Apple’s taking a look at a future exactly where the whole iOS devices are completely untethered. As the company did find a way in the direction of a radio long term in the form of Wi-Fi syncing and iCloud, iOS products still have to end up being connected possibly to some power connect or to usb port spot to be charged.

apple wireless charging

According to foreign reports website – Patently Apple, Apple (Apple Inc) just wins a US patent on wireless charging dock ( USPN 8,207,906 ; referred to as the ” ‘906 patent”). In fact, the ‘906 patent entitled “widget antenna (Antenna Insert)”, showing that this technique disclosed in patent focus antenna, instead of wirelessly charging (wireless charging).

The antenna used with the plug-in docking station (docking station) (also known as docking, the docking station, the docking station) wireless charging circuit may be provided, so that the handheld device to a mobile phone or the like can be inserted when the wireless charging docking station . In addition to providing wireless charging function, the docking station may also provide an optical communication function.

Phone plug in the docking station, its built-in antenna communication performance will be affected by other elements of decay, ‘906 patent disclosed technology focus is to improve this unfavorable situation, so that the handheld wireless communication device can maintain normal function operation. Precisely, then the radiating antenna (reradiating antenna) mounted within the base docking base plug or the handheld device and then radiating antenna built-in antenna coupled to each other (FIG. 6A).

Check inside for Apple’s Wireless charging patent.

Wireless Charging Patent by Apple

apple wireless charging patent

Apple patent for wireless charging dock

From the ‘906 patent of the patent term perspective, constraints (essential element) and its coupling relationship if each patent were able to find the necessary entries are elements constituting the key patent in the patent specification and / or drawings (Limitation ), then the ‘906 patent patent item will be supported by their contents disclosed invention. At this point, we said ‘906 patent patent term “read on”‘ 906 patent disclose the contents of the invention.

The Wi-fi Charging will be used in iPhone 5? What do you think?

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Update: The new wireless charging system is expected to be integrated in the new iPhone 8. Read more about that on this page here.

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