining places using OpenTable services, you can ask Siri about most recent films, you can also ask about actors and directors and much more. Now you can launch applications, update your Facebook status or tweet on Twitter. Apple has partnered with  BMW, Audi, Mercedes and many others for a hardware button for starting Siri in cars. Siri assistance for Italian, Canadian, Korean, Mandarin and Taiwan, for example, has been included.

Do not Disturb iOS 6 Feature

Do not Disturb in iOS 6
Do not disturb in ios 6

Another innovation in iOS 6 is called the “Do Not Disturb“. When this mode will be activated, the operating system OS X Mountain Lion will no longer display pop-up banners from Information Center. Special switch “Do Not Disturb” is located in the primary section of system settings in iOS 6.

iOS 6 Facebook Integration

IOS 6 Facebook integration feature
iOS 6 Facebook inegration feature

Users often visiting Facebook is going to be very happy to know that integration for the world’s primary social networking site will be added in iOS 6, in a similar style that Twitter was integrated in iOS 5. If you would like, your Facebook user and pass can be saved on your device, which consequently makes signing in, linking, and publishing your status updates, photos, and location shares to your Facebook account from all applications.

Other iOS 6 compatible devices and release date

iOS 6 on iPhone 4 iPAd 2 iPad 3 iPod Touch
iOS 6 Compatible devices

Does iOS 6 work on older devices? Members of the 4-th generation of iDevices can breathe a sigh of relief. iOS 6 will supports the iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G. The rumor that iOS won’t run on the iPad, and an iPod touch 3G, unfortunately, turned out to be true. Download iOS 6 beta 1 may be registered developers starting today. The public version of the iOS 6 operating system will probably be available this fall.

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