Ok this is crazy! But it’s definitely worth sharing with you guys. This T-Mobile customer apparently got angry with his T-Mobile handset and decided to show off his anger by destroying an entire store in Manchester, England.

Angry Man Smashes Up T-Mobile

Mashable reports the incident took place on Saturday. The footage was caught by the on-lookers and then uploaded on YouTube.

See the clip of how the man strategically tears down the displays and uses a fire extinguisher to finish off the job. The T-Mobile employee in the corner is scared and waits for five police-men to arrive to arrest the customer who was angry.

Dear readers! What do you think of this incident? Was it a plot or was he really dissatisfied with the service? We would like to know your thoughts in the comments section below!

  • J@ps

    plot! like apple idea!

  • Beck

    Must be one of those with 4.11.08 BB lolzz

  • boyli

    yeah must be one of those with 4.11.08 and 4.12.01 bb hehehe…..

  • dacatz

    agreeeeee,….. hhahahahhahahahaha

  • dans

    must be one with 3gs 05.16.05 outside usa, and no at&t client