Ok this is crazy! But it’s definitely worth sharing with you guys. This T-Mobile customer apparently got angry with his T-Mobile handset and decided to show off his anger by destroying an entire store in Manchester, England.

Mashable reports the incident took place on Saturday. The footage was caught by the on-lookers and then uploaded on YouTube.

See the clip of how the man strategically tears down the displays and uses a fire extinguisher to finish off the job. The T-Mobile employee in the corner is scared and waits for five police-men to arrive to arrest the customer who was angry.

Dear readers! What do you think of this incident? Was it a plot or was he really dissatisfied with the service? We would like to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

  • J@ps

    plot! like apple idea!

  • Beck

    Must be one of those with 4.11.08 BB lolzz

  • boyli

    yeah must be one of those with 4.11.08 and 4.12.01 bb hehehe…..

  • dacatz

    agreeeeee,….. hhahahahhahahahaha

  • dans

    must be one with 3gs 05.16.05 outside usa, and no at&t client