The latest Samsung Galaxy A11 and A21 (A215U and A115U) are feature-rich devices. They were introduced by the South Korean giant around May/June this year. All of them contain great cameras and large displays. The battery life is also decent. A 6.50-inch display is present on Galaxy A21, while A11 has a 6.40-inch display.

unlock t-mobile a21

You can leverage the powerful functions of these devices courtesy of the octa-core processor. This processor has two 1.6 GHz cores and six 1.35 GHz cores. Both A21 and A11 models have a 4,000 mAh battery capacity. The brand-new Galaxy A21 and A11 are great smartphones from Samsung.

Unlock T-Mobile A21 & A11

The problem arises when people consider buying these models from carriers like T-Mobile, which means they can only use it on a specific network. But no need to worry, UnlockBoot offers a service that can help you get rid of the network lock on A21 and A11 devices. Once done, it can be used on any US-carrier as well as internationally.

Guide to Unlocking T-Mobile Galaxy A11 A115U & A21 A215U Through Remote USB Permanently

You can proceed ahead with peace of mind as this is an official and verified way to unlock Samsung Galaxy A11 or A21. Follow these steps:

1 Go to our Samsung Unlocking page and choose T-Mobile A21/A11 unlock, or you can go to this direct link:

2 Put in the IMEI of your phone. Dial*#06# to discover it or go to Settings under the About Phone area to find it.

unlock t-mobile galaxy a11

3 Double check the first fifteen digits of this code and make sure to enter it correctly. Then, click “Unlock Now’ and head over to the checkout page. Put in your email and details and residential address. Now finish the payment.

4 After some time, you will get an email specifying the steps you have to take to perform the unlock. Get a USB cable and arrange access to a Windows PC as these two are vital for unlocking.

unlock t-mobile galaxy a21

5 Connect with an UnlockBoot technician remotely. The device will be unlocked after five to ten minutes. Now you can put in the new SIM card and make a cal.

Unlock your A21 or A11 NOW

Benefits of Unlocking your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy A21 and A11 Permanently

If you are looking for a way to unlock your T-Mobile Galaxy A21 and A11, then we might have the answer. But first, let’s quickly go through the advantages of unlocking the device.

  • When you purchase from T-Mobile, you can only put T-Mobile SIMs inside the phone. With the unlock, you can use any SIM card in the world.
  • You can put any local or international SIM of any country inside the phone, which means you can avoid the costly roaming expenses.
  • Your phone’s value, whether it is A215U or A115U, will increase by 30% to 40% after the unlock.

We offer permanent and official USB unlocking. Now feel free to Flash New ROM, factory reset the device, update to new iOS, and do whatever – the device has been permanently unlocked.

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