Safe and Genuine Factory Unlock for iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 [Special Post]

Genuine iPhone unlocking

Hey everyone! This is a special post for UnlockBoot followers. We love our readers and lately, we have provided you with the best and cheapest iPhone unlock solution that’s available on the market.

Yes! We are talking about OfficialiPhoneUnlock. This company has made the dreams of many to use their iPhone as a ‘real phone’ and not an iPod Touch come true.

How to Buy Reliable and Safe Factory Unlock Solution?

They are unlocking iPhones on a number of carriers and people have been happy with their results. We have personally tested their service and are proud to say that their Factory Unlock Service works and the unlock solution is very safe.

By placing an order, you are likely to get your iPhone Factory Unlocked within 24 hours. This is a full factory unlock and it’s going to work on any carrier in the world. No more frustration! No more waiting for Dev Team to release an ultrasn0w unlock! No more waiting for software and hardware unlock releases! Just place an order through OfficialiPhoneunlock can factory Unlock iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS via IMEI code - Get your device Permanently unlocked forever right away!

Safest iPhone Unlock
Safest Factory Unlock Service

You might have heard about a popular Unlocking service called CutYourSim. It was closed a while ago, but then reopened. However, there’s a catch in their service. We don’t need to say another more. Just make a Google search of OfficialiPhoneUnlock Review, and you’ll know what we are talking about!

Warning! Don't Buy an Unlock Solution from Ebay or Facebook!

In the end, we would like to say stay away from scammers. There are lots of people who are trying to sell fake unlock solutions on our Facebook page, and the website itself. Please, stay away from these people. They are likely to take your money, and won’t provide you with a valid solution. Isn’t it better to spend $60-70 once rather than spending $10-19 many times and end up gaining nothing?

OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk is the best unlocking service available at this moment that can unlock iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and we highly recommend that you try it out! Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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My iphone is lock in fido and I have heared that it is still under negottiation with officialiphoneunlock,is it true?


Yes, Fido will be added soon!


is japan softbank unlockable by these guys?


Globe Philippines is still not included?


yes i can


i can do it. :)
email me:


i can unlock it.. i even have a proof of its unlocking..
you can email me and get the proof.

email: beejayrocks@gmail.com


I strongly recommend AGAINST OfficialiPhoneUnlock.co.uk.They NEVER respond to my emails or tweets when I've already paid the deposit for a SoftBank with them. I am EXTREMELY upset at their lack of service.

It's been 4 months since I purchased the unlock and I doubt I'll ever get my phone unlocked or my deposit back.


what about Sprint USA?


Yep they never reply to any emails and guys ebay is much better u get locks for cheap price i hve got 4 phones unlocked without any proble. this is site is damn expensive


Can they unlock Sprint or Versizon iphone 4s, In their site it says the solution is only pre-order.


that official unlock is bulshit, it charges almost 120$ for unlock, while the carrier itself unlock for 50$


This site is scam dont waste your time with them.over 3 months now and still no unlock.paid 60 pounds....

Jmark Frozen Kiss

http://www.facebook.com/ben7.jayne add this guy he can unlock most of the hardnest net works,, including softbank!!!..


I Have Iphone 4 which has been locked to 5.1 version and has been purchased from canada rogers so how can i unlocked it can you explain me so that i can unlocked it !!


does anybody tried this and succeeded?

louie andrada

will they negotiate with softbank too? I need to unlock three softbank japan-locked iphones... please help.

Resha May

can you plz reduce the price for at&t usa..its a bit much


fake! i'am french and i wait my unlock 2 week!!!


scamers dont trust them....waste of time

Subhan Mukdhar

I have my iphone 4 currently locked to orange Kenya. Can officialunlock.uk unlock my phone. Plz confirm needs your help.


I can unlock all of these ...fuzionwireless1@gmail.com



Linda Weber Korbel

I don't know, I paid 34.99 US for a Japan Softbank unlock. except for the conformation email I have not heard another thing.


i hardly believe that unlockboot would post a scam, but it's still suspecious.......


what we need, it's real proofs, real comments, something real to make us believe...


still not sure..... :(


u sure?


Why they dont have paypal???? How come i provide my credit card info without a proper prove???


Paid money now 3 months still no unlock just getting bullsh+++ o it will b next week and then week after and then ...... dont trust its just good made SCAM.
I will b reporting it to POLICE....


Can they unlock Ireland METEOR? It is not on their list.


I paid for them to unlock device locked to Hutchision Ireland still no response from them. Can they unlock it? If spam all blame goes to Unlockboot as I trusted them and paid


Just contact the admin he can help yo to Pay with paypal.

Karáth László

What about Hungary


for unlocking iphone just contact me
including at&t(safe and real time)

Trevern Diaz

a bit? its outrageous


8o pound is very much costly

khai bunthong

Hello! Can you help me to unlock my iPhone 4 32g please..
This is my IMEI 013125000107326
my Email: khai.bunthong@gmail.com


Sure. We can unlock all Sprint iPhone models.


hello just wondering if it is possible to unlock an iphone 5 even if its still under contract?thanks

Gary Turner

My wife has a Softbank iPhone 5. Can I get that unlocked currently?


Sure, Please read our article about iPhone 5 unlocking


pls include MOBINIL - Egypt in your lists.


can u unlock hungary vodafone iphone 4s? thx


Tell me something, when we try to unlock it, its necessary to update to the last ios 6.1.3 or not?Im in 6.1 jailbreak, and i dont want to lose the jailbreak

Rami AL-Dwairi


I have IPhone 4 locked to pelephone , kindly there is any way to unlock it
B.B 4.12.05


Can you unlock iPhone 5 Japan SoftBank yet?

Ritesh Jhaveri

Hey Dude Plz Help Me

Having Iphone 4s 16gb & Locked To Sprint Carrier & OS version is 6.0.1(10A523)

IS Unlock Possible???



No, you don't need to update to iOS 6.1.3. After receiving your confirmation email follow our tutorial to activate your phone without losing your untethered jailbreak.

chrisnel bayaras

i have iphone 4. 32 GB softbank japan locked. please help me to not trash this thing. UNLOCK MY PHONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i have an Iphone 5. White 32G from Softbank Japan. Can you unlock it? How much? Thank you


I have an iphone 4 16gb locked to orange kenya.And i can't unlock it.Pls pls help.Otherwise i will end up throwing it.And dont want to do that.

I will really appreciate it..

Its updated to ios 7


pls help , my iphone 4 32gb how to unlock


Package content
Apple iPhone 6 16GB Unlocked $850
1 Apple iPhone 5S 32GB Unlocked Phone$600

we also have Black berry,samsung galaxy,htc. etc



I have an iphone 5s which is a Germany piece & its locked, I wanto unlock it in india...I s it possible??