Install iOS 7 on iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPad / iPod Without Dev Account

Install IOS 7

Well if I say that iOS 7 has reached its zenith lately, then it should not be a shock for you because its new user interface is amazing and user friendly. It will be releasing this fall and all our wait will be over for good.

To tell you something about iOS 7, Apple has conferred iOS 7 beta, immature software without any warranty which may be unstable and buggy, for the developers to try and give feedback.

How to Install iOS 7 Without Developer Account

It was previously said that once you have upgraded your device to iOS 7 then you cannot restore it back but it is not true, you can restore it to iOS 6.1.4 / 6.1.3 anytime you want. It is certain that on upgrading you will lose your jailbreak, however you can install iOS 7 firmware on your device if your UDID is registered on Apple’s developer program or you can follow our tutorial to install iOS 7 without developer account or registered UDID.

Install iOS 7 on iPhone 5

Now that you are aware of some prerequisites here, let us move on to the step by step tutorial for installing iOS 7 Beta on your iPhone 5, 4S, 4 or iPad. But before you proceed, it is important to know that you may loss all your data, jailbreak or warranty in the process if something goes wrong. If you do not want this to happen then forget about this post otherwise, move to the following steps.

Note: You need to 1.1GB free disc space and a fast internet connection.

How to Install iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Step 1: Download iOS 7 beta by registering yourself to Apple’s developer account or you can simply download it from here.

Step 2: Before going any further, upgrade your iTunes to latest version and backup your entire data.

Step 3: Now get your iDevice to DFU mode while keeping it connected to your desktop.

Step 4: If you have Mac, then use "Option" and Restore on iTunes, and if you have PC, then "Shift" and Restore.

Step 5: Navigate the pop up window to the file you downloaded in Step 1.

iOS 7 Install tutorial

Step 6: Watch restoration, if you have already registered your UDID then you will be activated automatically. If you want to revert then on Step 5, follow to the iOS 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 file downloaded onto your computer.

iPhone 5 IOS 7.0 Install iTunes

Unlocking your IOS 7 Device

If your iPhone is unlocked using SAM, X-sim, R-sim Ultrasn0w or Gevey sim I recommend you to stay away from IOS 7 updates. The main reason is that the IOS 7 will update your baseband and you can't use temporary unlock solutions. If you are looking for unlocking your device permanently after or before this upgrade, then I suggests you should use the cheapest factory unlock option that is performed with IMEI number. Don't forget to feed us with your valuable comments!

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no shift + update


how to bypass activation without dev account???

Vitor Santos

I am having the same problem asks for account


How can I restore back to IOS6


It worked for me. http://www.redmondpie.com/downgrade-ios-7-beta-to-ios-6.1.3-6.1.4-how-to-tutorial/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


I had problems with the licensing because I didn't follow the instructions exactly and alt clicked the restore. If you alt click the update and follow the above steps exactly it should work out. I updated from 6.1.3 on a 4s.

Budz Camacho

why does it says ipad and ipad mini but theres really no link for those devices


Follow this guide to downgrade your device to iOS 6 http://www.unlockboot.com/2013/06/downgrade-ios-7-to-ios-614-ios-613-guide.html

Utkarsh Mittal

someone please help me..
when i tried to install ios7 after the completion of the process my cell shows that if i have a developer account that only it can be activated. i tune is showing "we are unable to complete your activation". also i tune not showing the restore option through which i can downgrae. i have iphone 4s. help me plz


My Iphone is blocked! Help-me, the itunes not appears the button for Update and the button for Reset


try reuploading iOS 7 beta 1 but this time.. press Shift+Update and and then select the ipsw firmware...


you cannot go back to a lower baseband


my ipad mini says that the device is not registered as part of iphone developer program and dosent let me do anything.


will work with ipod 4th gen?

Leonie Kostman

I cant do anything anymore in my itunes and on my phone it gives the same error... what to do?


Gets to the part where you start setting up the new iphone with ios7 then says you need a developer account wont let you get farther then this. a complete waste of time.


Will this lose my data?


No. Just backup your device first.


How can i activate my iphone 4s to be accessible to every Network! Plz Help



William Victor Radaic Peron

You have to get back to iOS 6.1.4 (iPhone 5) (or iOS 6.1.3 if u are using other iGadgets), using ''Update'' or ''Restore''. Then, click Shift + Update and select the IPSW file. If u use ''Restore'', it doesn't work.


umm, i still dont see why the topic says " without registering UDID " when you cant get ios 7 activated without a developer account -.-


Btw, this post made me remove my jailbreak and all my apps and upgrade to ios 7, just to downgrade to ios 6 again, becuz it doesnt work -.-

Mike Witts

used the ipsw in your links but itunes says they are not compatible with my phone.

I am using an iphone 4 and have tried the following ipsws:


When using sn0wbreeze etc in the past I have always used ipsw's for iPhone3,1....

Can anybody help?


Got it to work now. the problem was your #BadTutorial. U need to upgrade your device to the newest official firmware before upgrading to iOS 7 beta.


how to upgrade the firmware? I already used 6.1.4 and already set a new iphone. what should I do now?


how to upgrade the firmware? I already used 6.1.4 and already set a new iphone. what should I do now with my gadget?


First of all Reinsatll the ios 6.1.3 or 6.1.4 in iphone 4, 4s, &5, after tat connect tat to itunes and SETUP AS A NEW DEVICE, after tat u can install ios7 with out developer account , and Activation .. Click the Shift button +update and select the ios 7 beta, and follow the steps..


im pretty sure it's, working, but should I ignore the additional files 7-zip got from the oringinal .dmg file?


have you been able to fix this issue yet?


i dont get the "option" restore on itunes bit im so lost, ive ended up restoring my phone and its took 45 minutes someone please help me haha!!


Update 1: Apple released iOS 7 beta 4 - Go here to Download iOS 7 Beta 4

Chhun SC

How about iphone 5 cdma?

Shaikh Ali

Dear Team,
thanks you so much for your helping us,
i have 1phone 4S & i want to download iOS 7 Beta 4, but form which site i can downloads & how upgrade also.

Highly appreciates for your quick action.

Karlos Jair Baldaguez

I downloaded iPhone 4S iOS 7 Beta 5 but it downloads like an .dmg file. I tried to extract it, but it doesn't have any .ipsw file on it. Can someone help me?

Bratislav Stamenković

7.0.5 works with R-Sim7. I just updated my ios 6.1.3 with this one and it works perfectly. Amazing features.

Bratislav Stamenković


Bratislav Stamenković


Bratislav Stamenković

Iphone 4s IOS 7.5 beta 5 link is here https://mega.co.nz/#!3YchiLZT!cY-5T0pZJxzNxIYJaf86YEUXC_ZW4xZVrQdyzUzgVVo


i received error that the UDID is not registered, please advise.

Saif Shaikh

When you extracted the .dmg file a folder with a bunch of files was created. Check the largest file in that set and extract it again. You'll find a .ipsw file in the extracted files.


Update to beta 6


how to restore iphone 4 I forgot password


rewrite the code to unlock by bypassing the icloud
by injected the core

kinguts1 .

have jailbreak my iphone4s get back my firware