A lot of you might have noticed that MKV files don’t open when using a standard movie play app. This is because MKV files are normally videos of high quality that have been compressed within a format called Mastroska container. However, you don’t need to worry about you being unable to open these files. Using the Best MKV player for Mac can allow you to watch the videos you want.

best mkv player for Mac

The 5 Best MKV Players for Mac OS X to Download in 2016

Here are a total of 5 MKV players for you to choose from. The title of the best MKV player for Mac has to do with a person’s own preference.

1: VLC Player for Mac OS X

download VLC player for Mac

The first best MKV player for Mac is VLC 2. It is able to play just about any audio or video file. VLC 2 is a good player to have even when you want to open video files that aren’t MKV on your Mac.

2: Perian

play mkv files on my mac

Perian can be defined as a 3rd-party component for Quick Time. It provides support to Apple’s QuickTime Player to open various video formats. After installing it on to your Mac you can go ahead and use the QuickTime Player to play MKV files.

3: Kodi / XBMC

The XBMC is another good media console you can use. It is suggested that you copy your MKV files to the player’s Movies directory. This will help you to find and access these files more efficiently. You can download it from this website.

4: Plex Media Player for Mac

Though Plex is similar to the XBMC when it comes to performance, the interface can be a bit confusing. You can try and navigate through the player’s windows to access your MKV files. However, it is suggested that simply dragging and dropping the said files into the Plex icon loads them just as well.

5: MPlayerX

download mkv player for mac

MPlayerX is another best MKV player Mac you can use. You can get it for free from the Mac App Store. It works well even when playing HD video files. You can easily download MPlayerX from Mac App Store.

So, go ahead and use these players and decide for yourself which one is the best MKV player for Mac. Let us know about your opinion.

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