Inside a new advertisement for ClearPlex, marketing professionals attended up with an funny method to promote this corporation’s screen protectors for cell phones, computers and tablets.

The advertisement that is viral on includes a spunky little granny who picks up a 20-caliber gun and shoots lots of bullets right into a MacBook Pro and a couple of iPhones.

ClearPlex Screen Protectors — Fun Ad

Additionally it is hard never to be thrilled through the video’s 98-pound granny, specially when she spits out her veneers to equilibrium the weapon below her face.

Clearplex obviously considered this before producing this fun ad for its display guards, like a absurdly precise aged woman. The granny shoots up right at the gadgets, and here is a young man, to confirm the damage done having and without having Clearplex screen protector.

People who perform shop ClearPlex’s webstore will get 15% off using the promo code “grandma“.

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