If you’re one of the lucky ones to get your hands on the new iPhone 5s / 5c, but unfortunate enough to have dropped it into the water, there is a way to get it working again without visiting the Apple Store.

It is important to note that to open the iPhone, you will need a 5-Point screwdriver that is called Pentalobe and measures 0.8mm. This wasn’t easily available before, but can be purchased more easily now.

Fix Water Damaged iPhone

How To Fix a Water Damaged iPhone

However, if it is not accessible to you, try using a scalpel or another device. You need to be very careful with this, and unscrew the two screws that are present at the end of the iPhone. When you take them out, keep them in a safe place, because you can easily unscrew them.

Wet iPhone repair

Water Damaged iPhone

Wet iPhone Repair

Remove iPhone Screws using a 5-point Pentalobe Screwdriver

Next, there is a suction cup required. The front frame has to be pulled to the display of the metal casing. Attach the suction cup very close to the Home button and hold the body while gradually pulling the screen.

Iphone Water Damage repair

iPhone Screen Removal with Suction Cup Tool

Again, you need to be careful in this regard because the camera connects to the loop and there can be a mistake easily. Hold the finger at the top of the plastic when the screen is removed to avoid breaking the loop.

Repair water damage iPhone 5s

Removing the iPhone display using a Suction Cup

Water should be first carefully removed with the cloth. BUT DON’T use a hairdryer because it can easily melt the components inside.

The better approach would be to take ordinary rice, and place the pan. Now place the smartphone in the rump but don’t touch the bottom. The more rice means the more water will come out as rice can easily absorb the water.

Fix water damage iPhone 5

Water damaged iPhone Repair – Drying process

Dry water damaged iphone

Dry a water damaged iPhone

Dry wet iphone

Wet iPhone repair – Drying process using a rice

Note: Dry the iPhone in 5-10 hours. If the phone does not respond – it is better to hold it in the rice longer, about a day.

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After drying, place the screws back together and that’s about it. You don’t need to pay extra charges as now you can fix the device on your own.

  • Max

    Oatmeal works better

  • cezar

    The rice attracts the asians at night, they come, and fix your phone!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you for a great weblog submit. I really enjoyed reading it. This website has got some really useful info on it! I was looking for this. It was excellent and very informative. PLEASE keep it up!

  • sandra nunley

    All the rice does is remove the water. What does most of the damage is the corrosion on the board after the water is removed. It is imperative to take it to your local repair shop and let them properly clean the phone. This corrosion will eat components off of the circuit board.

  • Me 💋

    Actually my gf has used this handy trick I devised over 4 times to dry her iphone…. use a blow dryer and blow the air out and dry it out. Hold it close to any openings. We used it on the cool setting to not melt the inside and also the heat can just create more condensation. Be prepared to take a lil time but it works!!!

  • Me 💋

    You don’t need to take the phone apart risking breaking it!!!