Many of the girls are forced to hold a handbag or a clutch in their hands when going to the dance floor at a nightclub.

JoeyBra Bra holster for iPhone

Ability to leave them on the table and go and have a party without worries for their possessions is not always. An ideal solution for any girl would be to have the valuable belongings with them always, and yet be free to dance without holding anything in their hands.

JoeyBra Creation

Two inventors from Wisconsin, Mariah and Kyle, volunteered to solve this problem. They have created and patented an unusual invention. At first glance, bra JoeyBra — it is a typical subject of women’s under-wear. However, if you look closely, you can see the side of the product has a special pocket. Its presence makes this subject of women’s wardrobe unique.
Confortable iPhone Holster JoeyBra

JoeyBra With Headphones

Sewn pockets are designed for carrying such precious little things, like credit cards or keys. Projecting JoeyBra, the developers should also consider the opportunity to put in it an Apple device. It is convenient for any girl, regardless of breast size, to use this so-called “Neck store”. If you don’t need to put any items into the small pockets, it will be the subject of regular underwear — ideal for everyday wear.

JoeyBra — Easy to Use and Comfortable Pocketed bra!

To date, only one model was created – the JoeyBra Sexy Leopard, but in the future, it will appear in other colors, shapes and designs. Fundraising for the project JoeyBra collective financing startups on KickStarter’s website ended with more than $10.000 collected for further development. Bra with pocket sales starts in June at a price of $ 30.