Unable to find a good IMEI service for permanently unlocking T-Mobile Galaxy Z Fold3 5G & Z Flip3 5G (F926U, F926U1, F711U1 & F711U)? Well, it’s certain that you’ve been unlucky. But your luck is about to change because we have a genuine solution for your needs.

unlock t-mobile z fold3

Samsung is known to offer some of the best handsets on the market—and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 / Z Flip 3 are no different. Both devices have a beautiful UI, elegant design, and high-end hardware. The devices also run the latest version of the Android OS, and are loved by millions of people worldwide.

But while Samsung devices are cool to own, they carry a high price tag. T-Mobile and other carriers know not everyone can buy them outright, so they profit by offering the phones on a contract basis. While these plans are difficult to resist, let’s not overlook the cons of entering them. For instance, breaching the contract results in a penalty that’s higher than the MSRP price of the phone. Whoever experiences this penalty will surely question themselves for buying a carrier-based phone.

Unlock Z Fold3 5G NOW

Another downside of a carrier-based device is that it’s locked to a specific network. So a T-Mobile Z Fold3 5G can’t be used on another carrier’s network. Fortunately, you can make the device SIM-free with our unlock service.

Benefits of Unlocking T-Mobile Galaxy Z Flip3 & Z Fold3 5G

  • Once your device is SIM-free, you can use any carrier’s SIM without any restriction or worry.
  • The resale value of your Galaxy Z Fold 3 / Flip 3 will rise.
  • Unlocked T-Mobile Galaxy Z Fold3 5G / Z Flip3 5G work with local SIMs worldwide, so you won’t need to pay international roaming.

The default unlock method for Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and other Samsung devices is difficult to execute. It requires paying a fee to the network provider to terminate the contract, which is a hassle and may also involve a fee. The good news is that Unlockboot offers a simple yet effective service for unlocking the handset. Through our remote unlock service, you can make your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 / Flip 3 from T-Mobile SIM-free in no time.

Steps to Unlock Galaxy Z Fold 3/ Flip 3 5G from T-Mobile

1 Launch Chrome, Safari, or any other favorite browser of yours. Open our website and head to the phones unlocking section. Find “T-Mobile Samsung Z Fold 3 Unlocking” or click the following URL: https://store.unlockboot.com/unlock-samsung-phone

2 Once you’ve clicked the link, a page will appear with details about the unlock process, ETA, eligibility, and pricing. You’ll also see a field where you’ll have to enter the device’s IMEI.

3 To discover the IMEI for your device, dial *#06# on the handset or go to Settings > General > About to get the IMEI.

unlock t-mobile z flip3

4 Now enter the IMEI in the field and click “Unlock Now” to begin unlocking your Galaxy Z Fold3 5G or Z Flip3 5G.

5 Visit the cart and checkout page. Note down the details and then select a way to pay. The next page will provide you with an order summary. Choose “proceed to checkout,” choose your country of origin, and pay using your preferred payment method.

6 After we process the payment, the unlocking will begin. It typically takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour for the process to complete, but the actual time varies based on the user’s internet speed.

Unlock T-Mobile Galaxy Z Fold 3

Now open your email and follow the instructions given in the message to contact us for the final steps of the unlock.

Unlock T-Mobile Z Fold3 5G

Valid Reasons to Select UnlockBoot for Making T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Devices SIM-free

If you’re still on the fence about choosing UnlockBoot’s T-Mobile Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G unlock service, perhaps a few things will change your mind. For one, the service is available at a much lower price than what other providers charge. And compared to what T-Mobile will charge for the same, it has cost-savings written all over it. Not to mention, the service is 100% genuine and trustworthy.

UnlockBoot also makes it easy to perform the unlock. After you enter an active debit or credit card number along with the device’s IMEI, it’s a hands-off process with most of the work done on the backend. Unlocking with our service also keeps the device’s warranty intact. And the fact that our technicians work remotely means that you don’t have to physically visit a carrier office or service outlet.

Here’s a video sample of the unlocking process:

Each of UnlockBoot’s services is legitimate and safe. Should you require any assistance, our 24/7 support team is available to help you do the unlock.

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