As charging docks are becoming more accessible and economical, they have become a necessary accessory for our smartphones. They work well with your office environment, home workstation or by the nightstand beside your bed. Also, using a dock at the work table can help you easily connect and sync with your PC or Laptop. Hence, you’re charging and syncing your smartphone simultaneously. So we have compiled a list of the best USB C charging docks, which have the ability to quick charge your smartphone.

Best USB C Charging Docks

Of course, you can buy USB C charging docks that are not on the list, but before you do that make sure of these features. The USB C charging docks should be built with either ABS or aluminum. Is lightweight, and can be easily portable and finally it offers quick recharge. A nicely designed USB C charging docks can be used anywhere, whether in office or home and becomes a part of the décor.

Here are the Best USB C Charging Docks of 2020

The charging docks in the following list have protection for its circuit, which helps keep your smartphone safe and secure when charging.

1. FanTEK – USB Type-C Smartphone Charging Dock

usb c charging dock

Mostly compatible with multiple USB-Type C smartphones, the only device it is not compatible at the moment is Google Pixel 2 XL. You can charge your smartphone under 1 hour 20 minutes. It can be connected to your desktop or laptop as well. It also supports fast charging, minimalist design and can be used either at a workplace or home. FanTEK cost about $7.99 and can be purchased online.

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2. MEAMOR – Fast Charge USB C Charging Dock

fast usb c charging dock

MEAMOR have designed a beautiful and simplistic charging dock. Which looks great on your work desk, the design is minimal and has a clean metal look as the full body is made of aluminum with TPU. Meaning that your dock will not be scratched from your smartphone. The best part is that it comes with an impressive 3.3 feet of charging cable, which can be easily placed in your home or office. More than that the dock can also support Nintendo Switch and fast charging. The docks price is set around $19.99 and is our editor’s recommended pick.

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3. AKwor – Charging Dock with USB C Connector

type c charging dock

AKwor is a USB C charging dock which can fit all the smartphones that have USB Type-C port. It is a fairly simple to use charger which can also connect with your desktop or laptop. You can easily travel with this dock as it does not require much space. It comes with a built-in safety feature that stops the dock from overcharging your smartphone. Thanks to its USB transfer speed you can quickly sync your data into your Smartphone. However, AKwor does not have many color options to choose from. You can purchase the dock for $8.99.

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4. Encased – USB C Charging Stand

Coming in at $19.99, this USB C charging dock works very well for the price and it supports quick charging for the Google Pixel, but you need to plug it in a wall adapter with USB-PD standard. The connector is movable up to 15 degrees and is long enough to charge your phone without removing the case.

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5. Sinjimouru – Fast USB C Charging Dock

usb c dock charger

One of the USB C charging docks that focus on aesthetics and design. This beautifully crafted charging dock is excellent for any setting albeit your house or office. Apart, from only focusing on its design the dock secure your device with a firm grip which gives a better stability to your smartphone when docked in. It is made from aluminum and offers fast charging. It will set you back $21.99 for its premium look and quality.

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