Where to find Spire Free Siri Proxy List? Chpwn released Spire for Siri port. Spire uses a new method to obtain the files necessary for Siri, so it doesn’t have the copyright issues encountered by previous attempts.

Spire Free Siri Proxy List Servers

The servers from the list used to work, however, almost all of them has not a stable connection. In many cases connection fails, so you have to try several times to connect to the server or the proxies become unavailable in an hour or two and then come back alive in couple hours.

These problems happen because of the high traffic as Siri Proxies became very popular among Apple device users.

List of all Siri Proxy Servers we found online

  • Name: aftersoft.ru
  • Post URL:
  • Type: Free
  • Type the following URL into Safari browser: http://aftersoft.ru/ca.pem to install certificate
  • Name: http://root-hacks.blogspot.com/
  • Host URL: https://siri-bh.no-ip.org:1000-1009
  • Type: Free Download certificate http://siri-bh.no-ip.org/blog-4.crt
  • Name: SpiritJB.org
  • Host URL: http://Spiritjb.org/spire/
  • Type: Free
  • Name: Unknown
  • Host URL:
  • Type: Free
  • Name: siri.schiefen
  • Host URL: http://www.siri.schiefen.ws
  • Type: Free
  • Name: Siri.Cd-Team
  • Host URL: https://siri.cd-team.org/
  • Type: Free
  • Name: Unknown
  • Host URL:
  • Type: Free
  • Name: iphone-my.com
  • Host URL: http://iphone-my.com
  • Type: Free
  • Name: Unknown
  • Host URL:
  • Type: Free
  • Name: jimmykane
  • Host URL: http://jimmykane.dyndns-server.com/
  • Type: You have to donate your own working iPhone 4S keys to get access
  • Name: http://lowkey.net.my
  • Host URL: http://lowkey.net.my
  • Type: Donation required to http://lowkey.net.my/donate/
  • Name: http://technetec.com/?page_id=123
  • Host URL: see below
  • Type: Paid. $10/month

List of Scams SIRI Proxy Servers

Warning: We found many people that are scammed with these websites. Do NOT donate or order on any of these websites:

  • Status: Scam
  • Source: http://www.sirikeys.com/
  • Fee: $5/month
  • Status: Scam
  • Source: http://siriproxyserver.t15.org
  • Fee: $5/week, $15/month, $30/forever
  • Status: The website got hacked, do not donate
  • Source: http://jakewilliamsmith.com/siri/
  • Fee: $8 per month

Our Free Siri Proxy Host List will be Updated every day, so please don’t forget to visit it daily.

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