Facebook redesigned app

If you are one of the 901 Million registered Facebook users and you are iPhone user, then your chances are in high spirits that you’re mindful of Facebook’s unhappy iPhone application.

Today, the New York Times is confirming that Facebook has intended to produce the newly designed Facebook iPhone application in the following month. Check inside for more info.

The Facebook App will be redesigned — “Blazing Fast” Performance

At the moment, the current Facebook app works by using HTML5 — Web-based application. In the process, the application is like placing the engine of Smart-Car a inside the body of a Ferrari.

Facebook redesign iPhone Application

In accordance with Bilton who tested the redesigned Facebook app, it’s going to be largely exactly the same design as the existing iOS Facebook app:

According to two Facebook engineers who asked not be named because they are not authorized to speak about unreleased products, Facebook has completely rebuilt its iOS application to optimize for one thing: speed… Many of the components of the current version of the Facebook app are built using HTML5, a Web-based programming language… The current version of the app is essentially an Objective-C shell with a Web browser inside. When it comes to speed, this is like putting the engine of a Smart Car in the body of a Ferrari…. Objective-C takes the opposite approach, taking full advantage of the hardware in the iPhone and then building most of the functionality directly into the application so it has to collect less information from the Web.

Don’t be too excited about the new app. The redesigned Facebook app is exactly like the old app. Facebook hasn’t modified the design, but they focused on the speed.

Before dozens of Facebook iOS members get all looking forward to this release, it seems like the behind-the-moments things is all that is going to be improved, that means end people will see only an improved speed and increased performance. However, the new app will be better than current, right?