Exploding iPhones seems to be legitimate. There are numerous regrettable phones on the market that simply burst into flames for factors like a bad repair, poor battery and so on.

iPhone 4S Burn

Here’s a amazing and viral story of a a few month old iPhone 4S, which burst into fire flames inside of a Finnish man’s back pants pocket. A big cloud of smoke followed the actual burning up iPhone.

In accordance to a Finnish newsletter, the guy was at risk of work when he noticed his back pants pocket was actually covered within a cloud of smoke. The boy was fast enough to take out the device from his pants pocket. No one is sure what actually occurred, but it really doesn’t seem that genuine from the clip. A Closed-circuit television captured the event.

iPhone 4S exploding into guy's pocket

Exploding iPhone 4S

Apple Iphone 4s explosion in guy’s back pocket

To date, the explanation for the self-burn of iPhone seriously isn’t known. On the other hand, it is predicted to be because of to the lithium battery. In the event that the battery is is too charged unintentionally, it may get very hot to burn a device.

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What is your opinion for this incident? Does it seem real for you? I think that, there are plenty of probabilities to be real, but that’s just an excessive amount of smoke for an iPhone 4s! Tell us how you feel by dropping a comment below.

  • Fadi adam

    well i have iphone 4g one day i kept in my car facing the sun light i got heat up when i try turn it on i got msg on screen say the iphone is too hot so i wont believe that iphone burn it self

  • momanTR

    it might be real coz chips and plastic made a lot of smoke like the fresh grass

  • Ed

    the way the guy walk out the van and the way he walked, to me it’s not real..seems like he knows what’s gonna happen