As we have mentioned many times on our website, AT&T is unlock iPhone for customers who have a device not currently under an active term commitment or they have a good account in standing.

Factory Unlock At&T iPhone

This is my story! I’ve got an iPhone 4 and AT&T service that meets both requirements, and in the hope to unlock my precious device, I contacted the carrier’s technical support chat.

This is the conversation I had with them:

Donna Runyon: It would be my pleasure to assist you by sending you an unlock code request.

Donna Runyon: The iPhone IMEDI, MEID, ICCID or serial number can be located in the About screen. From the Home screen, press Settings > General  > About and search for it.

Adi: Thanks! My IMEI is 012838****.

Donna Runyon: Thank you. Please be patient while I send the request.

Adi: Sure!

Donna Runyon: During the next 72 hours, Apple will release the unlock code to your email address. Please send your email address along with the contact number.

Adi: My email is ad****  and the contact number is ****.

Donna Runyon: Thank you sir, stay with me and I’ll send a ticket number shorty.

Adi: Ok!

Unlock iPhone 4
Unlocked iPhone — Sim Card Slot

After 5 minutes

Adi: How much more time?

Donna Runyon: Just a few moments sir! I appreciate your patience.

Adi: ok!

Donna Runyon: Here it your ticket number, *****. Please keep this ticket number safe.

Adi: Ok I’ll do as you say.

Donna Runyon: Allow 24-48 hours for the request to be complete. After the time mentioned, the device unlock team will contact you with the results of the unlock code through an email.

Adi: Ok got it!

Donna Runyon: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Adi: No thanks! I’ll wait for their email. Have a nice day.

Donna Runyon: Thanks for visiting our technical support live chat and being a valued customer. It was a pleasure assisting you.

So I got an email later on stating “Your request has been reviewed and we confirm that you’re eligible for an iPhone 4 unlock”. So I just had to restore (and make a backup when prompted) my iPhone 4. With this, I was greeted with what you can call the happiest message I would ever receive on my iDevice!

Factory Unlock iPhone
Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked

Now I can use it on any carrier! Woohooo! This AT&T action is appreciated. They are also looking to start a service which will stop thieves from stealing iPhones. It’s a great step. I am a happy customer and I thank AT&T. Have you tested this totally free and factory unlock method?