Unlock Orange UK / EE / T-Mobile iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5C & 5S

While we've covered a lot of unlocking methods of an iPhone, our ultimate aim is to target the users of any carrier around the world, and write a special post exclusively for them to tell them how they can make their device SIM-free and see the signal bars on their screen.

Today, we're going to tell the factory unlocking procedure for Orange / T-Mobile / EE UK barred & clean iPhone 4, 4S 5C, 5 and 5S.

EE / T-Mobile / Orange UK Process of Unlock

The process is simple and straightforward, and after going through it, the device can be updated to any firmware or iOS baseband without any worries. There won’t be any need to worry about the device getting relocked, as this is not a one-time software based solution that gets the device locked again.

The iPhone models that can be unlocked include iPhone 3GS, 4S, 4, 5C, 5 and the brand new iPhone 5S. The basebands and firmwares eligible for the unlock are all of them, and the latest firmware iOS 7.0.4 unlock is also included.

Unlock Orange UK iPhone 4

Supported devices and basebands for Orange / Tmobile / EE UK Unlocking

  • iPhone 3G and 3GS Baseband: 05.16.05, 05.16.08 / 07, 06.15.00
  • iPhone 4 Baseabnd: 4.10.01, 4.11.08, 04.12.01 / 02, 04.12.05, 4.12.09
  • iPhone 4S Supported basebands: 1.0.11 / 14, 2.0.10 / 12, 3.0.04, 3.4.03, 5.0.02
  • iPhone 5 Compatible basebands: 1.00.16, 1.01.00, 3.04.25, 6.00.02 and 5.02.00
  • iPhone 5C & 5S Compatible basebands:1.00.06, 1.02.02, 1.03.01, 2.07.02

Steps to get UK Orange / T-mobile / EE UK iPhone Unlock

The first thing that you’re required to do is to find out your IMEI number. This can be done by heading over to General > Settings > About Phone. After you've done this, visit this link and check if there’s eligibility or not.

The factory unlock solution can be done easily through iTunes, and as we said before, this is a permanent solution. The IMEI that you’re going to tell for the process will be stored in Apple’s database and will be tick marked as unlock. After the confirmation, you’re going to receive an e-mail with some process details, and you can follow them, connect the branded Orange UK iPhone to iTunes and that’s all there is to it.

After completing the process, the device can be carried anywhere and it's going to get the network connections. Congrats, your Orange UK / T-mobile or EE UK iPhone is now unlocked for any network on the planet. You can Get it right away from this link.

More iPhone Unlocking Networks

  1. Factory Unlock O2 UK iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S
  2. Unlock Three UK iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 & 5S
  3. Unlock Vodafone UK iPhone 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S

Don't hesitate to leave any questions or comments on the legit and official factory unlock process of Orange, EE or T-Mobile UK iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 5c, 5S or 3GS.

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Adam Miah



factory unlock your at&t iphone cheap and professional with yourappleiphone com


my ios 6.1.3 is finally unlocked thanks to yourappleiphone com...work's great...try it


factory unlock at a small price and fast using yourappleiphone com..really work's

Aaron Ross

here is the lock status check from Apple server

IMEI: 013350003302555

Serial Number: C39JGFGDF39D

Part Description: IPHONE 5 64GB WHITE

Product Version: 6.1.3

Coverage Status: Apple Limited Warranty

Coverage End Date: 28/12/13

First Unbrick Date: 29/12/12

Last Unbrick Date: 29/04/13

Next Tether Activation Policy Description: UK TMobile

Lock Status: Locked

UK TMobile Orange =EE

can you guys fefo unlock this cell?


Yes. Just read the article.


Hello i bought preorder unlock 9.99£ for iphone 5 before five months, in midle of january. The imei of phone is 013345007194974 . I have not receive any email from you and i see that is current status of unlock is ready for unlock for 90£, please tell me how unlock the phone from preorder proccess or please refund my money. I am waiting for reply. Thank you.


Hello Sefanos, What carrier/network is it locked to?

mark right


I have a iphone 5 locked to orange uk. got the phone from ebay the imei is 013417008389638.
is it possible to unlock?


Hello Mark. We can permanently unlock Orange UK iPhone 5. Barred units are also included in this unlock method. The normal timeframe is 2-7 business days.



I purchased an unlock for my iPhone4 locked to Orange UK from the website you've mentioned.

The status shows that IMEI submitted to unlock server on 07 May 2013 at 14:30:03

It's been 9 work days from the date I paid for the service. The time frame you've set is 2-7 work days.

So far I've not received any response from you about the unlock status.

Can you please do a check on that and let me know when can I expect the unlock to be done successfully.

I am assuming the fact that you guys are doing a batch submission of IMEI for the network. So even if the information I get will be for the batch update, still it won't be anything less important as I can calculate the remaining period for the unlock.

Hope to get a positive response.



sir i have iphone 4 with 3uk...6.1.3 ...carrier three14.0,,firmware 04.12.05
sir can you unlock this???


what is the price for unlocking Ipone 4 UK T-Mobile Orange IMEI 013125008894594


hello. I have a iphone 5 locked to orange uk. I dnt know how much i have to pay it shows 89.99£
When I entered my details it shows 19.99£
I sent messages to your sales team I didn't get any response


Per order means it will take more than half year?

itamar ben shalom


Trying to unlock iPhone 4 locked to EE UK, yet your site says "Unlock available again soon, pre-order unlock now to get in the queue for immediate delivery."

How long are we talking about?
weeks? days?

pls post a estimated date..

Thx in advance!


I have iPhone 5 orange Uk . How much it cost unlock ? And how much take time for unlock ??


I have iphone 4s T Mobile UK.How long it takes to unlock and how much it cost to unlock


i have been waiting over a month for T mobile to unlock my phone. every time i call the i get lied to by their staff saying it is unlocked and i will get an e-mail with in 24 hours. this is been going on for 3 weeks and still not got e-mail. they took the money quick enough but the service is pants. will be ringing then agian today for them to lie to me again.

montu jajadiya

I have iPhone 5 t-mobile Uk . How much it cost unlock ? And how much take time for unlock


£129.99 (3-4 days unlock delivery)


£109.99 (3-4 days unlock delivery)


Hi.i got an iphone 5 locked with tmob orange? Is ee and tmob orange mean same?wats the best price plz


I have uk t mobile orange what is the cost to unlock it.


£114.99 (1-3 days unlock delivery) Order your factory unlock here:


1-3 working days


I have an EE phone with a blacklisted IMEI, how much would this cost?


iphone 5 btw


Hi, I have an iphone 4 locked with o2 uk and reported as barred/blocked... is unlockable? and how much does it cost? thank you!

kabir hossain Kabir

very cheap.only 50$ need.1-7days.money back gurrenty.if need then contact with me

kabir hossain Kabir

90$ need only

Larry Domingo

Hi, I have iphone 4 running ios 6.1.3, My friend from HK gave it to me, not sure which network locked with. Can possibly unlocked it?


What is your IMEI code?


YES. We can unlock ANY unit including barred / blacklisted iPhones.


Can you unlock
Orange / Tmobile / EE UK iphone 5?


Hi I have a iPhone 4, that was on at&t and I've trying to get it unlocked but its been on the activation screen this whole time. I checked what company it was on and it said orange from the UK. I don't know how when I got the phone from the US. I don't have a orange SIM card, never did. can I still unlock it even if its on the activation screen?


i wont to unlock my iphone 4 uk orange can u unlock my phone -.IMEI-012840005497040


Yes, we can unlock Orange UK. Order your Unlock Here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/04/factory-unlock-orange-uk-ee-t-mobile.html


i have an iphone 4 that is currently blocked can u unblock it?


can u unlock my iphone blacklisted 013404000320712 ??


How much do you charge to unlock blacklisted iphone5 locked to T-mobile USA?


Please answer this I need to know as we'll!!


what is the price for unlocking Ipone 5 UK T-Mobile Orange IMEI 013619003272673

Rizky Sulistya Hadi

please help me,i wont to unlock my iphone 4 uk can u unlock my phone -.IMEI-012338008990723

send confirmation too in hadirizki@yahoo.com


what is the price for UK EE 14.0 carrier unlocking? please rply me on keyursoni18@yahoo.com
as soon as possible

Dimitar Dalkaranov

Hi, can you unlock a iPhone 5S 16GB from EE UK?


Yes, we can factory unlock your phone.




HI,CAN You unlock iPhone 5 for india.its locked with UK T-Mobile orange IMEI No 013351001950189 (how much cost for it


salut j ai un iphone 4 16gb bloque sur orange spain et ce que je peut le debloque


I have an iPhone 4 that was locked UK Tmobile Orange. There's no network sim currently on it so I can't even activate it. This means I cannot get beyond the activation page. I would be glad to know if you can unlock this phone for me so I can use any sim and activate it. Send any information regarding your terms and process to my email address. Thanks


The same question: Only I have an iPhone 5s, that was locked UK Tmobile Orange. There's no network sim currently on it so I can't even activate it. This means I cannot get beyond the activation page. I would be glad to know if you can unlock this phone for me so I can use any sim and activate it. Send any information regarding your terms and process to my email address. Thanks


Update #1: If you pre-ordered an Orange / T-Mobile or EE Uk Unlock you can go to you order status page to upgrade the unlock. The unlock is now LIVE and very cheap (Starting from 39.99).

Please use this link to go to your Order status page: http://go.unlockboot.com/Check-Unlock-Progress


Can we unlock from different countries


ornage off line??


Yes, Explore your options here: http://www.unlockboot.com/2012/11/official-iphone-5-4s-4-3gs-factory.html


EE UK still offline????


Hi Can you unlock iPhone 5s with this IMEI 357998052232463 , Orange UK
please tell me how much does it cost?


hi, i'd like to know whether ot is possible to unlock my 4s with imei 013073007856539 or not? cost?


iPhone 4S 16GB White
IMEI: 013073007856539
Serial Number: DNTHTX53DTD2
Activated: Yes
Last Activated SIM: Orange - United Kingdom G
Telephone Technical Support: Expired
Repairs & Service Coverage: Expired
Carrier: Orange UK
SIM Lock: Locked
Unlock your iPhone now: http://go.unlockboot.com/Unlock-Orange-EE-Tmob-iPhone-4-4S-5-Now


Hello how would it cost to unlock iphone 5 T mobile uk imei is 013418008893231 kindly reply me fast


£119.99 (1-3 days unlock delivery). Unlock your device using this direct unlock link: http://go.unlockboot.com/Unlock-Orange-EE-Tmob-iPhone-4-4S-5-Now?strPhoneType=5&strIMEI=013418008893231