Apple’s iOS 7.0.5 is the latest release in iOS firmware and it has been improved in terms of UI and performance. We must to note that iOS 7.0.5 is available only for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C users.

Those of you asking questions about iOS 7.0.5 iPhone unlocking on this firmware would be glad to know that we’re making this special post to answer all your queries.

Unlock IOS 7.0.5

Review of unlocking iPhone on iOS 7.0.5

The firmware mentioned was released by Apple to the public on 30th January, and since then, it attracted a lot of good reviews from all around. It is somewhat a revamp, and even after the unlock process; there are a lot of features that are yet to be discovered.

Methods for unlocking iOS 7.0.5 iPhones

While Apple decided not to continue with iPhone 5 after the release of iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, there are millions making use of the iPhone 5 handset. And locked to network carriers, they can’t be used just like locked iPhone 5c and 5s can’t be used outside the country of carrier origin.

One-time permanent unlock solution for iOS 7.0.5 iPhones

Everyone who have iOS 7.0.5 running on their devices would be looking for an unlock solution, but there is no news about it on the web. Even the famous Chinese hackers have been tight lipped on it so far, and it is predictable that unlocking iOS 7 would be more difficult than other firmwares.

iOS 7.0.5 New Basebands

  • iPhone 5S baseband 1.03.02
  • iPhone 5C baseband 1.03.02

Our loyal readers have recently been asking a lot of questions about iPhone iOS 7.0.5 unlock on iPhone 5s & 5c and the answer is that there has not been any progress so far. However, we are sure that there will be some development soon and then it will be released soon publicly.

Procedure 1: X-SIM/ R-SIM, Gevey Unlock iOS 7.0.5 iPhone

R-sim Unlock IOS 7.0.5

Unlock IOS 7.0.5 Using Gevey SIM / R-SIM

Users using hardware and software unlock solutions are in difficult luck because when updating to iOS 7.0, their device is going to get relocked, because the baseband isn’t going to be preserved. We recommend that you stay away from latest firmware updates if you rely on such solutions.

Procedure 2: iOS 7.0.5 Ultrasn0w unlocking

Ultrasn0w Unlock IOS 7.0.5

Unlock IOS 7.0.5 Using Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 free unlock method

Unfortunately this procedure can’t be used for iOS 7.0.5 unlocking because the tool of ultrasn0w has not been updated for the latest devices and OS firmwares. Some rumors say that iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s can be unlocked by ultrasn0w, but there hasn’t been any public release. That is why you are not recommended to use this tool for the purpose.

Procedure 3: iOS 7.0.5 iPhone factory unlocking

Official iOS 7.0.5 Unlock

Factory Unlock IOS 7.0.5 using Official iPhone Unlock service

Some reports suggested that iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s release would lead the company to offer official iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s unlocking till iOS 7.0.5 for latest devices as well as iPhone 5, 4s and 4.

IMEI iTunes unlock for iPhone 5s and 5c on iOS 7.0.5

The unlocking of official iPhone on iOS 7.0.5 is compatible with all famous network carriers from the U.S., Spain, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Sweden, France, UK, Korea and many other countries. Just have over to the Official Website to Get it Today.

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