Apparently, more number of people uses iPhones now than ever. That’s a good thing, because people are learning to embrace technology in good ways; also in bad ways though. However, iPhones usually cost more than $650 when they are initially released in a market, and maybe even higher in certain regions. That being said, dropping such an expensive device in water wouldn’t certainly feel anything to be happy about.

Yet, life doesn’t always go fair and you might just end up dropping your beloved iPhone into a bathtub, a bucket, a fountain by the supermall where you were trying to take a selfie, or maybe even a water puddle next to your doorstep. Anything could happen accidentally, and of course there are some DIY fixes even for a drowned iPhone which you could try.

dropped iPhone in toilet

What to do if your iPhone dropped in Toilet or Water

So apparently, you have a drenched iPhone that requires care. Here’s what you should do:

  • Of course, take it off the water as soon as possible. No one’s idiot enough to leave their phones in the water after they dropped it, unless it’s dropped in the Atlantic Ocean. Still worth suggesting; if your iPhone dropped in toilet or water, take it off as soon as you can.
  • Turn the phone off. Even after dropping in toilet or water, the phone would probably remain on and you can even use it. But NO; just turn it off by pressing the power button down for long enough until it shuts down.
  • If you had been using any third part protective case or covers on your iPhone, or protective stickers on back and front of the device, get rid of those. Such attachments can help the formation of moisture in and out of the device; which is very harmful for electronic devices.
  • Wipe water off the device. Use paper towels or clothes whatever is available near you, they should be dry to soak the water. Wipe water from the screen, sides, button, port enclosures and all other visible parts that have signs of water going in.
  • Also, try to soak water off the port openings as well by using Q-tips. Other than Q-tips, you could try doing the same using paper towels or clothes as well but that would take more workaround.
  • If you had any third part accessories such as the lightning cable in the port, or a headphone or any other sort of docking accessory, remove them. If they require drying, take care of that as well.

Fix water damaged iPhone

Once these steps are done, you are ready to adapt the classic solution to water-drowned devices – putting it into rice. As the good old saying goes ‘put your phone in rice, Asians will come overnight and fix your phone’.

That is of course a common internet joke, but what rice does is soak off all the moisture from the phone’s internals. Rice does the job really well, better if you could put your iPhone in a zip-locked bag with natural rice for around 24 to 36 hours.

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Conclusion: Dropping a phone into water could be terrific, but at least you could do the rice trick at home. And try not to drop your iPhone into water.

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