Customize Operator Name on your iPhone [TWEAK]

Customize Operator NameCustomization the name of the service provider on the iPhone is available for a long time.

Now in Cydia has a lot of tweaks that allow substitute any word, icon, phrase or even a smiley face in place of the operator.

Below is the video how to create a custom carier logo.

Just 4 - jailbreak tweaks to create a custom logo in the upper left corner of your iPhone. This MakeItMine (free / ModMyi), Springtomize 2 ($ 2.99/BigBoss), CleanStatus (free / ModMyi) and Zeppelin (free / ModMyi).

MakeItMine, without a doubt - one of the tweaks in this collection, and CleanStatus is the easiest to use, Springtomize 2 - the most functional, but Zeppelin is one of the recently released in Cydia.

All utilities are working on the iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 5. It is assumed that the iPad, and they will be applied without any difficulty .
February 18, 2012 Related Topics: iphone 3GS, iphone 4, iPhone 4S, Tweak