You’ve probably read articles on how to get rid of the legal iCloud lock removal for iDevices. Since then, a lot of information has been published, but Apple changed rules as well. Now you may send a letter to the mentioned address related to Apple email requests, but that won’t work because modifications have been made to the registration appeals processes. That said, there is a way to unlock iCloud activation lock, but only for those who have supporting documents for the purchased iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. You can leverage this option if you have the invoice that clearly states that you bought the device from an authorized Apple seller.

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How to Unlock iCloud Locked iPhone

There are two simple steps you need to follow to unlock iCloud activation on your locked device. One is calling a tech support rep at Apple, and the other is scanning and uploading all your documents to an email response letter. Now let’s jump in on the different stages of release “apple devices” in detail.

The first step is to get in touch with Apple technical support of your country. For example, call 1-800-275-2273, and explained the situation to a live employee, they ask for the call to be transferred or email sent to the iCloud activation unlock department.

Then, you get an assigned/reference number (this will be unique), which will be used for communicating with Apple. The representative gives all the required instructions.

Then you should receive a mail to the email that you registered on the device. Then you should send a response letter with all the supporting documents showing that you own the iDevice. And to convince the Apple staff to unlock iCloud account or remove the iCloud activation lock from your iPhone, you must give the following:

  1. Date of purchase and first sale of the iDevice.
  2. A full list of names and purchase amount.
  3. Website, name and phone number of the outlet from which the device was purchased.
  4. The full cost of purchases.

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Send a Proof of purchase to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock On iPhone and iPad

All this information, except the store outlet information, will be on the invoice. Now put a check with a box around each other along with the barcode and take a photo. All details should be clear for reading. You can even take single photos of the back of the box, the check, and the blacked product. Here’s how all components look like for iCloud Activation Lock removal:

Now put all images with the letter (Attach) and send to the response address. The Apple technical service on iCloud takes 1 to 3 days to respond. The successful response receives a letter by email with the message that the device was unlocked and the iCloud activation lock (Find My iPhone) was disabled. You may be asked to resend information if it was incomplete.

unlock icloud locked iphone

If you bought the iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad from authorized resellers, or from the Apple Store, then there’s 100% chance that you’ll be free from iCloud activation lock.

  • Mohammad

    What if I’m not living in the US? Can I still call this number?

  • sami ullah

    how can i contect with apple helpline
    i am from pakistan,
    reply me soon

  • UnlockBoot

    Use the international contact number +1 813-393-4720

  • cromeaction21

    Can I try this method even if I don’t have this info. I found the phone and it’s locked can’t return to owner I don’t have info and Apple won’t help with that. My only option is to recycle or try unlocking to use the phone.

  • Rain Cachin

    What if we dont have proof of purchase. And i know the icloud, the problem is it stated that the email is not an icloud or wrong email or password. How can i fix my icloud.

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    You will not believe this, three months ago, a sunday I was driving to mexican bank “Banco Azteca” (open all days from 9.00 a.m. to 9:00 pm)when suddenly a strong rain comes from somewhere, my car slipped through the street and finish with a damaged tire near a gas station, I tried to check the tire to see if was possible to enter into the gas station to fix the damage and just in to the water was an iphone 6s, I picked the phone, used a special bag to dry the iphone and 2 day after the iphone was dry, I charged and after turn on, the phone asked for the Icloud user and password, I let the iphone on for 5 days and nobody called to ask for the iphone, I taked out the iphone sim and inserted it in a samsung phone, nothing in contacts and cannot retrieve the iphone’s cell number, again nobody called for nothing, what may I do to use that cell phone or I need to send it to the technological garbage can? what may I do???

  • athle

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