SiriPort project Russian team has released an update to its app that allows you to install Siri on iPhone 4 running iOS 7. It however requires your device to be jailbroken and have Cydia installed. The (Original-iOS7 +) was released alongside the release of iOS 7. Apart from the installation of the GUI Siri, the jailbreak app also allows you to connect with Apple’s servers to use Siri.

Install Siri on iPhone 4

Guide to install Siri on iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2

Install Siri on iOS 7.1.2

Step 1: First of all, you should have a jailbroken iPhone 4 running iOS 7. The best tool to use is of course the evasi0n7 released by the evad3rs team, and you can either use the Mac based or Windows based version of the tool for the purpose.

Step 2: Now the next step is to open the Cydia app and add this repository to the list of your default Cydia sources:

Siri iOS 7 Repo

Step 3: Now from the repo mentioned above, install (Original-iOS 7 +) version 1.0.

Download Siri iOS 7.1.2

Step 4: Restart your iPhone.

Step 5: Now head over to the Settings menu and select SiriPort.Ru Original (this is for installation of the certificate).

Step 6: On the page of install certificate, click and then select confirm.

Step 7: Now restart your iPhone once again.

Step 8: The next step is to go to Settings – General – Siri voice assistant, and then you should see Siri launch. Now you can Say Hi Siri, and you should receive a response. If you do not, wait for a while and then close down Siri and then re-open it again.

Step 9: Repeat the instructions till Step 7 until you get an activated voice assistant.

Video on how to Install Siri iPhone 4 IOS 7.1.2

Courtesy of, users with iPhone 4 will also be able to take advantage of Apple’s loved voice assistant.

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  • Akshat

    Certificate not available and had to install 1.1-DEV otherwise stuck in boot loop

  • aravind

    i think the link for the certificate download is down and is redirecting to another website!
    so if already have a download can anyone mail me that?

  • Jose Almanza

    I had to reinstall the 7.1.2 from iTunes because it got stuck on the apple logo too

  • Christian Mack

    why every time i try this it gets stuck on the apple logo? why is this tweak made for ios 7.1.2 if all of the users who use 7.1.2 cant even use it???

  • BongMaster6969