Finally we have the iOS 7 running on our devices, and that only means one thing for us – it’s time to talk about iOS 7 unlock. The firmware was initially released publicly on Sep 18th, and it has already grabbed a lot of positive reviews across the web. The latest iOS software has come with a complete overhaul, and there are so many features that some are still undiscovered.

Unlock iOS 7 iPhone 5S

Unlock iOS 7 iPhones

After the launch of iPhone 5s & 5c, the iPhone 5 was discontinued, but there are many around the globe with the device. The good news is that the iPhone 5 running on iOS 6.x versions can be unlocked, but it is important to note that locked iPhones aren’t going to work on iOS 7.

This means that those who have updated to the latest iOS are going to look for solution to unlock iOS 7 iPhone. This unlock isn’t available on the internet till now, and there hasn’t been any word out there. Not even Chinese hackers have said anything about it. This also means that iOS 7 unlock is going to be more difficult than ever.

iOS 7 Basebands On iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S & 4

  • iPhone 5s — Baseband 1.00.06
  • iPhone 5c — Baseband 1.00.06
  • iPhone 5 — Baseband 5.00.01
  • iPhone 4S — Baseband 5.0.00
  • iPhone 4 — Baseband 04.12.09

iOS 7 Unlock for iPhone 5s / 5c / 4S / 4 and iPhone 5

Our faithful readers have constantly asked about the current status of iOS 7 unlock for the latest devices and iPhone 5 and iPhone 4. According to the Chinese grey market, there is no progress on it so far. However, we expect some development now that the iPhones have been released and can be accessed by the public.

IOS 7 Unlock

Official Unlock for iPhone 5s / 5c / 5 / 4S & iPhone 4 running iOS 7

Gevey Sim Unlock iOS 7

There is good news in case of Gevey SIM because some sources report that iPhone 5 running iOS 7 can be unlocked with Gevey SIM available (R-sim 8), but there is no confirmation that it’s going to be compatible with every device.

iOS 7 Software Unlock

There are going to be those who are going to preserve their baseband and install iOS 7 on iPhone 4. However, it is important to note that iOS 7 ultrasn0w unlock will be released only after the launch of iOS 7 jailbreak, so it is recommended that iPhone 4 users stay away from the update until an untethered jailbreak is released.

Factory Unlock iOS 7 for iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 5C, and iPhone 5S Unlock

It was reported that iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c unlock are going to be available in the market after the devices are launched. We have received confirmation that OfficialiPhoneUnlock is offering a genuine unlock on iOS 7 for iPhone 5s and 5c, as well as iPhone 5 and 4.

The official iOS 7 unlock available is compatible with all famous Australian, USA, UK, Canada, France, Switzerland, Sweden and other popular carriers in different countries. Head over to the website and get your permanent iOS 7 iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4S & 4 Unlock Right NOW!

  • UnlockBoot

    You need to wait for iOS 7 jailbreak to be released to preserve your baseband on iOS 7.

  • alex

    Hi, I’ve updated my iphone 4 on ios7, and when it got locked, I managed to downgrade it to 5.1.1 but my firmware updated to 4.12.09 and it is out of order now, is there any sim that could unlock it (ex rsim8) ? thanks

  • UnlockBoot

    No. iOS 7 4.12.09 baseband can’t be unlocked with gevey or x-sim. Only factory imei unlock can unlock 4.12.09 baseband on iPhone 4.

  • Baraka Abdel Samih

    Hi can you please answer me?

    a lot of people with iphone4s unlocked with gevey ultra S have updated to iO7 without any problem et their iphones are unlocked with the same utlra S v2.02
    the thing is some say that ultra S and Rsim7 will ulock iphone 4 and 4s and 5 only if they were GSM models and CDMA iphones will not be unlocked can you please confirme this?


  • Manish Mal

    Hi, I’ve RESTORED my FACTORY UNLOCKED iphone 4 on ios7, but its
    asking for Unkown apple cloud id(I bought second hand) but I managed
    to downgrade it to 5.1.1 & firmware updated to 4.12.09 and its
    asking for same apple id again SO i jail breaked it BUT now it says NO
    SERVICE and There is no CARRIER option in Setting.ITS factory unlocked as the Sim was working when its was updated to 7.0.2. But after RESTORE its asking for OLD apple id password. PLEASE HELP?

  • chetz

    i have an phone which says replaced.but it works with goguo sim..would i be facing any problems?

  • UnlockBoot

    What is your IMEI Code? I can check it for free for you.

  • Bratislav Stamenković

    IOS 7.0 works with R-SIM7. I am using it. Forgot to mention on Iphone 4s

  • arslan

    012648008377816 check my imei iphone 32 gb orange espana carrier 15.0

    4.12.09 can u unlock my phone or jailbreak

  • yoga plus

    why is this taking so long to be unlocked, i paid you and everything. its been more than 40 days?

  • Ghost

    No unlock for IOS 7 has been released yet, otherwise this company would be making hundreds of thousands.

    Get your money back

  • yoga plus

    I just daw the post below us. should I find a sim?


    i have a iphone 4 i updated it on ios 7 and now its locked to uk o2 can u unlock it ?

  • UnlockBoot

    Yes, we can unlock ANY iOS firmware including iOS 7.

  • damdashing

    hi can i update my iphone 5 to 7.0.4 and m using goguo sim i-5n

  • damdashing

    hi can i update my iphone 5 to 7.0.4 and m using goguo sim i-5n someone help

  • UnlockBoot

    You can update to 7.0.4 if your phone is factory unlocked.

  • walawalabingbang

    I have an iphone 4 ios 7 can I still unlock it even though its de activated

  • Nico

    can you unlock my iphone 4 7.0.4 egypt Mobinil SIM Lock?

  • topu

    can i unlock iphone 5,whice is locked by itunes id and password.please let me know.thanks

  • Meer

    I have iPhone 5s A1457…ios 7.1 from UK is that possible to unlock it permanently..?

  • Croga Mali

    please help with iphone 5 imei: 990002304907171 and the price

  • Jay Serenio Jamil

    sir can you unlock iphone 4 ios 7.1
    modem firmware 4.12

  • Cim Simi

    imei: 012744007715070 from canada. please let me know how to unclock/activate it. thanks

  • fakagg99

    talking about unlock, we are mostly refering to unlocking the carrier lock, and if you have trouble unlocking your iphone, you can check out mobileunlox, its the site i have been using for a long time