Long lasting batteries are need of everyone, and if you have iPhone XS Max, you may need it more than everyone else. Although the battery of this version of iPhone is 3,179mAh which is great but you can face its limitation when you are using your phone for multitasking and heavy operations. That’s why you should know and arrange a battery case which can help you. Having a powerful iPhone XS Max battery cases for your iPhone will surely help you to use your phone without limitations of the battery.

iphone xs max battery case

10 Best iPhone XS Max Battery Cases

In below, you are going to read complete details of top 10 iPhone XS Max battery cases.

1. Moonmini – Compatible iPhone XS Max Battery Case

It is one of the great battery cases for your iPhone XS Max. It comes with two different power capacities including 3600mAh and 6000mAh. You can choose any variation according to your needs.

best iphone xs max battery cases

Not only the charging capacity of this case is good, but also its design is outstanding. It will be surely matched with your iPhone, and you don’t need to compromise on elegance. Its structure and design will keep the camera of your phone completely safe. There are no chances of scratches when you use this case at the cost $30.99.

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2. Stingna – Battery Charger Stand Cases for Apple iPhone Xs Max

It is one of the great power capacity case for your iPhone Xs Max. Its design is slim, compact and it can provide you 6200mAh of battery power. It increases the power capacity of your iPhone for 140 percent.

battery case for iphone xs max

You will get this case with its kickstand which will allow you to see videos in landscape orientation too. You can buy this battery case for $42.99.

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3. Vocalol – 6000mAh Portable Charger Case Power Bank

It is a top battery case for your iPhone which is manufactured by a trusted name. You will get 6000mAh battery which will surely fulfill your needs. Its battery is packed in a slim designed pack which will increase the grace of your iPhone.

best battery case for iphone xs max

You will get this case with its built-in magnet. It will help it to work with magnetic mounts. This cover also features four level LED power indicator to have an eye on the power consumption. You can choose this extended case at any of four colors at the cost $31.99.

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4. BasicStock – 6000mAh Extended Battery Fast Charging Case

It is a great capacity battery case for your iPhone. It should be your first choice when you want a fast chargeable battery case. It charging capacity is 6000mAh which is a great deal. It has a built-in protective IC circuit which makes it fully secure against any power shocks or other dangers.

iphone xs max best case

Its design is attractive and thin to adjust easily. Its big charging capacity will help you to enjoy your iPhone for a long time without any limitations. It has multiple industry regulatory certificates like CE, RoHS, and FCC, “Basic Stock” which reflect the reliability and high quality of this case. You can buy this battery case at the cost $30.99.

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5. PEYOU – Compatible for iPhone Xs Max Battery Case

It is an excellent deal for you to get this amazing battery case. Its charging capacity is 5000mAh. You will also get two screen protectors with this case.

best iphone xs max battery charger

Its price is suitable, and your iPhone will be completely protected because of Tempered Glass. You can get this battery case for $26.99.

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6. Vproof – iPhone Xs Max Protective Battery Case

It is another great battery case for your iPhone Xs Max. It will increase your phone’s power capabilities for more than 125%. Its battery capacity is 6000mAh. As a result, you will be able to use your iPhone all day exactly as you need.

battery charger for iphone xs max

This case allows you to charge your iPhone and the case simultaneously which saves your time. Additionally, you don’t need to remove the case when you are going to transfer your iPhone data to MacBook or PC. You will get full edge protection for your phone at the cost $29.99.

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7. Stoon – 6000mAh Portable Charger Case

It will increase the charging capacity of your iPhone by adding 6000mAh extra. So, you will get an additional 35 hours talk time, 95 hours music time and 33 hours of video recording. Besides this, you will also surely have enough extra time to do other tasks on your iPhone Xs Max.

iphone xs max portable charger

Its design is also attractive and slim which allow you to protect your phone without scratches. It can also bear and absorb the shocks which will protect it and your phone. The cost of the Stoon is $29.99.

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8. MAXBEAR – 5200mAh Ultra Slim Rechargeable Extended Battery

It is the right choice for you when you want to enjoy videos and other cool stuff for a long duration. The charging capacity of this case is 5200mAh which will surely fulfill your all power needs for your iPhone.

portable charger for iphone xs max

It offers a completely secure charging and does not harm the battery and your phone. Its design is also fabulous, and its 360° scratch-guard confirms that your phone is safe and protective. You can buy this case at the cost $32.98.

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9. Yacikos – Portable Charging Case Rechargeable Extended Battery

It is a unique and powerful battery case which will be enough to fulfill your mobile’s power needs. It is compatible with Qi wireless charging. That’s why you can use any Qi wireless charging pad to charge your iPhone and this battery case quickly. So, you will be able to charge your batteries conveniently.

portable charger case for iphone xs max

Its design is also fabulous and easily manageable. You can install it or remove it easily without hurting the body of your iPhone. Additionally, you need to know that this case is compatible with Apple Pay. It means you can easily make payments anywhere without the need to remove this case.

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10. i.VALUX – 5200mAh Ultra Slim Light Portable Charger Case

This beautiful battery case comes with two pieces of design. Its design will allow you to install and remove your phone easily without scratching your phone. You can also sync your iPhone with the computer for regular use.

protective battery case for iphone xs max

Its material and design will surely protect your iPhone and also provide full protection in any situation of shocks. Its impressive design will surely attract your eye, and you will get a lifetime warranty with it. Its cost is $28.99.

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If you are planning to go on a trip or you are traveling often then these iPhone XS Max battery cases can be very helpful for you. Don’t forget to write your choice in the comment section below.