Have you ever experienced iPhone overheating and wondered why is my iPhone hot? Sometimes your iPhone feels warmer than the standard state, and other times it gets so hot that it feels like it will burn your hands. Anyway, if you have a hot iPhone, it means there is a problem. Also, it’s likely that your battery drains fast, too.

Why Is My iPhone Hot

If you’re looking for methods to improve the battery life of your device, you can read an article on how to improve iPhone battery drainage. But if your main goal is to seek an answer for why is my iPhone hot, keep reading this post to know about a fix.

Why is my iPhone Hot – The Truth

As you might know, the iPhone is a tiny PC that you carry with you at all times. It has components that are similar to the components in your PC, just tiny is size. But unlike your PC, it doesn’t have a fan anywhere.

Which shouldn’t be a problem, but things go wrong sometimes. A desktop computer has several fans when you open it up, but there’s only one component with a huge heat-sink and a fan attached at its top: the central processing unit (CPU). The CPU is the part of the PC that heats up quickly, and the same is the case for your iPhone.

Why is my iPhone hot – it’s because of the CPU

The CPU of the iPhone is revved up to 100% at most times. Think of it as the engine of a car that’s heating and using gasoline as you accelerate the vehicle. That is how it works. The iPhone’s CPU is so powerful that the state where it uses 5% of its capacity is very rare. Loading apps consume a lot of CPU power.

Why is my iPhone hot – it’s because the CPU works even when the screen is blank

There are 99% cases when a software issue is causing your iPhone to be hot. However, if you dropped iPhone in water, and it started overheating, then it’s a hardware issue.

Fix iPhone Overheating

Here’s what you need to know: the iPhone has several apps (like drivers of PC) that are running at the same time and making the CPU work 100%. What you need to do is discover which rogue apps are consuming the most processing power, and then put an end to that app.

But if you can’t find that out yourself, you’re most welcome to seek UnlockBoot’s help to determine which app is causing you to ask why is my iPhone hot and how to stop that app. We’ll tell you a simple fix first, and if the problem is solved, it’s all good. If it isn’t solve, we’ll tell you an advanced solution that will fix the issue forever.

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