iOS 6 was released at WWDC 2012 and Apple replaced Google Maps with its own 3D ones. However, till the public release in October, you can use Google Maps on the beta version of iOS 6.

Install Google Maps on IOS 6

The company still offers it’s maps services via mobile web, and the result is quite useful when the mobile web is mixed with home screen web bookmarks and Mobile Safari.

The way to get Google Maps on iOS 6

Step 1: Start Mobile Safari on your iOS 6 device and go to need to accept and allow if a user facing alert relating to permission to track the current location is provided by the interface. It’s not necessary to grant this permission. However, without doing so, the service won’t be able to provide anything that relies on the device location for example, routing.
Google maps on iOS 6

install Google Maps on iOS 6

Step 2: From the middle of the toolbar at the bottom of Mobile Safari, press the action button and choose ‘Add to Home Screen‘ option from the list. The system will create a quickly accessible bookmark when this option is selected with the given web address and will be added to the home screen of the device to be invoked like a standard app.

Give to desired name to the bookmark and choose ok. The home screen will appear again on the device and an icon of Google Maps would be created. Press it to open, just like all other apps, and enjoy the Google Maps experience on iOS 6.
How to Install Google maps on iOS 6

iOS 6 with Google Maps

This is a good option for those who are not doing well with Apple’s new native maps. So you can use mobile Google Maps site and add it as a bookmark to the home screen on your iDevice running iOS 6 – You can Download iOS 6 official version. Some native options are still there, including getting directions and routines and what’s the location of the device, making it quite useful.

  • disqus_EcG4rLmtjM

    But it doesn’t get ur location when u open the maps.u have to enter ur present location manually

  • andrew

    It’s a nice fix, your ideea, but the in-browser experience won’t match the dedicated stand alone app.

  • e

    u need to allow location service on safari

  • Bogman2121

    Mine crashes when I try to use it. I’m reverting back to the old OS.

  • Tt

    Thanks, this is the only choice for now. I hope google is coming up with a separate maps app for iOS 6.0. Or, Apple matches googles previous stand alone app. Otherwise I may consider an Android phone in the future. If Steve Jobs were still alive he would NOT be pleased! Eliminating YouTube is another major screwup for Apple.

    Two strikes already.

  • IndiePundit

    Unless i’m missing something, street view is missing from the browser version of Google Maps. Major transit city users rely on the Maps app a lot. Apple should toss the old Google Maps app into the app store for a free download instead of leaving users hanging.

  • reigouki

    I’ve seen the suggestion on other websites that Google should release their own Maps app, par with the old Maps app. However, considering how quickly the YouTube one appeared, I think there’s either some larger strategy at play or Apple REALLY made good on their Google Maps split when they said they will make ALL apps that originally requested map information from Google Maps to be rerouted to their map service. Depending on how it was applied, there is potential for it to redirect even a Google Maps app to it’s own map service.

  • Donald

    Cheers! The IOS 6 maps really screwed me up today, taking me three kilometers in the opposite direction, into a small neighborhood instead of a conference center. Amazing how Apple could release such a f**k-up

  • Nick

    Dont be an idiot, you get no compass functionality and it doesnt locate you. this is not as simple as making a bookmark

  • James Bond

    This is not the beta, it’s just a bookmark to the mobile browser version of google maps. What a waste of time. Not well stated.