Technology is getting advance with passing moments, and this is the same in the world of smartphones. Today nothing is impossible, and smartphones are launching in the market with better RAM and memory capacities. One of the most effectual phones launched by OPPO has 10GB RAM. You will surely enjoy the speed and processing of the programs on this phone.

android phone with 10gb ram

This new phone is a new version of OPPO FIND X phone and is shipped with its 10GB RAM, and it is outed by China’s TENAA. Its design is also stunning and shows the original worth of this great phone. You can use this phone easily, and its easily understandable functions will allow you to take all advantages of better RAM. It’s not only RAM is powerful, but its other specifications are also in the best comparison.

All these things are designed utilizing the latest technology and increase the efficiency of this phone as compared to other phones. As a result, there is a noteworthy improvement in overall functioning and use of this new version of OPPO phones. You can use this phone to play high-resources games or can run any heavy software without the worry of interruptions or control loss. Its CPU frequency is 2.8GHz, and its RAM is 10GB, the operating system is Android 8.1.0, and storage of this phone varies from 128GB to 256GB.

10gb ram mobile

Its screen size is 6.42-inches with the screen resolution of 2340 x 1080. These all specifications of this latest Find X phone are enough to provide you smooth experience and long-term usage of the phone without any issue. So, be ready to welcome such a great efficient phone.

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