In this modern era, Tv has its great importance as there are many advantages of having it. It has become an essential part of our life, and we cannot know what is happening in the world without TV. As technology has advanced, so Android HDMI sticks are available nowadays for our convenience. It is no issue to have and manage them anywhere because of their small size and lightweight.

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5 Best Android HDMI Sticks 2017

There are various Android USB sticks are available and you can buy anyone according to your wish. There are few factors which should be in mind while purchasing sticks. You should consider your budget and the desired range of your Android Tv. In below, we are presenting various USB sticks among which you can choose anyone without further delay.

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick ($24.99)

It is the amazing stick produced proudly by Amazon. It is not only affordable but also comes with different demanding features. Its package includes functional remote which is used for easy media browsing purposes.

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This product is professionally designed for providing you the high-quality output when you try to set up your HTPC. It also allows you to download new apps and have already installed many useful apps. This Fire Tv stick ensures the best user experience as it confirms the comfort while watching media.

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2. FAVI HDMI Smart Stick ($99)

This smart stick is valuable if you are looking for a reliable USB stick. It is integrated with many features which give us multiple options related to our full of comfort TV vision. Its storage space is 4 GB, but you can increase its storage space by spending more dollars.

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Additionally, this device is compatible with many Android apps which increase the number of available options and features. As compared to other devices, this Smart HDMI Stick is relatively cheap in price. Although its price is less, but you can still enjoy all general USB stick quality features.

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3. RKM Android HDMI Sticks ($108.65)

It is another amazing app which is less expensive and allows various Android PCs to connect with. It can be rooted so it can also be used for Android 4.2 and above all versions. This Best Android TV USB stick comes with integrated AP, 2 GB ram, and hard space of 8 GB.

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Also, this includes the built-in mini HDMI which has many advantages. You just need to plug it in with your monitor or Television, and after that, you can enjoy all amazing features.

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4. Blurex Mini PC with Android 4.0 ($35.99)

In a market, this Blurex Mini is available and best customer choice. It is affordable and is mostly used stick. It can easily convert your monitor into smart television with HD vision results. You just have to connect it through the use of HDMI port.

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Using this Mini PC, you have complete access to all apps available for Android 4.0 on the Google Play Store. The actual cost of this is only $20 and you can get all benefits of this USB stick anywhere with great ease.

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5. Android TV Stick H96 ($60.99)

This Android TV Stick H96 has 2GB DDR3+8GB EMMC Flash and support 32GB extended memory card. It also has Cortex A53, Octa Core, supports higher data transfer, reduces freeze. It is easy to connect with and it will turn your Tv into smart Tv and it has social and recreational tools which come with the big screen.

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This H96 Pro TV Stick has 2.4GHZ Wifi, Bluetooth 4.1, and it provides you true 4K HD video, his handheld USB-size is easy to carry.

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We hope that you liked our list of the best Android HDMI sticks. Feel free to drop your comment in the section below.