With its 8MP sensor and internet connectivity, the iPhone 4S has probably the best point-and-shoot cameras available for phones. It can easily download thousands of photo-editing apps.

iPhone 4S 3RDi picture taking

But having less interchangeable lenses, very weak flash, as well as other missing features ensures that the iPhone will not be able to replace your digital camera in a shorter period of time.

Knight Vision Studio are providing he 3RDi Kit, which is a full-on camera kit for your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It carries a Wide-angle lens, Fisheye lens, Polarizer filter, ND filter, Lens Grip, additionally a case for the handset.

3RDi Camera Kit for iPhone 4s / 4
3RDi Camera kit for iPhone 4S

All of the features are combined to dramatically boost your iPhone’s picture-taking performance. The Wide-angle lens adds significant depth to the photos, the Polarizer filtration deepens the colors, and the case holds that all together. As an additional benefit, the Lens grip features a built-in cold shoe mount, providing you the option to connect an external flash or some other accessory.

Transform your iPhone 4S / 4 into a full fledge-pro digital camera

You might be guessing and your assumption will be correct if you guessed that the 3RDi Kit is only available via Kickstarter. To acquire one, it will cost you $135 or maybe more, and be patient and hope the team will hit their lofty goal of $150.000 until August 19th.

And for anybody who wants to boost their iPhone picture-taking performance without spending $130, be sure to follow our ongoing iPhoneography series. It is full of guidelines for getting the most from your iPhone pics, which is written by a professional photographer.

What is your opinion regarding the 3RDi system? Will you purchase one for yourself?