Unlock Barred iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 Using IMEI Unlock Service

Unlock blocked iPhone

Many of you find be wondering that an iPhone that has been barred, blocked or stolen has any chance of being unlocked. Well, the answer is yes. First check if really barred by going to www.checkmend.com.

Please also note that these iPhones are going to work outside the countries they’re originally barred in, as the network carriers have placed them in the blacklisted id and would refuse the service.

Unlocking Blacklisted / Stolen / Barred iPhones via IMEI Code

These is a great chance for iPhone owners to unlock barred iPhone no various networks such as AT&T, Vodafone, O2 UK, EE UK, KT Korea, SFR France and many more. We all know how hard it is to find anything authentic in the current digital era, especially when talking about unlocking services. There are so many services out there which make it confusing to find out which one is actually true.

Furthermore, they come without video demonstration, price list, feedback, contacts and there aren't even reviews anywhere. Why would you trust these websites and waste your money? Wouldn't you be better off by taking a authentic IMEI unlock solution? Yes, the second option looks much more attractive.

unlock barred iPhone 4

How to Unlock Barred iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 Using Legit Service

The company we’re suggesting is OfficialiPhoneUnlock. It’s a registered company that provides a solution for those whose iPhone is being used as an iPod Touch due to the barred restriction. The full list of supported networks can be found here.

The service is pretty convenient, and you don’t have to worry about any firmware and baseband updates and losing your unlock as this is a permanent solution. You don’t even need to jailbreak your iPhone or install any third party software. After your barred iPhone is unlocked, a confirmation e-mail will be sent, after which you connect the handset to iTunes and the job is done.

After unlocking your barred iPhone, it can be used outside the barred country on any carrier and any sim card, without any worries. Get your iPhone unbarred right away.

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Yes, we can unlock blacklised / barred phones.

Nicky Ng

how much???its lock to 3 uk


£109.99 (1-7 days unlock delivery)

Damian Patterson

can you unlock a iphone4 lock to orange uk that is blacklised / barred ad how much would it cost

Nicky Ng

i tried to ask my shop here to provide that service,but in the end they told me thats my i4 will permenantly be an ipod


Yes, we can unlock barred / blacklisted iPhone 4.

saba khan

how can i unlock my iphone 4 plz help me


Can you un block a iphone5 locked to O2 in UK and still have all calls and texts working in the UK?


I have paid for this unlock on jan 2nd and i am still waiting for the reply for you


Can you unlock barred iPhone 5 locked to Australia Vodafone?


Yes, read - http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/03/unlock-optus-telstra-vodafone-australia.html


can you unlock a iphone4s lock to vodafone uk that is blacklised / barred ad how much would it cost

Robert Volkor

I think the fastest and most secure unlock service for AT&T unlock is ATTiPhoneUnlocking. The turnaround time was lass than an hour for my order. You can google them: "attiphoneunlocking"


Hi i want to unlock my barred iphone wht is the price for south korea kt can u plz tell me


i recently bought a iphone 4 modem firmware 04.12.02 and ios 6.0. it is barred/blocked on vodafone uk. how much would it cost to permenantly unlock my phone?


I want to unlock UK O2 blacklisted iphone4 kindly help me what is the process

david mccall

I have tried all the methods mentioned by other comments, and recording to my personal experience, I think attiphoneunlocking is the best one.


@274d78f782c951ea3bec57db38a0d8dd:disqus We can Unlock your phone. Please read this article to Unlock O2 iPhone 4


Factory unlocking prices can be checked here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html


How do you know what network it's blocked to in Australia? I found a phone at the snow and the original owner has blocked it. I want to get it going and sell it!


I can unlock iphones att carier at a good price text me at this mail wnmerdas@live.com


May I have a direct link to the barred/blocked/blacklisted iphone unlock?


iphone 4s 16GB imei 99000183276520 how much would it cost?




can u unlock a blocked samsung galaxy s3 mini and a iphone 5 on o2 uk?


We can unlock only iPhones.


Hi I've got a blacklisted iphone 5 how much would it Cost to unblock to O2 also?


I live in Australia, Have an iPhone 4s Locked to Optus with the imei blocked (listed as lost) if i unlock it will it work in Australia? or only overseas...


can u unlock uk t-mobile iphone 4s which is in india right now...

Linda Pham

i got my iphone 4s IMEI unlocked, but then figured out that it was put on the stolen list from at&t, would you be able to unlock it? and how much it is?


I have a barred iPhone ..this was discovered by officialiphoneunlock.i now wish to unblock it
What's the few for this service as there's no section for barred phones on the page

Ayrton Hall

If i unlock my blacklisted iphone 4, will it work in the UK?! ?

erik car

I have an iphone 4 i updated to the latest firmware and now it says sim carrier unavailable can you help me unlock this


gsx ;)


but thats a long story and you will not be abe to do it your own... thats a apple accont... you need to become a technician for apple to pay some fees to apple. Like i told ya... long story... just pay the fees to get it unlocked and thats it ;)

delmar evans

If the iPhone 5 is barred and the company it's listed under is at&t and I get it unlocked and put in a t-mobile sim will it be useable ( text and call) and the country I live in is U.S.A

isaac purcell

i have a blacklisted iphone 5 on att i own the phone but an ex friend who had me on their line reported it stolen so its blacklisted can your service make it so i can use it on att again i am in the usa by the way thanks


so bought an iphone 5 second hand on 02, been using it for a day and now signal has just went. shows o2 netork as this is what i am also and now turns out its barred i.e. reported lost or stolen. can i undo this and use this phone again?


We can unlock ANY AT&T iPhone without additional charge if its barred. Follow this AT&T unlocking guide: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/08/factory-unlock-att-iphone-4-4s-imei.html


Yes, you can use it with any carrier after this unlock method.


Yes, the process is explained here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/08/unlock-o2-iphone-4.html


Yes, your phone can be unbarred & Unlocked - explore your options here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html


Yes, it will work with ANY network inside or outside UK.


Yes, we have premium AT&T suppliers. ALL IMEIs are supported. (1-6 hours unlock delivery).


Yes, follow this method: http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/04/factory-unlock-orange-uk-ee-t-mobile.html


How long does it take usually for a barred (SFR) iPhone 4 to be unlocked? I made an order 3 weeks ago with OfficialiPhoneUnlock and still haven't heard anything back.


iphone 4, IMEI je 012417002205310, model is
MC603FD, serial number 6Q0335V3A4S…version is 5.1.1, firmware 04.12.01.
sunrise swizerland...is it possible to do factory unlock iphone is blacklisted????


hi there. i have just been to a phone shop with my iphone 4 the guy told me it has been unlocked but it has been blocked by the network and there is nothing i can do, will your unlocking service make it usable or is he right and its useless


hiya Ive got a blocked iphone 4, not sure which network it was on as it didnt have a sim card in i live in the uk and want it unblocked and for it to be able to be used in the UK, can this be done? and which option will i have 2 pick on the pricelist as i dont no what network its on?


I lost my iphone so got sent a new one, then someone handed in my old one, but now it has been blocked, can't use it at all, can this be fixed?


How much to un block my iPhone 4 on vodaphone


Hello. could u tell me pls can u unlock my iphone 4 ,16 gb
if i leaving in Uzbekistan ?
how much coast me ?
answer me asap thx ........


Hi i live in the usa i have at&t iphone blacklisted i want 2 use h20 or simple mobile


I have 1 iphone 4 8gb locked on orange Uk and also barred on UK

and also 1 iphone 4 16gb is locked on T-mobile Germany (out of contract) and it is also Barred

I am in Greece.

Can you help?


Can I unblock my Iphone 5 on 3network uk?


Hello i have an iphone 4s, version 6.1.1 which is blacklisted and carrier is orange France . Is it possible to unlock please?? If unlocked will this phone work in Mauritius?


Hi, i have an iPhone 4s locked to O2 UK and barred. Can you unlock it ?

Chandra Kantha


I have IMEI BARRED Iphone4. UK O2.can you unbarred it..what is the cost for it and how much time is required..... plz replay to mail.. rchandrakantha@gmail.com

Chandra Kantha

im located in india...iphone4 UK o2 model.... plz help me out.. its in barred condition

Irshad Khan

how many days to iPhone 5 unlocking to O2 UK and barred??


Hello, what's the price for unlocking an Iphone 5, locked on T Mobile USA? And how long will it take? thank you .


This website is a rip off I paid £50 and all I got from them was we need another £100 to unlock it for you but it wont work in the country im in only abroad,plus the costumer service number don't work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi my iphone 4 blocked imei o2 uk. can you unlock my cell? howmuch cost?


74.99 )24 hours unlock delivery).


Lock Status : Unlocked


We can unlock ANY SFR iPhone for the same price.


24 hours.

raza hasnain

i have o2 tesco iphone 4s blacklisted phone so can u unlock it.


If my AT&T iPhone 3GS is 'blacklisted'/barred because it was still under contract when the account was cut-off, will it be able to be used with another US carrier after being unlocked?
I want to use it with a prepaid SIM card.


i have O2 UK tesco iphone 4s Currently blocked phone so can u unlock it?


Are you able to unlock australia telstra iphone4, 5.1.1 , its jailbroken , just barred, possibly blacklisted?

Lisa Bailey

just got an iphone from a friend to find out it is blacklisted. can i get it unblocked so i can use it


I phone 5 possible blacklisted ???? Australia
Carrier : optus 14.1
Model : MD299X/A
Serial number : F18JQ0F1DTWG
IMEI : 01 341100 240964 1



i bye iphone and my need help heven unlok 01 284300 070488 1 pliz help:(


Hi can you guys fix blocked iPhone 4S 16 gb from Verizon USA ?

Šarūnas Adamavičius

Hi, if you can do factory unlock for my blacklisted iphone 5 which is locked to tesco mobile UK, please contact me: adamavicius@inbox.lt


Can you unlock my iphone 5 from AT&T usa that has been blocked by IMEI??how much will it cost me?


AT&T Factory unlock costs 14.99 (6 hours unlock delivery). Read more here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/08/factory-unlock-att-iphone-4-4s-imei.html


can you unBlock and Iphone 4s UK network on Vodafone so it will work IN uk?
if so, how much?

Clint Denn

how much would it cost for unlocking blocked iphone4 from UK hutchison?


can you remove my imei from blacklist? 013430007875952


hey dude. iphone 4 uk, t-mobile blocked.....how much it will cost for factory unlock ?? i need it desperetly


Have an iphone 4s locked in Orange Sim Card in UK.


Model: MD239B/A

Version: 6.1.3

Modern Firmware:3.4.03


Can you please check if its Blacklisted or Locked


Carrier : AT&T - United States USA
Lock Status : Locked
Go here to unlock your AT&T iPhone


Carrier : Orange - United Kingdom
Lock Status : Locked
Go here to unlock Orange UK iPhone


Carrier : O2 - United Kingdom GBR
Lock Status : Locked


Carrier : Vodafone - Australia AUS
Lock Status : Locked
GO here to unlock it for ANY SIM Card including Australian Cards - http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/03/unlock-optus-telstra-vodafone-australia.html


hiya I have an iphone 4 it is on Vodafone imei 013127008242212 can you tell me if it is blocked or if you could unblock it for me thanks


Ee iPhone 4S uk blacklisted how much to fix


this imei is blocked? 012659001769818


this imei is unlock but "no service"! please help me



I have an iPhone 4 that my brother in law gave me, he had stopped paying his contract to Orange UK (EE nowadays) and they blocked the phone. Is there any way to unblock it for me to use?

Ben Wheeler

Hello I have a strange on I have an iphone 5 it was originally a 64g on orange/tmobile but I had the mother board changed to unlock it but the mother board that was put in is blocked is there anyway this can be unlocked? thanks Ben


I have a new iphone 5 that is blocked in the UK. can it be unblocked to use it in the UK ?


I have an I phone lost then found , itself locked as insurace bought another one can you unlock it

dwayne bonadie

i have a iphone 5 that is blacklisted by at&t isa i want to know could it to be unlock to be use in the usa again cuz am reading reviews on here and nobody really saying anything..send me an email please


Guys why don't u pay and see if they are real? I did it works. Stop knocking the door open it and what is in! I


I have iPhone 5 blocked imei number get no service ....is there anything I can do to get it unblock to use in uk again ?


I have a iphone4s Imei Blocked by Optus in Australia can i get it unblocked to use in australia still using a telstra sim???


Yes, Please read more here: Unlock Optus iPhone


What is your original carrier or IMEI Code?


YES. Our premium service can unlock & unlock your UK iPhone.


Lock Status : Unlocked


We can unlock it. Go here to Unlock Vodafone iPhone


hi i have and iphone 4s 16gb
its blacklisted on the 3 network can it evr be unblacklisted to work in the uk
imei - 01 294000 533460 5
if so how much ??
many thanks

Michael O Gosh Duval

013351005648508 can you tell me if this locked or blacklisted and can i and how much to unlock it?


I had it on O2 when it was blocked but think it could have been sim free


Carrier : Hutchison - United Kingdom
Lock Status : Locked


Carrier : Orange - United Kingdom G
Lock Status : Locked
Unlock it now: http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/04/factory-unlock-orange-uk-ee-t-mobile.html


Got a blocked iphone 5 with telstra australia. Can it be permanently unlocked to be used in australia?


my iphone 4 is black list can you unlock it
and how much


Hi i have bought i phone 5 from a friend and it is locked it says No Service, the provider was T-Mobile or EE, can you unlock it to use it for any network in UK. Please let let me know how much it will cost . IMEI: 013411005278118.

Rick ross

Hey have a iPhone 5 that has been completely barred cant use any sim, can you unlock it? With Optus Australia


YES. WE can unlock it just in 1 hour. Order your unlock here:


Lock Status : Unlocked


Carrier : Orange - United Kingdom G
Lock Status : Locked
GO here to unlock it: http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/04/factory-unlock-orange-uk-ee-t-mobile.html


YES. WE can unlock it FOREVER to work on ANY network. Explore your options here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html

Scott Burns

After you unlock the phone, when I connect it to iTunes do I need Internet connection to my laptop? Thanks :)

pak dol

hi... i bought an iphone 5 from uk... now im in my country in asia, and i cannot use simcard here... so, how can i fix it...??

Irvin Orteg



Can u explain to me why you do this i had a iphone 5 on 02 stolen iv had phone and sim blocked and ypur offering people to unblock it so im left to pay a 24 month contract and the person gets a 600 pound phone hows that work


On the other hand I bought an aparently lost/stolen phone from a UK lad and I am living in Greece and I have paid 300euros for it and because of your locks I cant use it!


Well thats wrong cause this site unlocks them for people so dont really apply does it if people who steal couldnt get them unlocked to sell them they wouldnt steal them in first place would they


Hi i have an iphone i bought from a guy in Republic of ireland on o2.ie. i am now in uk and it is locked/barred. How can i unlock this? I do not know imei number


Hi I have an iPhone 5 in which I thought I'd lost after a night out insurance sent me a new one but a month later found my old one which was blocked. Can this be unblocked so that I can give my partner it to use? Thanks


I have an iphone 4s the and its locked. The carrier its vodafone UK and im in greece. Can y unlock it for me to use it in greece? (I did checkmend and its not marked as lost or stolen but its marked as insurance claimed, do i need the normal unlock or premium and the prices pls)


I have an iPhone 4S 16gb which is blocked - IMEI 013173009714015 can it be unblocked for use in the uk ? Many thanks


I,m contemplating to purchase an iPhone 4S which the seller lists as Blacklisted withAT&T.
The seller discloses the IMEI 013194001198973.Question:Can you unlock it ? If yes,will it work with any GSM provider in Canada and the US and world wide?


I brought an Iphone 5 it was working at first now it says no service heres the 013423008273756 can u take it off the blacklist


I need help with iPhone 5 16gb! i bought it off craigslist and went to tmobile to activate it with number and new simcard, and they told me it is on blacklist/blocked forever. Would i be able to unblock it to use it with my tmobile account? please help!!


I got my blacklisted AT&T iPhone 4 unlocked a few days ago by a third party.
What SIM cards can I use to work with this iPhone? I have a Net10 at&t sim card in but when I tried to make a phone call, it says "this device had been blocked from network use". Please help. Should I try the Net10 T-Mobile instead, or get another carrier sim card. If so, which carrier would work on an unlocked iPhone 4, blacklisted with AT&T?


I have a USA T-Mobile iphone 5 that got blacklisted. If I pay to unlock it would I be able to use it with T-Mobile?

Eddie Miller

I have Iphone 5 can you tell me the carrier & if you'll be able to unlock it & for how much imei # 013434000049730


013628004028687 imei.. iPhone 5 been blocked my orange.. Could you unlock it and for how much?

Pure Desi

iphone 5 black list ,could you unlock it. 013427007117302 ?please reply

needs to know

this site does not get phone imei off blacklists, it just 'unlocks' the phones right?


I'm having iPhone 4 with IMEI - 012416003102955.

I donna whether it is locked or not??

help me with the issue..



I have an iphone5 which is blocked can you help me unblock it imei:013626004261944 thanks

Annie x

black listed iphone5.. imei = 013554005214714
get back to me on annie-carter91@hotmail.co.uk
thankyou x

Filiberto Contreras Avila

I HAVE A BLACK LISTED AT&T IPHONE 4. IMEI 012838008377847 thanks my email is fconta13@gmail.com get back to me as soon as possible. thank you

Monie Walters

please help me my Iphone 5 is black listed, I bought it from ebay, AT&T IPHONE 5 IMEI 013332007796735 email waltersmonie@yahoo.com I want to be able to use it on at&t again, is there a way to have them remove it from their block list?


Hello, got an iPhone 4 , I think it's blacklisted ! IMEI 01 264400 957181 2 . If I purchas a code from ur website would it unlock it for abroad use? Thanks

Treena Greany

I bought an iphone 4s EMEI 01 284200 972050 0 but been told theres a big bill outstanding. Can u tell me if its blocked, before I waste money on a sim. Thanks. My email is treenagreany@yahoo.co.uk


Hi I purchased iPhone5 from private seller and now I found that phone is blacklisted due to no payment made. This iPhone is with T-Mobile. Can this phone will be unlock? here is IMEI# 013429008312155.please let me know ASAP.

Frank johnson

Hey someone gave me this Iphone 5 blacklisted can you help please IMEI : 01 342500 191838 6


hi i brought an iphone 5 and it wont let me call or receve calls what can i do???


Just wondering can you unlock a barred phone imei number 013181005544286


hi, can you unlock Iphone 4 (Currently on Network Blocked with Telstra Australia) with imei#012651006237271? how much?


I have a blacklisted iphone 4.The phone is from Bouygues in France. The imei is: 013263003600920
Can you unlock this phone?


hi can you unlock iphone 5 sfr france blacklist? how match?

Imei 013346004694883


Email me if you want to sell your Blacklist Phone  we buy all phones for parts, everythingonsale10@gmail.com


hi i have iphone 4 and i dont know about my carrier...my imei number is 012538004700980 ......can u please tell me its carrier & country...


Hi my mate got blacklisted iphone4 , carrier is 3uk.and imei number is 012651005768037.
Can u ulock this phone so he can use it abroad. Plz let me know email is


hey Admin, will u be able to unlock my iphone 4 IMEI 012428000039981 it locked to O2 TESCO, UK

Walid-grey Boss

can unlock iphone 5 t.mobile blocked imei

Walid-grey Boss

can any one help me

Anti Troll

smh at all these people posting their imei's. not a smart idea.


Has any on who listed thier blacklisTed ip
hone had it unblocked yet?